JBL Flip 3 manual

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  • Brand: JBL
  • Product: Cradle / docking station
  • Model/name: Flip 3
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Slovene, Chinese, Indonesian,

Question & answers

What do the 5 LED lights on the flip 3 indicate?

Published on 2 years ago by Davd Krings

Hi. How do I know when my flip 3 is fully charged?

Published on 2 years ago by David Lucero

How do you charge the jbl flip 3

Published on 2 years ago by Ismael

My charger does not seem to be connecting.. Have been using since Dec and have never had this problem. I love it or have until now! Why will it not charge and how do I trouble shoot the problem.. Is it the charging cord and connector or? Where can I take for help. Am on a beach vacation and it played fine yesterday until no peer but now won't charge ! So disappointed. Can u help me please?

Published on 2 years ago by Pat coffey

Bluetooth on my Android phone says "No nearby Bluetooth devices were found". Why not? I have Bluetooth "on" on my phone and I've pressed the Bluetooth icon on the MP 3 Flip player. What's the problem?

Published on 2 years ago by Ken Street

What is the button that looks like an hourglass for?? I can't find out what it means any where. Instructions to this player are not clear at all.

Published on 2 years ago by Nic

I've had this speaker for 3 months and it worked great until yesterday when the audio just cut out completely. It turns on but with no start up sound. It shows that it's connected to my phone but no audio at all? Please Advise. Thanks Tom Kelly

Published on 2 years ago by Tom Kelly

My flip 3 won't turn on and when it's charging the lights don't turn on. No damage has been done to it and I just got it for Christmas.

Published on 2 years ago by Alex DiPatri

Can you and how could you use an aux plug for non wireless music on the jbl flip 3

Published on 3 years ago by Efraim

While playing my JBL Flip 3 through Bluetooth from my Apple IPod, the music cuts off. I have to push the play button again om my IPod. Keeps happening. Flip is also plugged in. Help!!!!!

Published on 2 years ago by Irene Garza

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