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  • Brand: JBL
  • Product: Cradle / docking station
  • Model/name: Charge 2+
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Russian, Slovene, Chinese

Table of Contents

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Charge 2
Page: 5
Quick Start Guide
Guide de démarrage rapide
Charge 2
6 Social mode
Can connect a maximum of 3 devices.
Peut se connecter à 3 appareils
au maximum.
Se puede conectar un máximo de
3 dispositivos.
Permite conectar até três dispositivos.
Es können maximal 3 Geräte
angeschlossen werden.
E’ possibile collegare massimo
3 dispositivi.
Aansluiting van maximaal
3 apparaten is mogelijk.
Kan koble til opptil tre enheter.
Enintään 3 laitteen liittämiseen.
Возможно подключение максимум к
3 устройствам.
Kan ansluta max tre enheter.
Maksimalt 3 enheder kan tilsluttes.
3 .
最多可以連線 3 個裝置。
最多可连接 3 个设备。
Dapat menyambungkan maksimum 3 perangkat.
JBL Charge 2 JBL Charge 2 JBL Charge 2
Press play to take control.
Appuyez sur lecture pour
prendre le contrôle.
Pulse Play para tomar el control.
Pressione Play para assumir o controle.
Drücken Sie auf ‘Play’, um die
Steuerung zu aktivieren.
Premi play per prendere il controllo.
Druk op play om te beginnen.
Trykk på "Play" for å ta over kontrollen.
Hallitse painamalla toistopainiketta.
Для управления нажмите кнопку воспроизведения.
Tryck på "spela" för att ta kontrollen.
Tryk på Afspil for at tage kontrol.
按下 Play 來進行控制。
按 Play 以获取控制。
Tekan putar untuk mengambil alih.
Page: 6
Pairing mode
Product is ON
Product is OFF
Not connected
Call active
Call not active
Social mode OFF Social mode ON
Phone ringing
Quick Start Guide
Guide de démarrage rapide
Charge 2
LED Behavior
7 Warning
Page: 13
Quick Start Guide
Guide de démarrage rapide
Charge 2
• Bluetooth 3.0
• : A2DP 1.3 VAVRCP 1.5 VHFP 1.6 VHSP 1.2 V
• 2 x 45 mm
• 2 x 7.5 W
• 75 Hz20 kHz
• S/N 80 dBm
• 5VDC2.0A USB: 5V2.1A ()
• 1.8 A 4
• : 12
• Bluetooth 04 dBm
• Bluetooth : 2.4022.480 GHz
• Bluetooth GFSK π/4 DQPSK8 DPSK
• Ф 79 mm x 185.2 mm
• 600 g
• : 3.0
• : A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.5, HFP V1.6, HSP V1.2
• : 2 x 45 mm
• : 2 x 7.5 W
• : 75 Hz ~ 20 kHz
• : >80 dB
• : 5VDC, 2.0A USB : 5V, 2.1A()
• :
• : 1.8 A 4
• : 12
• : 0-4 dBm
• : 2.402 ~ 2.480 GHz
• : GFSK, π/4 DQPSK, 8 DPSK
• : Ф 79 mm x 185.2 mm
• : 600 g
Page: 15
VoiceLogic is a leading-edge voice-enhancement technology that significantly
improves the clarity of voice communications by minimizing a wide variety of
background noises.
Quick Start Guide
Guide de démarrage rapide
Charge 2
• Versi Bluetooth: 3.0
• Mendukung: A2DP V1,3, AVRCP V1,5, HFP V1,6, HSP V1,2
• Transduser: 2 x 45 mm
• Kecepatan masukan Daya: 2 x 7,5W
• Respons Frekuensi: 75Hz – 20kHz
• Rasio sinyal kebisingan: >80 dB
• Pasokan daya: 5VDC, 2,0A USB Output: 5V, 2,1A (maksimum)
• Jenis Baterai: Li-ion
• Waktu pengisian baterai: 4 jam @ 1,8A
• Waktu memainkan musik: hingga 12 jam (tergantung tingkat volume
dan konten audio)
• Tenaga pemancar Bluetooth: 0-4 dBm
• Jangkauan frekuensi pemancar Bluetooth: 2,402 – 2,480 GHz
• Modulasi pemancar Bluetooth: GFSK, π/4 DQPSK, 8DPSK
• Dimensi: Ф 79 mm x 185.2 mm
• Berat: 600 g

Question & answers

I opened the box but these instruction manuals don't explain how to use product. Cannot sync Bluetooth and sound doesn't come on even if directly plugged into iPhone

Published on 4 years ago by Delton Lema

How many watts it's the JBL 2+ cuz it's no t the loud enough as any others products of the same brand....???,

Published on 3 years ago by Maria

Unit auto switches off even when connected to a mains supply. When switched on the last two red battery lights flash and then after a few seconds the unit switches off.

Published on 4 years ago by Brian

I can´t sync Bluetooth. No sound even if I connect with i pad

Published on 3 years ago by Matthias

My JBL charge 2+ is not very loud. When I first got it, it used to beep when it reached max volume. But now I can press on the + volume button all day and it will not beep. I have only had it a couple of weeks. I used to have the first JBL charge and it was much louder. I can't use it at work now because it is too quite. Have I somehow given it a volume limit? How can I reset it. Or is it just not working properly???

Published on 4 years ago by ALEX WOODWARD

Can't find out how to connect android or phone bluetooth with Charge2+. Bluetooth is operating on both but neither connect with the Charge2+ and hence no communication between android or phone and the charger.

Published on 4 years ago by Dorothy E Smith

Puedo conectar mi JBL al PC para reproducir música desde éste? Gracias

Published on 4 years ago by Jorge

Trying to download JBL Charge2+ manual. Unable to do so. Purchase item noted above on 9/23/15 from Best Buy located in Lafayette, LA. Please advise. Thanks

Published on 4 years ago by Nolan LeMaire

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