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  • Brand: Ikea
  • Product: Smoke detector
  • Model/name: VAKTA
  • Filetype: PDF
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Table of Contents

Page: 2
Min. 50 cm
(1.6 ft)
> 20°
Min. 50 cm
(1.6 ft)
Min. 50 cm
(1.6 ft)
Max. 100 cm
(3.2 ft)
Page: 5
Before use
The optical smoke alarm cannot set
off an alarm signal if the smoke from
a fire does not reach it. The smoke
alarm may not sense fires inside
chimneys, walls, on top of roofs, on
the other side of a closed door or on a
different floor.
A smoke alarm can provide an early
warning in case of fire but it does not
prevent fires from occurring and is not
a substitute for an insurance policy.
When you have installed the smoke
alarm, make sure everyone in your
home knows what the alarm signal
sounds like and how to act if it goes
off. Especially children need guidance
how to act and where to go in case of
a fire – if a fire actually takes place,
you might not be able to reach them.
It is also a good idea to set up and
agree on an escape plan and then
practice a fire drill regularly. Test the
smoke alarm weekly.
Product facts
• One 9V battery is included. For
instructions on how to replace
it, see “Replacing the battery”
below. WARNING! If the battery
is removed, the smoke alarm will
stop functioning.
• The alarm volume is at least 85dB
at a 3 meter (9.8 ft) distance.
• This smoke alarm is suitable for
use in temperatures ranging from
0˚C to 40˚C (32˚F - 104˚F) and
in climates with up to 90% relative
Where to install the smoke alarm
The most important place to install
smoke alarms is in close vicinity of
bedrooms. Keep exit paths clear as
bedrooms are usually farthest away
from exits in your home.
If there is more than one bedroom
area in your home, place additional
alarms in each bedroom area. If
anyone in your home is a heavy
sleeper or sleeps with the door
closed, the smoke alarm must be
placed in a way that enables them to
hear the alarm signal well enough to
wake up if the alarm goes off.
For maximum safety, we recommend
that you also place a smoke alarm:
• in any stairway, as stairways act
like chimneys for smoke and heat
• on every floor level. You should
always install at least one smoke
alarm on every floor of your home.
Page: 6
• in every room where there is an
electrical appliance such as a
portable heater or humidifier, etc.
NOTE! Place a smoke alarm at both
ends of a room if it is more than 9 m
(30 ft) long. For corridors and hallways
that are less than 3 metres (9.8 ft)
wide, the distance between smoke
alarms must not exceed 15 metres
(49.2 ft). The distance from the smoke
alarm and the end wall should not
exceed 7.5 metres (24.6 ft).
Different types of ceiling
Smoke, heat and combustion
products rise to the ceiling and spread
horizontally. Mounting the smoke
alarm on the ceiling in the center of
the room is the safest option, since it
places the smoke alarm closest to all
points in the room.
For further instructions on how to
mount the smoke alarm, please see
the enclosed assembly instruction.
FLAT CEILING (see illustration A)
When mounting a smoke alarm in
a regular flat ceiling, locate it at a
minimum of 50 cm (1.6 ft) from the
side wall and 50 cm (1.6 ft) from any
inside corner. If the distance from
wall to wall is less than 1 m (3.2 ft),
the smoke alarm should be placed in
the middle, i.e with equal distance to
each wall.
illustration B)
If you have a sloped or peaked
ceiling with an angle exceeding
20˚, you should place the smoke
alarm minimum 50 cm (1.6 ft) and
maximum 1 meter (3.2 ft) from the
top of the ceiling. Sloped ceiling that
have an angle of less than 20˚ should
be treated as flat ceiling, see above.
illustration C)
For ceilings with coffering or beams
that are less than 20 cm (7.8”) in
depth, you can install the smoke alarm
either onto the ceiling in between
beams, or onto the beam itself.
If the coffering or beams exceed 20
cm (7.8”) in depth, placement of the
smoke alarm depends on the size of
the ceiling. If the ceiling is smaller
than 36m2 (118 sq ft), one smoke
alarm is enough and should be placed
in the middle of the ceiling. If the
ceiling exceeds 36m2 (118 sq ft), you
must install one smoke alarm per 36
m2-area (118 sq ft area).
Page: 7
Alarm mode
The smoke alarm emits 3 re-
occurring alarms and the red light
flashes approximately every half
second until the air is cleared.
Low battery mode
The smoke alarm has a low battery
monitor circuit that will cause
the alarm to chirp every 30 to 40
seconds, along with the flashing of
the red light that indicates operating
mode, for a minimum of 30 days
when the battery gets low. Replace
the battery when this occurs, see
“Replacing the battery” below.
Function failure
The smoke alarm will make a chirping
sound every 30-40 seconds if any of
the components in the smoke sensing
chamber should fail to function. The
chirp will occur between the flashes
of the red light. (If the chirp occurs at
the same time as the red light flash,
see “Replacing the battery” below for
more information).
NOTE! If the alarm fails to function
properly, please contact the
manufacturer (IKEA).
Test function
You can test if the smoke alarm is
working by pressing the button and
holding it down for a minimum of 3
seconds. This will sound the alarm
according to Alarm mode (see above).
If no alarm sounds, the unit has
defective batteries or other failure.
Erratic or low sound coming from your
alarm may indicate a defective alarm.
NOTE! Test the smoke alarm once a
week to make sure it works.
WARNING! Never use an open flame
or combustible materials to test the
smoke alarm since this may damage
the smoke alarm or ignite flammable
materials nearby and cause a fire.
Hush function
The hush function is very useful
in a kitchen area or other areas
prone to nuisance alarms. If a
nuisance alarm is set off, press the
button on the smoke alarm. This
will temporarily desensitize the
alarm circuit for about 8 minutes.
The alarm will silence immediately
and the red light will flash every 8
seconds for approximately 8 minutes.
This indicates that the alarm is in
a temporarily desensitized mode.
The smoke alarm will automatically
reset after approximately 8 minutes.
If particles of combustion are still
Page: 8
present, the alarm will be set off
again. The hush feature can be used
repeatedly until the air has been
completely cleared.
IMPORTANT! If the alarm is set
off, check for fires first. If a fire is
discovered, get out of the building
and call the fire department! If there
is no fire, check to see what has
caused the nuisance alarm to be sure
it is a nuisance alarm before silencing
the alarm signal. WARNING! If there
is any question as to the causze of
an alarm, it should be assumed that
the alarm is due to an actual fire and
the building should be evacuated
Replacing the battery
The smoke alarm is powered by a 9V
Zinc Carbon battery, which is included
at purchase. A fresh battery should
last for at least 1 year under normal
operating conditions.
To replace the battery, remove the
smoke alarm from the mounting plate
by rotating the alarm anti-clockwise
(see enclosed assembly instruction).
After putting a new battery in, make
sure you test the smoke alarm by
using the test function (see “Test
function” above).
The recommended batteries are
specified as below.
The Alkaline Batteries are GN1604A
by Gold Peak and 6LR61 by IKEA.
The Carbon Zinc Batteries are
GP1604P and GN1604G by Gold Peak,
G6F22 and G6F22M by Golden Power.
NOTE: Test the smoke alarm weekly.
WARNING! Use only the batteries
specified above. Use of different
batteries may damage the smoke
The crossed-out wheeled bin symbol
indicates that the item should be
disposed of separately from household
waste. The item should be handed in
for recycling in accordance with local
environmental regulations for waste
disposal. By separating a marked item
from household waste, you will help
reduce the volume of waste sent to
incinerators or land-fill and minimize
any potential negative impact on
human health and the environment.
For more information, please contact
your IKEA store.
Page: 29
© Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2015 AA-1867570-5
IKEA of Sweden AB SE-343 81 Älmhult

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