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  • Brand: Huawei
  • Product: Smartphone
  • Model/name: P8 lite
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Greek, Hungarian, Croatian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish

Question & answers

I cannot answer incoming calls. The touch pad does not react to anything I do. I end up having to call everyone back.

Published on 2 years ago by elzette

my missed call flashing led does not come on,i get the notification but no light,i have searched the notification in settings,but can only find,email,calender,messages ,no phone. is there one. i was thinking of getting light manager ,is this app safe

Published on 2 years ago by john bishop

I have 2 SIM cards in my P8 Lite: Orange Romania in SIM1 and Lyca Germany in SIM2. Currently I am in Romania and I noticed that when I call a Romanian number from my Contacts, the phone is automatically adding Germany Country Code (+49) in front of the number, making it an invalid number, and the call fails. How can I de-activate this feature?

Published on 2 years ago by Tavi Daescu

How do I answer incoming calls?

Published on 2 years ago by Elmar Joubert

Hi, my mother seem to have activated the voice on her huawei, it says everything and makes it impossible to touch any thing, i have to double ( or more) the screen and this voice says everything, how do deactivate it

Published on 2 years ago by Lisa

I want to add contact icon to the home screen. Hoe to do.

Published on 2 years ago by Nelka

can i add a farsi keyboard option to my HUAWEIp8lite?

Published on 2 years ago by miriam Parviz

How do I set a wake-up call on a huawel p8 lite

Published on 2 years ago by Gilbert

can you please tell me how to place a app on the home screen. Regards Norman.

Published on 2 years ago by norman lavisher

How do I disable noise reduction on the p8 lite to stop the echo problem ?

Published on 2 years ago by Chris

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