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  • Brand: Goki
  • Product: Not categorized
  • Model/name: 58733
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Russian, Chinese

Table of Contents

Page: 5
� Spool knitter
The needle is held in the
right hand like a knitting
needle. The left hand holds
the spool knitter. The thumb
is at the front, gripping the
edge of the top. On the top
segment of the index finger,
the thread runs to the middle
finger which, together with
the ring finger, holds the base
of spool knitter. The hanging
thread / knitted cord is pulled
taut between the ring finger
and the little finger.
Knitting instructions
By winding the thread around
the needle it is fed from
above through the spool
knitter in such a way that a
short piece for pulling down
becomes visible. Then the
thread is wound once from
left to right around the pin,
then again around the next
one until the thread has been
looped around all the pins in
this way.
From this point, the thread is
always laid flat in front of the
next pin and the loop is lifted
over the pin with the needle.
Page: 6
If a new colour is to be knitted
it is tied to the old thread with
a double knot, then the knot
is fed to the inside and the
ends of the threads placed
on their threads so that a
few stitches are knitted twice
before and after the knot.
Wool, yarn and string are
suitable for knitting. With a bit
of skill you can use the cords
to make doilies, oven cloths,
pin cushions and many other

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