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  • Brand: Fujifilm
  • Product: Flash unit
  • Model/name: EF-42
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese

Table of Contents

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BL01392-1 00
Shoe Mount Flash
Page: 1
ForYourSafety . .
Be sure to read these notes before use
Safety Notes
Thank you for your purchase of this product. For repair, inspection, or
internal testing, contact your FUJI FILM dealer.
o Make sure that you use your Aash correctly. Read these safety notes
and your Owner's Manual carefully before use.
o After reading these safety notes, store them in a safe place.
About the Icons
The icons shown below are used in this document to indicate these-
verity of the injury or damage that can result if the information indicat-
ed by the icon is ignored and the product is used incorrectly as a result.
Lrs WARNlN(i ~~~~~~~
0i;~~~~~~si~~;~~~:~h or serious injury can result
Lrsi<A.UTfOM :~~~~~nr~~~:~~ft~~~~~;:r~~~i~~l ii~i~~o~~;aterial dam-
The icons shown below are used to indicate the nature of the instruc-
tions which are to be observed.
Lrs Triangular icons tell you that this information requires attention
Circular icons with adiagonal bar tell you that the action indicated
is prohibited ("Prohibited").
0 Filled circles with an exclamation mark indicate an action that
must be performed ("Required").
If a /!_rob/em arises, turn the flash off,_ and remove batteries.
Continued use of the f1ash when it is emitting smoke, is
emitting any unusual odor, or is in any other abnormal state
Unplug from power
can cause a fire or electric shock. Contact your FUJIFILM
Do notallow water orforeign objects to enterthe flash. If water
@) or foreign objects get inside the f1ash, turn the f1ash off and
remove batteries. Continued use of the f1ash can cause a
Avoidexposure to water
fire or electric shock. Contact your FUJIFILM dealer.
@ Do not use the flash in the bathroom orshower. This can cause
Do notuse in the afire or electric shock.
bathroom orshower
Never attem/!_tto change ortake a/!_artthe flash (never O/!_en the
case). Failure to observe this precaution can cause fire or ~
Do notdisassemble electric shock.
Should the case break O/!_en as the result ofafall or other acci-
dent, do not touch the ex/!_osed /!_arts. Failure to observe this
precaution could result in electric shock or in injury from
Do nottouchinternal touching the damaged parts. Remove batteries immedi-
parts ately, taking care to avoid injury or electric shock, and take
the product to the point of purchase for consultation.
Do not /!_lace the flash on an unstable surface. This can cause
the f1ash to fall or tip over and cause injury.
~ Neverattem/!_tto use 'lOUr flash while in motion.
Do nottouch an'f_metal/!_artsofthe flash during athunderstorm.
This can cause an electric shock due to induced current
from the lightning discharge.
Donotusebatteriesexce/!_tass/!_ecified. Load batteries as polar
characters"+" and"-" indicate.
Do notheat, change or take a/!_art the batteries. Do not droll or
subject batteries to im/!_acts. Never attem/!_t to charge lithium
or alkaline batteries. Do notshort batteries. Do notstore bat-
teries with metallic /!_toducts. Use onl'l the S/!_ecified charger to
recharge Ni-MH Batteries. Any of these actions can cause ~
batteries to burst or leak and cause fire or injury as aresult.
Use onl'l batteriess/!_ecified for use with this flash. The use of
other power sources can cause a fire or product malfunc-
tion. Lrs
Do not use 'f_Our flash nearb'i cosmetic /!_roducts or drug contain-
ers. The spoil or the ingress into f1ash can cause fire, electric
shock, or injury.
Do not direct the flash at the O/!_erator ofamotor vehicle. This
can cause a motor vehicle accident.
~ Do notuse the flash in the /!_resence offlammable orvolatile gas. ~
Ifbatteries leak and fluid gets in contact with 'f_Our e'f_es, skin or
clothing, flush the affectedareawith clean waterandseekmedi-
calattention orcallan emergenc'inumberrightawa'f_.
In dis/!_ose or long-term storage of batteries, cover batter'i
terminals b'i insulation ta/!_e. Contact with other metallic
objects or batteries could cause batteries to ignite or burst.
,.... ""'
•i·i• .,
/ /
Do not use this flash in locations affected b'i oil fumes, steam,
humidit'f_ordust. This can cause afire or electric shock.
Batter'ishallnotbe ex/!_osed to excessive heatsuch as sunshine,
fire or the like. Do not leave this flash in /!_laces subject to ex-
tremel'l high tem/!_eratures. Do not leave the f1ash in loca-
tions such as asealed vehicle or in direct sunlight. This can
cause afire.
Keel!. out of the reach ofsmall children. This product could
cause injury in the hands of achild.
Do not /!_lace heav'i objects on the flash. This can cause the
heavy object to tip over or fall and cause injury.
Donotcoverorwra/!_ the flash orthechargerin acloth orblanket.
This can cause heat to build up and distort the casing or
cause afire.
When 'f_OU are cleaning the flash or 'f_OU do not /!_/an to use the
flash for an extended /!_eriod, remove batteries. Failure to do
so can cause batteries to leak f1uid, afire, or electric shock.
Using aflash too close to a/!_erson's e'f_es ma'i tem/!_oraril'i affect
the e'f_esightorcan cause avisual im/!_airmento Take particular
care when photographing infants and young children.
Reg_uest regular internal testing and cleaning for 'f_Our flash.
Build-up of dust in your f1ash can cause a fire or electric
shock. Contact your FUJIFILM dealer to request internal
cleaning every two years. Please note that this service is
not free of charge.
Do notuse alcohol, thinner, benzene, orothervolatile chemicals
to clean 'f_Ourflash. This can cause fire or electric shock.
Forsufficient ventilation, no objectshouldbe/!_laced within Scm
from thea/!_/!_aratus. The ventilation should not be impeded
by covering the ventilation openings with items such as
newspaper, table-cloths, or curtains.
No nakedflame sources such as lightedcandles shouldbe /!_laced
on the a/!_/!_aratus.
Page: 2
I Batteries
Note: Check the type ofbatteries used in your flash and read the ap-
propriate sections.
The following describes the proper use of batteries and how to prolong
their life. Incorrect use can shorten battery life or cause leakage, over-
heating, fire, or explosion.
• Cautions: Handling the Batteries
• Do not expose to name, or heat.
• Do not transport or store with metal objects such as necklaces or
• Do not use batteries that are leaking, deformed, discolored, or with
other abnormal states.
• Do not mix old and new batteries, batteries with different charge lev-
els, or batteries of different types.
• If the nash will not be used for an extended period, remove the bat-
teries. Note that various settings of the nash will be reset.
• The batteries may be warm to the touch immediately after use. Turn
the flash off and allow the batteries to cool before handling.
• Battery capacity tends to decrease at low temperatures below 10 oc
(50 oF). Keep spare batteries in a pocket or other warm place and ex-
change as necessary. Cold batteries may recover some of their charge
when warmed.
• Fingerprints and other stains on the battery terminals can affect a
number offlash firing. Thoroughly clean the terminals with asoft, dry
cloth before inserting batteries in the nash.
• Rechargeable AA Ni-MH Batteries
The capacity of Ni-MH batteries may be temporarily reduced when
new, after long periods of disuse, or if they are repeatedly recharged
before being fully discharged. This is normal and does not indicate
The nash draws a small amount of current even when off. Ni-MH bat-
teries that have been left in the flash for an extended period may be
drawn down to the point that they no longer hold a charge. Batteries
that no longer hold a charge even after repeatedly being discharged
and recharged have reached the end of their service life and must be
Ni-MH batteries can be recharged in abattery charger (sold separately).
Batteries may become warm to the touch after charging. Refer to the
instructions provided with the charger for more information. Use the
charger with compatible batteries only.
Ni-MH batteries gradually lose their charge when not in use.
• Disposal
Dispose of used batteries in accord with local regulations.
& Environmental disposal of batteriesis advisable.
& The apparatus is premised on use in warm climates.
Liquid Crystal
In the event that the LCD panel is damaged, care should be taken to
avoid contact with liquid crystal. Take the urgent action indicated
should any of the following situations arise:
· If liquid crystal comes in contact with your skin, clean the area with a
cloth and then wash thoroughly with soap and running water.
· If liquid crystal enters your eyes, flush the affected eye with clean wa-
ter for at least 15 minutes and then seek medical assistance.
• Ifliquid crystal is swallowed, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.
Drink large quantities of water and induce vomiting, then seek medi-
cal assistance.
Although the display is manufactured using extremely high-precision
technology, it may contain pixels that are always lit or that do not light.
This is not a malfunction, and images recorded with the product are
Caring for the Flash
To ensure continued enjoyment of the product, observe the following
• Storage and Use
If the nash will not be used for an extended period, remove batteries.
Do not store or use the nash in locationsthat are:
• exposed to rain, steam, or smoke
• very humid or extremely dusty
• exposed to direct sunlight or very high temperatures, such as in a
closed vehicle on asunny day
• extremely cold
• subject to strong vibration
• exposed to strong magnetic fields, such as near a broadcasting an-
tenna, power line, radar emitter, motor,transformer, or magnet
• in contact with volatile chemicals such as pesticides
• next to rubber or vinyl products
• Water and Sand
Exposure to water and sand can also damage the flash and its internal
circuitry and mechanisms. When using the flash at the beach or sea-
side, avoid exposing the flash to water or sand. Do not place the flash
on awet surface.
• Condensation
Sudden increases in temperature, such as occur when entering a heat-
ed building on a cold day, can cause condensation inside the nash. If
this occurs, turn the flash off and wait for droplets to evaporate.
Page: 3
For Customers in the U.S. A.
Tested To Comply With FCC Standards
FCC Statement: This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Op-
eration is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may
not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any
interference received, including interference that may cause undesired
CAUTION: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with
the limits for a Class 8 digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC
Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection
against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equip-
ment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if
not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause
harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no
guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If
this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television
reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and
on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or
more of the following measures:
• Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
• Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
• Connect the equipment into an outlet on acircuit different from that
to which the receiver is connected.
• Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.
• You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly
approved in this manual could void the user's authority to operate
the equipment.
For Customers in Canada
CAUTION: This Class Bdigital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-
• Read these instructions.
• Keep these instructions.
• Heed all warnings.
• Follow all instructions.
• Do not use this apparatus near water.
• Clean only with adry cloth.
• Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the
manufacturer's instructions.
• Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers,
stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.
• Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly
at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from
the apparatus.
• Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.
• Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for
long periods of time.
• Refer all servicing to qualified service personal. Servicing is required
when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as power
supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects
have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to
rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped.
Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment
in Private Households
In the European Union, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein:This )t
symbol on the product, or in the manual hand in the war- •
ranty, and/or on its packaging indicates t at this product
shall not be treated as household waste. Instead it should -
be taken to an applicable collection point for the recycling
of electrical and electronic equipment.
By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent
potential negative consequences to the environment and human
health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste han-
dling of this product.
This symbol on the batteries or accumulators indicates that 'Z
those batteries shall not be treated as household waste.
If your equipment contains easy removable batteries or accumulators
please dispose these separately according to your local requirements.
The recycling of materials will help to conserve natural resources. For
more detailed information about recycling this product, please contact
your local city office, your household waste disposal service or the shop
where you purchased the product.
In Countries Outside the European Union, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein:
Ifyou wish to discard this product, including the batteries or accumula-
tors, please contact your local authorities and ask for the correct way
of disposal.
EC Declaration of Conformity
Name: FUJIFILM ElectronicImaging Europe GmbH
Address: Benzstrasse 247533 Kleve, Germany
declare that the product
Manufacturer's Name: FUJIFILM Corporation
Manufacturer's 7-3, AKASAKA 9-CHOME, MINATO-KU, TOKYO,
Address: 107-0052 JAPAN
following the provision of the EMC Directive (2004/108/EC) and Low Voltage
Directive (2006/95/EC).
Page: 4
Thank you for your purchase of a FUJIFILM EF-42 shoe mount flash
unit. Please read this manual thoroughly before using the product.
• Using the Flash
After mounting the flash on the camera, do not pick the camera up
by the flash. The flash may become separated from the hot shoe,
causing the camera to fall.
For information on compatible cameras, visit our website at http://
For Your Safety .............................................................................................................................. 1
Table of Contents.........................................................................................................................4
Principal Features ........................................................................................................................4
Parts of the Flash..........................................................................................................................5
Inserting Batteries .......................................................................................................................6
Attaching the EF-42 ...................................................................................................................6
Auto Power Off.............................................................................................................................6
The LCD Display............................................................................................................................ 7
Through-the-Lens (TTL) Flash Photography.............................................................. 8
Adjusting Settings.......................................................................................................................9
Manual Flash Photography ................................................................................................. 10
Using the Wide Panel.............................................................................................................. 11
Bounce Lighting......................................................................................................................... 11
Continuous Use ..........................................................................................................................12
Principal features
• Maximum flash outputequivalentto aGN of42/138 (ISO 100, m/ft): Auto zoom
(IJ) automatically matches flash angle to lens focal lengths in the
24-1 OS mm range (35 mm format equivalent).
• Flexible bounce-flash lighting: The flash head can be rotated 90° ver-
tically, 180° left, or 120° right to provide bounce-flash lighting in
nearly all situations. ~.~~~.::".:
• Exposure compensation: Exposure compensation of ±1.5 EV gives free ~.
rein to your creative powers. Choose from settings of -1.5, -1, -0.5,
0, +0.5, +1, and +1.5 EV. I
• Adjustable flash output: Manual flash level adjustment gives you a
choice of full output (Y,) or V2, V4, Va, Vl6, V32, V64 of full power.
• Adjustable focal length display: Lens focal can be displayed during
shooting either in APS-e (IIJICJiml) or 35 mm (MitilnleM) format.
• Built-in wide panel: With coverage for focal lengths as short as 20 mm
(35 mm format equivalent), the EF-42 can also be used for wide-
angle shots.
Page: 5
Parts ofthe Flash
Built-in wide panel
Flash window
Battery-chamber cover
AF-assist lamp ·
Lock ring
Hot shoe contacts
* Lights to assist the focus operation if the shutter button is pressed halfway
when lighting is poor. May not light with some cameras.
LCD display
MODE button
SEL (select) button
Ready lamp/test button
ON/OFF switch
Page: 6
Inserting Batteries
The EF-42 can be used with lithium, alkaline, and nickel-metal hy-
dride (NiMH) batteries. Choose NiMH batteries for reduced flash
charging times and longer battery life.
1Place your thumb in the depression at the
top of the cover and push the cover slightly
in to release the latch, then slide the cover
down to open it.
CD Before opening the cover, be sure the ON/OFF
switch is in the OFF position.
2Insert four AA batteries in the orientation
shown on the inside of the cover. Close the
CD Although the battery chamber is designed to
prevent the batteries being inserted incor-
rectly, failure to insert the batteries in the cor-
rect orientation could result in malfunction.
3Turn the flash on. A beep will sound as the
flash starts charging. The flash is ready for
use when charging is complete and the
ready lamp lights.
4Turn the flash off. The ready lamp will turn
off to show that the flash will not fire.
CD Turn the flash off before mounting it on the hot shoe. If the flash is on, it
may short the hot shoe contacts, causing the flash to fire unexpectedly or
other product malfunction.
Attaching the EF-42
Be sure the EF-42 is off before mounting it on or removing it from the
camera. Failure to observe this precaution could result in damage to
the camera.
1Rotate the flash lock ring to the right to release the lock.
2Mount the flash securely on the camera hot shoe.
3 Rotate the lock ring to the left to lock the flash in place.
CD Be sure the release the lock before attaching the flash. Attempting to at-
tach the flash without releasing the lock could damage the hot shoe.
Auto PowerOff
If no operations are performed for 15 minutes while the flash is on,
the displays will turn off and the flash will be disabled. Normal opera-
tion can be restored by pressing the camera shutter button halfway
or turning the flash off and then on again.
~The flash continues to draw power from the batteries after the displays
have turned off automatically. To reduce the drain on the batteries, turn
the flash off when it is not in use.
Page: 7
CD I Focal length format AUTO OK indicator 1
-----@) 1~...-.-_z_oo_m_m_o_d_e-----~
~ I Flash control mode
PR 111-1 1-1
EV + 1_1.1_1
0.5 1 2 4 8 16 32m
1.6 3. ~ 6.6 13 26 52 105ft
® Exposure compensation
® ±indicator
~ Exposure compensation/
® power ratio 2
® I Power ratio indicator
Wide panel indicator
Focal length
Integrated flash range
1. If this indicator is not displayed after the flash fires, the subject may be underexposed. Move closer to your subject or choose a wider aperture (lower f-number).
2. The fraction of full power at which the flash fires in manual flash control mode.
Page: 8
Through..the·Lens (TTL) Flash Photography
TTL flash control automatically adjusts flash output for optimal
brightness. The flash also responds to changes in camera settings,
allowing the flash to be used at shutter speeds slower than the flash
sync speed.
To adjust flash settings, press MODE until the
icon for the desired item blinks and then press
SEL to choose an option while the red display
backlight is on. Setting is complete when the
backlight turns off and the icon stops blinking.
1Turn the camera and flash on.
Flash control panel
MODE button SEL button
2Press MODE until the icon for the current fo- (r~mm IDliB)... ...............i:t~ffiii'1
cal length display blinks and press SEL to llllmll PR D I
choose from lt11Ctlr+11 (APS-C) or MlijlliiiM l t:v ., i
(35 mm). l ~~~~.:~·~ ... -~L_..__::-::~_J
3If II (manual) is selected for zoom, press
MODE until IIblinks and press SEL to choose
B (auto zoom). Zoom will automatically
be adjusted in response to changes in lens
focal length in the 24 mm-105 mm range
(35 mm format equivalent).
4Settings are complete when the red backlight turns off. Wait for
the ready lamp to light before taking photographs.
• TTL Flash Control
The EF-42 instantly calculates the effective flash range based on
aperture, sensitivity, and other camera settings. When the camera
shutter button is pressed halfway or the icon lights, the
range appears in the bar graph display, which shows distances of
0.5 m-32 m/1.6 ft.-1 OS ft. (greater distances are indicated by~).
• The Ready Lamp
The ready lamp blinks while the flash charges. If the flash is fired im-
mediately after charging, output will be reduced by the equivalent
of about one stop. For maximum flash output, wait until the ready
lamp lights. Replace the batteries if charging takes over 30 seconds
following a test flash performed with the EF-42 not mounted on the
• Performing aTest Flash
To test the flash before taking a photograph, check that the ready
lamp is lit and press the test button.
• Exposure Compensation
Press MODE until the EV +or EV - icon blinks om(!Twl9 gwi~I
:i~~-press SEL to adjust exposure compensa- ~-J,..-Ev-+-
Page: 9
Adjusting Settings
To adjust flash settings, press MODE until the icon for the desired item blinks and then press SEL to choose an option. Pressing the MODE button
selects items in the order shown by the t arrow, while pressing the SEL button selects options in the order shown by the ~ arrow.
I 1
Iconthatflashes when item is selected
EV +
.....c:~~~~:,~:~o~ .................
...................EV ~-
Zoom or
Power ratio PR 1/
[ruaIBID) lfN!D
11m1 D
PR 1/n Q I p Q
EV + O .CI I _I 1_1 <:\:'"·
--------·--·--- -------~--------- ------
•: ... >..::.•
I - 4 <>~ , I \"': •·
l!ll!1i1D lfN!D
tim D
__________.lev+ 0.5l!
··-~ . h• :;;.r-
. . . , ' 1"
- [-··1
mw a
EV +'-'·'-' 2Ymm
.. '
(. . PRl/8
•; '
Choose the focal length format
ltUeJif!11(APS-C) ¢::::>MJijl@i (35 mm)
Increase flash output
I o.o I q .-1-+-o.-5--.
iJ n
+1.5 I<:=I +1.o
Reduce flash output
I o.o I q ,--1---o.s____,
iJ n
- 1.5 I<:=I -1.o
Choose from auto 8 ormanual riJ) zoom
• 35 mm 1
.itiii•I•J format:
m lql 1924 lql 1928 lql 1935
lJ n
19 105 I<:=I 19 85 1<:=1 1970 I<:=I 1950
• APS-e ii•JIIf!11J:
m lql 19 16 lql 19 19 lql 1924
lJ n
19 70 I<:=I 19 58 1
<:=11948 I<:=I 1934
Choose thepower ratio for manualflash control mode iiDJI)
I y, lq l Y2 lql '14 lql V
s I
lJ n
Y6• <:= VJ2 <:= y,6
Page: 10
Manual Flash Photography
Manual flash control is unaffected by reflections, making it the ideal
choice for pictures of highly reflective or unreflective subjects.
1Turn the camera and flash on.
2Choose from the I1Uetlr41 (APS-C) or MiijllhiM (35 mm) focal
length format displays.
3Adjust exposure compensation. Choose higher values to increase
flash output, lower values to decrease.
4Adjust zoom. Note that if II is selected, the flash not light the
entire subject if zoom less than the focal length of the lens.
5Adjust flash output by choosing a power ratio (PR) and confirm
that-~~- appears in the display.
6Settings are complete when the red backlight turns off and the
icon for the selected setting stops blinking. Wait for the ready
lamp to light before taking photographs.
• Effective Range
The effective shooting range of the flash in meters can be calculated
by multiplying the guide number by the sensitivity (ISO) coefficient
and dividing by the aperture (for feet, multiply the result by 3.28).
Flash range= guide number x ISO coefficient+ aperture (f-number)
The guide number varies with flash output and lens focal length.
Focal length in mm (35 mm format/APS-C)
24/16 28/19 35/24 50/34 70/48 85/58 105/70
y, 27 30 32 35 38 40 42
Y2 19 21 23 25 27 28 30
% 14 15 16 18 19 20 21
Ys 10 11 11 12 13 14 15
Y1& 7 8 8 9 10 10 11
¥32 5 5 6 6 7 7 7
Y64 3 4 4 4 5 5 5
The ISO coefficient is shown in the table below.
ISO 100 ISO 200 ISO 400 ISO 800 ISO 1600 IS03200
1.4 2 2.8 4 5.7
For example, the range for a power ratio of Vs and a focal length of
35 mm, an aperture of f/4, and a sensitivity of ISO 400 is 10 (the guide
number) x 2 (the ISO coefficient)-:- 4 (the aperture), or in other words
5 m (16.4 ft.).
~The bar graph in the flash unit display shows the range at which optimal
exposure will be achieved; distances over 32 m (1 OS ft.) are shown by~.
Page: 11
Usingthe Wide Panel
. The wide panel is located above the flash window. When shooting
with wide-angle lenses with focal lengths as short as 20 mm (35 mm
format equivalent), extend the wide panel (ifOJ is selected for zoom,
you will also need to zoom the flash out to 24 mm). Flash output
drops slightly when the wide panel is used.
Bounce Lighting
Light from the EF-42 can be reflected (bounced) from aceiling or wall
in TTL mode. Under some conditions, the flash may create dark shad-
ows in the background when aimed directly at the subject. A softer,
more natural effect can be produced by bouncing the light from the
flash off a ceiling or wall.
' '
' '
I \
I \
I \
), \
' '
Rotate the flash head to choose the flash angle
and direction.
CD Do not attempt to rotate the flash head beyond
the limits shown on the flash body. Failure to ob-
serve this precaution could damage the flash.
CD Flash intensity may drop by about 25% depend-
ing on the color and type of the reflecting sur-
CD If possible, bounce lighting off a surface that is
white or nearly white. Particular care is advised
when taking color photographs, as light reflected
from colored surfaces may affect the colors in the
I \
I \
Page: 12
Continuous Use
Using the flash many times in quick succession can cause overheating
that may damage the flash. It is recommended that you turn off the
flash for ten minutes after about ten consecutive shots.
Power zoom Adjusted automatically on signal from camera
Can be adjusted manually by pressing zoom button
Color temperature Approx. 5,600 Kwhen fired at full power
Batteries Four AA lithium, alkaline, or NiMH batteries
Operating temperature 0octo 40 °(/32 oF to 104 oF
(H X WX 0)
Approx. 116 mm x 64 mm x 102 mm/
4.6 in. x 2.5 in. x 4.0 in.
Weight Approx. 260 g/9.2 oz., excluding batteries
CD Specifications subject to change without notice.
• Guide Number {ISO 100, m)
Lens foe~Ilength in mm (35 mm format/APS-C)
24/16 28/19 35/24 50/34 70/48 85/58
y, 27 30 32 35 38 40
Y2 19 21 23 25 27 28
% 14 15 16 18 19 20
Ys 10 11 11 12 13 14
y,6 7 8 8 9 10 10
%2 5 5 6 6 7 7
%4 3 4 4 4 5 5
• Working Range {ISO 100, m)
Lens focal length in mm (35 mm format/APS-C)
24/16 28/19 35/24 50/34 70/48 85/58 105/70
f/2 13.5 15 16 17.5 19 20 21
f/4 6.8 7.5 8 8.8 9.5 10 10.5
f/8 3.4 3.8 4 4.4 4.8 5 5.3
f/16 1.7 1.9 2 2.2 2.4 2.5 2.6
f/32 0.8 0.9 1 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.3
f/64 0.4 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.6 0.6 0.7
• Battery Life and Recycling Time
Number of uses (full power) Recycling time (full power)
AA alkaline batteries x4 Approx. 220 Approx. 3.5 s
AA NiMH batteries x4 Approx. 240 Approx. 3.0 s
~Battery life measured using fresh batteries manufactured within the previ-
ous three months. The number of uses is the number of times the flash can
be fired at intervals of 30 seconds; the count ends when the ready lamp
takes more than 30 seconds to light.
~The recycling time is the time needed after the flash fires for the ready lamp
to light, as measured under the conditions described above.
Page: 13
~;g EF-42
l•m I
iimmr~ *i*
as itiili .
.Fl TE5:8
fE5 il~!
=r 107-0052 *3RiBj~(g~f& 9 TEl 7 53~
FUJIFILM Corporation
*~let, *~~2f]pggcfflf411~I~~q:}3 l:c~ct=3*15R~QnO)c~ o fi~I~cf~*W
O)~IL:Ict, @168c*~~nt±n L <lctct=3~_t!1'h51L: ci~~< tccl1o
· ~l,'1J'tc:O)asr&~l,'~ott :
FinePix -t:ti"rt- t----EY$7- TEL. 050-3786- l 060
,FjBiEJ~~BiEllf=M 9:00 ~l:f1~ 5:40
±BiEllf=M l 0:00 ~l:f1~ 5:00
El . t5tE3 . 1¥*$~g~~*<
· i~JtO)asr&~l,'~ott :
@±7-1J[.;Lfi~I~-t:t-r::·:::z iz:/5- TEL. 050-3786- l 040
,FjBiEl~~BiE3 lf=M 9:00 ~l:f1~ 5:40
±BiB lf=M l 0:00 ~l:f1~ 5:00
El . t5CE3 . 1¥*$~g~~*<
This warranty is valid only in JAPAN.
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FUJIFILM Digital Camera Worldwide Network
Contact your local distributor (see list below) for technical support (S) or repairs (R
). Please
present the warranty and purchase receipt when requesting repairs; refer to the warranty card
for the conditions of the warranty. Technical support may not be available for models not
handled by the local distributor. The following information is subject to change without notice.
FUJIFILM North America
FUJIFILM North Amerita
Argentina Imagen einformationS
Bolivia Reifschneider Bolivia ltda.
Brazil FUJIFILM do Brasilltda.
Chile ReifschneiderSA
Colombia lmportationes Espacri
Colombia S.A.S.
Ecuador lmportadones Espatri Cia.
Mexico Fujifilm deMexico, S
Paraguay Difoto.
Peru Procesosde ColorS.A.
Uruguay ServiteyProyedos
Venezuela C. Hellmund&Cia Sa
Austria FUJIFILM Recording Media
Belgium Belgian FujiAgency
Croatia l&ld.o.o.
Cyprus PMS IMA61N6 LTD
Czech Republic Fujifilm Cz., s.r.o.
AWH servis
Denmark Fujifilm Danmark A/S
Finland Neoportltd
France FUJIFILM France
Germany FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging
Hungary Fujifilm Hungary Ltd.
Iceland lc
ephoto (Ljosmyndavorur)
Italy FujiFilm ltalia S
Lithuania Fujifilm Lithuania
Malta Ciantio (1913) Co.ltd.
Norway Fujifilm NorgeAS
Poland Fujifilm Polska D
Portugal FujifilmPortugal, Lda
Romania CTS-Cardinal Top Systems ltd
Russia FUJIFILM ElectronicImaging
Slovakia Fujifilm Slovakia s.r.o.
Slovenia Image &Information
Spain FujifilmEspana S.A.
Sweden Fujifilm Sverige A
S TEL 1-866-818-FUJI (3854) http://www.fujihelp.ca
R TEL 1-800-263-5018 http//www.fujihelp.ca
S TEL 800-800-3854 digita/info@fujifilm.com
R TEL 800-659-3854
S/R TEL 54-11-4737-1030 servtec@imageneinformacion.com.ar
/R TEL +591 33 441129 dvilfarroel@reifschneider.com.bo
S/R TEL +0800-7706627 camarasdigitais@fujifilm.com.br
S/R TEL 56-2-6781200 serviciotecnico@reifschneider.cf
S/R TEL +57-1-475 4343 avillamizar@espacri.com
/ R TEL+593 72835526 dtecnico@fujifilm.com.ec
s TEL (55-52) 5263 5500 soporte@fujifilm.com.mx
R TEL (55-52) 5366 5150 camaras@fujifilm.com.mx
S/R TEL +595-21 -281948 larson@
S/R TEL +51 14 338000 serviciotecnico@fujifilm.com.pe
S/R TEL (05982) 901 0852 serviceproyecto@adinet.com.uy
S/R TEL (05982) 419 4542 kiel@fujifilm.com.uy
/ R TEL0212-2022300 hellmund@hellmund.com
S/R TEL 00800 38543854 service@fujifilm-digital.com
S/R TEL 3210242090 info@fuji.be
s TEL +385 1 233 26 53 tkrsnik@fujifilm.hr
R TEL +385 1 619 66 08 info@fototeh.hr
S/R TEL 35722746746 info@
S/R TEL 35722314719 dorosn@
s TEL 00420 234 703 431 petr.barta@fujifilm.cz
R TEL 00420 222 721 525 awh@awh.cz
S/R TEL 0045 45662244 fujifilm@fujififm.dk
s TEL +358 (0)50 4343 500 info@neoport.fi
R TEL +358 (0)50 4343 500 huolto@neoport.fi
S/R TEL +33 130 68 67 66 pm2s@pm2s.fr
S/R TEL 00800 38543854' service@fujifilm-digital.com
'0,14 E
UR pro Minuteausdem deutschen F
Preise ausMobilfunknetzen moglich,Stand bei Drucklegung.
S/R TEL 0030 210 9404100 fujifilm@fujifilm.gr
s TEL +3615779870 fujifilm@fujifilm.hu
R TEL 3613633777
S/R TEL 354 568 0450 framkollun@fujifilm.is
s TEL +39 02 40047878 info@fujifilm.it
R TEL +39 039 6892984 FAX +39 039 6058295
/R TEL 370-5-2133017 info@fujifilm.lt
S/R TEL 0356-21-480500 info@fujifilm.com.mt
s TEL 0047-02273
http//www.fujifilm.no/ mailto:post@fujifilm.no
R TEL 0047-55393880
http//www.camera.no/ mailto:service@camera.no
s TEL +48-22-609-65-96 serwis@fujifilm.pf
R TEL +48-22-886-94-40 serwis@fujifilm.pf
s TEL (351) 226 194 237 finepix@fujifilm.pt
R TEL (351) 225 194 788 cameras@fujifilm.pt
S/R TEL +40212300982 or +40212302683
/R TEL +7-495-545-38-54 (,/lnA 6ecnnaTHbiX 3BOHKOBV13PocCV1V1)
* )lnA 3BOHKOB \113 APYrV1x crpaHH
a6V!pai'ne +7-800-700-38-54
http://www.fujifilm-digital.ru/ info@
s TEL 00421 2 33 595 107 fujifilm@fujifilm.sk
R TEL 00421 2 33 595 119 servis@fujifilm.sk
S/R TEL +386-1-5864660 damir.sajko@fujifilm-slovenia.com
S/R TEL 902012535
http//www.fujifilm.es/soporte/ tallersat@fujifilm.es
s TEL46 8 506 14145 kamera@fujifilm.se
R TEL46 8 506 14100 kameraverkstaden@fujifilm.se
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Switzerland I Fujifilm (Switzerland) AG
The Netherlands FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
New Caledonia
FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging
Europe (Kiev office)
Tehran Fuka Co.
Shimone Group Ltd.
Grand Stores Al-swaifieh,
Boushahri Group W.L.L.
Fototek S.A.R.L.
Techno Blue
Emam Distribution Co. Ltd.
Film Trading Company
Grand Stores
AI-Haidary Trading
Foto Express Egypt
Fuji Kenya Ltd
Cameratek CC.
FUJIFILM Australia Pty Ltd
Brijlal &Co. Ltd
Phocidis SARL
New Zea Ia nd Fujifilm NZ Ltd
Papua New Guinea Oceania PNG Limited
Hong Kong Fuji Photo Products Co., Ltd.
Indonesia PT. Modern lnternasional,
Malaysia FUJIFILM {Malaysia) Sdn.
Mongol Tavan Bogd Group, Mongolia
Pakistan Fujifilm Pakistan Pvt Ltd.
Philippines YKL COLOR INC.
Singapore FUJIFILM {Singapore) Pte Ltd
South Korea Korea Fujifilm Co., Ltd.
Yongsan AS Center
Kangnam AS Center
S/R TEL +41 44 855 5154 RepairCenter@fujifilm.ch
S TEL +31(0)102812500 helpdesk@fujifilm-digital.ni
R TEL +31(0)102812520 camerareparaties@fujifilm-digital.ni
S/R TEL +90 212 698 99 77 servis@filmat.com.tr
S TEL +44 (0)844 553 2322 fujitec@fuji.co.uk
R TEL +44 (0)844 553 2323 fujitec@fuji.co.uk
S TEL +38 (044) 390 5929
R TEL +38 (044) 499 2949 or +38 (044) 545 0897
S/R TEL (+98-21) 22254810 fuka@neda.net
s TEL(+) 972 3 9250666 digital@fujifilm.co.il
R TEL(+) 972 3 9250666 khaim@shimone.com
S/R TEL 009626-5829157 Oigital@grandstoresjo.com
S/R TEL +965 1885522 photo@boushahrigroup.com
S/R TEL +961 1 252474 fototek@antakiholding.com
s TEL 00974 44 66 175 prabu@techno-blue.com
s TEL 96626978756 service@fujifilm.com.sa
s TEL+ 963 11 2218049 ftc@amirgroup.com
R TEL+ 963 21 4641903 filmtradin@amirgroup.com
S/R TEL+ 971-4-2823700 photography@grandstores.ae
s TEL 00967-1-503980
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S/R TEL +20 2 37762062 m.farag@fotoexpress.com.eg
R TEL (254-20)4446265-8 info@fujifilm.co.ke
S/R TEL261-320729835 photorama@blueline.mg
S/R TEL +27 11 251 2400 www.cameratek.co.za
S/R TEL 1800 226 355 digital@fujifilm.com.au
S/R TEL (679)3304133 kapadia@connect.com.ij
S/R TEL (00 687) 25-46-35 phocidis@phocidis.nc
S/R TEL +64-9-4140400 glenn.beaumont@fujifilm.co.nz
S TEL +675 3256411 oceania@daltron.com.pg
S/R TEL (852)2406 3287 rsd@chinahkphoto.com.hk
S/R TEL +91-124-4325500 contact@fujifilmindia.com
S/R TEL +62 21 2801000
assd kmrsrv@moderninternasional.co.id
s TEL 603-55698388 technical@fujifilm.com.my
R TEL 603-55698388 camera@fujifilm.com.my
S/R TEL +976-99052517 or +976-91118833
batkhuyag@tavanbogd.com or gantsolmon@tavanbogd.com
s finepix@fujifilm.com.pk
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s TEL 632-7436601-06 digital_info@yklcolor.com
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S/R TEL 65-63805553 service@fujifilm.com.sg
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R TEL +82-2-701-1472 Jbowl@hanmail.net
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Busan ASCenter {fuji finepix) R TEL +82-51-806-1472 fujicamera@nate.com
Kwangju AS Center (Cheil R TEL +82-62-363-7887 in9943@hanmail.net
Taiwan Hung Chong Corp. S/R TEL 886-2-6602-8988 service@mail.hungchong.com.tw
Thailand FUJIFILM (Thailand) Ltd. s TEL +662-2706000 ext. 751,752
Dusit Suriyong@fujifilm.co.th yaowarat@fujifilm.co.th
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Vietnam International Minh Viet S/R TEL +84-8-4135740 ext. 322 diep.phanthithanh@imv.com.vn
Co., Ltd.
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helpful if you make an insurance claim. If we have your details, we can also keep in touch for service or software upgrades.
You can also join the MyFinePix online community, where you can share your pictures or pick up advice about your camera.
Don't worry· we won~ bother you unless you give us permission.
The FUJIFILM standard warranty is for one year from the date of purchase, though this may be extended in some countries
to two years. For full details of your warranty, please visit www.fujifilm-digital.com/warranty. You will need to present your
purchase receipt along with your camera to make a claim on your warranty, so please look after this carefully.
En vous inscrivant sur www.fujifilm-digital.com/warranty, vous confirmez avoir achete l'un de nos produits ; ce qui peut etre
utile si vous faites une reclamation d'assurance. Si vous nous fournissez vos coordonnees, nous pourrons egalement vous
informer des services et des mises a jour des logiciels disponibles. Vous pouvez egalement rejoindre Ia communaute en
ligne MyFinePix sur laquelle vous pourrez partager vos photos et recueillir des conseils sur votre appareil.
La garantie standard FUJIFILM est valable pendant un an a compter de Ia date d'achat et peut etre prolongee jusqu'a deux
ans dans certains pays. Pour obtenir des informations completes sur votre garantie, veuillez vous rendre sur www.fujifilm-
digital.com/warranty. Vous devrez presenter Ia preuve d'achat de votre appareil photo pour obtenir votre garantie. Veuillez
done consulter cette page attentivement.
Durch lhre Registrierung unter www.fujifilm-digital.com/warranty bestatigen. Sie den Kauf und die damit verbundene
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Kontaktdaten mitteilen, konnen wir Sie bei Service- und Software Updates sofort informieren. Sie konnen ebenfalls der
Online Community ,.MyFINEPIX" beitreten. Dort linden Sie nOtzliche.
lnformationen zu lhrer FUJIFILM Digitalkamera und konnen lhre Bilder in Galerien priisentieren. Sollten Sie nach der
Registrierung keine weiteren lnformationen wOnschen, berOcksichtigen wir dies ebenfalls. Die von FUJIFILM
standardmiiBig gewiihrte Garantiezeit betriigt ab Kaufdatum 12 Monate. In einigen Liindem kann diese abweichend
auch 24 Monate betragen. Bitte prOfen Sie die ausfOhrlichen Garantiebedingungen unter www.fujifilm
digital.com/warranty .
Si se registra en www.fujifilm-digital.com/warranty, nos estara confirmando Ia propiedad de su camara, lo que le puede
resultar uti! si tiene que hacer una reclamaci6n al seguro. Si disponemos de sus datos, tambien podremos estar en
contacto con usted para prestarle servicio tecnico o para las actualizaciones de software. Tambien se puede unir a Ia
comunidad MyFinePix en Internet, donde podra compartir sus fotografias o ~onsultar consejos sobre su camara. No se
preocupe, no nos pondremos en contacto con usted a menos que nos autorice a hacerlo.
La garantfa estandar de FUJIFILM tiene un aiio de duraci6n a partir de Ia fecha de compra, aunque en algunos paises
se puede ampliar a dos aiios. Para obtener mas detalles acerca de nuestra garantia visite www.fujifilm-
digital.com/warranty. Tendra que presenter el comprobante de compra junto con su camara para reclamar Ia garantia, por
lo tanto, guarde el comprobante con cuidado.
Ao registar-se em www.fujifilm-digital.com/warranty confirma-nos a sua aquisi<;:iio, que lhe sera uti! em caso de
reclama<;:iio para efeitos de seguro ou actualiza<;:iio de software. Atraves dos seus dados, poderemos tambem contacta-
lo para efeitos de assistencia tecnica ou actualiza<;:iio de software. Pode igualmente associar-se a comunidade online
MyFinePix, onde podera partilhar as suas imagens ou obter aconselhamento sobre a sua camara.
A garantia standard da FUJIFILM e de um ano a contar a partir da data da compra embora, em alguns paises, esta
possa ser prolongada para dois anos. Para consulta dos detalhes da sua garantia, entre em www.fujifilm-
digital.com/warranty. Para efectuar uma reclama<;:ao ao abrigo da garantia devera apresentar, juntamente com a sua
camara, o recibo comprovativo de compra, pelo que o deve guardar em local seguro.
La registrazione al nostro silo www.lujifilm-digital.com/warranty conferma l'acquirente quale proprietario del prodotto
• acquistato e puo rivelarsi utile in caso di richiesta di indennizzo. lnoltre, se disponiamo dei tuoi dati possiamo contattarti
per comunicarti informazioni sui servizio o aggiomamenti del software. Potrai anche iscriverti alia community on-line di
MyFinePix per condividere le tue toto con altri utenti e ricevere consigli sull'utilizzo della tua fotocamera. Precisiamo
comunque che non ti sara inviata alcuna comunicazione senza il tuo consenso.
La garanzia standard di FUJIFILM e valida per un anno a partire dalla data di acquisto e in alcuni paesi puo essere estesa
a due anni. Per maggiori dettagli visita il silo www.fujifilm-digital.com/warranty. li consigliamo di conservare con cura Ia
ricevuta d'acquisto del prodotto poiche sara necessaria presentarla unitamente alia fotocamera per eventuali richieste in
Door u bij ons te registreren op www.fujifilm-digital.com/warranty, bevestigt u uw eigendom bij ons, wat handig kan zijn
als u een verzekeringsclaim indient. Als wij uw gegevens hebben, kunnen we ook in contact blijven voor service of
software-upgrades. U kunt ook lid worden van de online MyFinePix-gemeenschap, waar u uw toto's kunt delen of tips over
uw camera opdoen. Maak u geen zorgen - wij storen niet u tenzij u ons toestemming geeft.
De FUJIFILM-standaardgarantie geld! voor een jaar vanaf de datum van aankoop, maar dit kan in sommige Ianden worden
uitgebreid tot twee jaar. Voor aile informatie over uw garantie kunt u terecht op www.fujililm-digital.com/warranty. U moet
uw aankoopbon samen met uw camera kunnen overleggen om aanspraak te maken op uw garantie, dus bewaar deze

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