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  • Brand: Faber-Castell
  • Product: Toy
  • Model/name: Finger Puppet Theatre
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English

Table of Contents

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With a little creative crafting, your
child can make six felt friends for their
fingers. Decorate the puppet stage
and let the show begin!
Not for Children under 3 years.
Finger Puppet Theater #1629
© Faber-Castell USA, Inc. • Cleveland, Ohio 44125 • www.fabercastell.com
Designed in USA • Made in China
Conforms to ASTM D-4236 • Non-toxic Safe for Children
Our mission is to provide
children with experiences
that stimulate and encourage
their natural creativity.
Our open-ended products
offer fun-filled opportunities
for children to create, pretend,
explore and learn.
Our Quality Promise
Since 1976 Creativity for Kids has
been creating safe, innovative
products that meet or exceed U.S.
safety standards as determined by
independent laboratory testing.
Try this Creativity for Kids® kit too!
#1616 Make Your Own
Sock Puppets
Create a trio of super-soft
sock puppet friends. Kit
includes dozens of peel
and stick felt shapes and
fun embellishments.
Working with the peel and stick felt shapes and the small
accessories will help your child practice their fine motor
skills. Depending upon the age and ability of your child,
they may need a little help along the way.
Puppet play is a great way to foster language development,
dramatic play and creative expression.
Although the craft glue is washable, it’s a good idea to
wear old clothes and to cover your work area. Clean up
any spills with a damp cloth.
A Note to Parents
Puppet play is a great activity to encourage spontaneous creative
play. Just add a little imagination and let the show begin!
Note- Save any leftover craft materials and stickers in case you
need to make repairs. Spot clean puppets with a damp cloth or
sponge. Hand or machine washing is not recommended.
Treat your puppet stage with care so it will last a long time.
When not in use, it can be taken apart and stored in the box.
Recycle Creatively
Recycle an old box and turn it into a puppet
stage. Ask an adult to cut a hole in the box,
and cut out the back. Use your leftover craft
materials and stickers to decorate it.
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Ages +
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Creating the Finger Puppets
There is no right or wrong way to decorate the felt finger
puppets. Encourage your child to be creative and have fun. Not
sure what to do? Take a look at the finger puppets on the box for
Creating the Puppet Stage
It is easier if your child decorates the theater before assembly.
Add the star stickers and then personalize it with their name.
When they are done decorating, follow these pictures for
easy assembly.
Ask your child to think about their designs before they begin.
The felt shapes can be removed, but may not be reusable.
After decorating the finger puppets with the felt shapes, you can
add the wiggly eyes then use the craft glue included to attach the
mini pom-poms, flowers, bows and sequins. Avoid getting any
glue on the opening of the puppets.
Set the puppets aside to dry.
Time for the Puppet Show
Your child can put on a one-person puppet show, or invite friends
and family members to join in the fun.
If they are not sure what to do, here are some ideas to try:
• Act out a story, from a book, a classic fairy tale or one from your
own imagination.
• Recite a favorite nursery rhyme or poem.
• Play your favorite song and have your puppets sing along.
• Stand-up comedy – use your puppets to tell your favorite jokes.
Fold side
back slightly
Fold side
back slightly
Fold center
down and back
Next, line up the middle slots of these two stand pieces
Front View
Back View
Insert this top
piece into slots
on side panels
Insert bottom slots into stand pieces

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