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  • Brand: DeLonghi
  • Product: Humidifier
  • Model/name: UH 800E
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: German, Dutch, English

Table of Contents

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- After unpacking, make sure the appliance is complete and undamaged. If in doubt, do not use and
consult a qualified electrician.
- Before plugging the appliance into the mains electricity supply, make sure the mains voltage corre-
sponds to the voltage indicated on the rating element.
- If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, an authorised service cen-
tre or a qualified electrician in order to eliminate all risk.
- Never immerse the appliance in water.
- This appliance must be used exclusively for the purpose for which it was expressly conceived, na-
mely as a domestic humidifier. Any other use is considered improper and thus dangerous.
Improper, incorrect or irresponsible use and/or repairs performed by unqualified personnel absolve
the manufacturer from all liability for resulting damage.
- The appliance must not be used by young children or unfit persons without adequate supervision.
- Do not allow children to play with the appliance.
- The inside of this appliance may become extremely hot. You should therefore take maximum care
when using the appliance.
- Do not remove the tank or move the appliance while in operation. Always wait at least 15 minutes
after turning off and unplugging from the mains.
- Never use the humidifier without water. Use tap water only without any additives.
Always fill the tank with the appliance off.
- Do not move the humidifier when the tank is full or the appliance is in operation
- Do not leave the appliance turned on unnecessarily as it could represent a hazard.
- Never place the hands, face or body directly above or near the mist discharge grill while the ap-
pliance is in operation.
- Place the appliance on a stable level surface. Never place it on carpet or rugs or on delicate furnitu-
re as they could be damaged by contact with water or mist.
- Do not place the humidifier near heat sources such as heaters, radiators etc. Position it near a
power socket. For optimum operation, position the humidifier at least 10 cm from the wall.
Make sure the mist discharged from the grill is not directed against the wall. This could cause da-
mage, particularly to wallpaper.
- When the appliance is plugged into the mains, always respect the following fundamental safety ru-
- never touch the appliance with damp or wet hands;
- do not use the appliance with bare or damp feet;
- do not pull the power cable or appliance itself to unplug from the mains;
- keep the appliance out of reach of children;
- do not insert foreign bodies into the appliance;
- protect the appliance from atmospheric agents and do not use out of doors;
- do not obstruct the mist discharge grill.
- If the appliance is to be disposed of definitively, after unplugging from the mains socket, you are
recommended to remove the power cable to make it unusable.
- Before cleaning or maintenance of any sort, always unplug the appliance from the mains socket.
- In the event of breakdown and/or malfunction, turn the appliance off. Do not attempt to repair it.
For all repairs, contact authorised service centres only and insist on the use of original spare parts
and accessories.
- Before use, always check that the power cable is undamaged.
- Keep the sensor dry and never immerse in water.
- Excessive humidity in the room may lead to the formation of condensation on windows and furni-
ture. If this occurs, turn the humidifier off ;
Page: 1
A) Mist discharge grill with cup for
perfumes and medication
B) Protective cover
C) Water tank
D) Base
E) Control panel
F) Humidity sensor
G) Water conduit
H) Evaporation element
Model UH700M
I) ON/OFF/humidistat selector
L) "No water" light
M) "Appliance on" light
N) "Power on" light
Model UH800E
O) Display
P) Button to increase relative humidity
Q) Button to reduce relative humidity
R) Maximum and minimum power se-
lector button
S) Restart button
T) ON/OFF button
The humidifier tank contains about 6 litres of water for about 26 hours operation.
NOTE: When you unpack your humidifier, you may find water marks. This is nor-
mal as each appliance is tested before sale.
1.Make sure the appliance is unplugged.
2.Place on a stable surface.
3.To fill the tank, turn it upside down and remove the cap by turning clockwise. Fill
with fresh clean water then close by rotating the cap clockwise. Make sure it is ti-
ghtly closed.
4.Make sure the evaporator element is clean and free from foreign bodies.
5.Position the tank correctly on the base.
6.Plug into the mains socket.
Position the tank on the base and plug the appliance into the mains socket. The hu-
midifier is now ready for use.
Model UH700M
Turn the ON/OFF/humidistat selector (I) to one of the positions between OFF and
Tank capacity 6 litres 6 litres
Absorbed power see rating plate see rating plate
Mist discharge levels 1 2
Automatic shutdown * *
"No water" light * *
Teflon-coated evaporator element * *
Vaporiser for perfumes or medicinal substances * *
Size: (LxDxH) 33x20,6x35,4 cm 33x20,6x35,4 cm
Page: 2
The "power on" light (N) comes on. The appliance is functioning only when the "ap-
pliance on" light (M) comes on.
Note: When the humidity in the room is higher than the humidity set, the "appliance
on" light (M) goes off. To turn the appliance on again, turn the ON/OFF/humidistat
selector (I) to the MAX position.
When the required level of humidity has been reached, turn the humidistat anti-
clockwise until the "appliance on" light (M) goes off. The appliance will now keep the
room at the set level of humidity.
When the water in the tank has been used up, the appliance stops humidifying and
all three lights come on. To restart the appliance, turn it off by placing the
ON/OFF/humidistat selector (I) to OFF, fill the tank with cold water, wait about 10 mi-
nutes then turn the appliance on again. If the appliance does not come on, repeat
the operation.
Model UH800E
When the appliance is plugged into the mains socket for the first time, you will hear
a beep and all the icons flash briefly on the display. It then goes into standby.
The appliance has five function buttons.
When one of these is pressed, you will hear a “beep”.
1. When the ON/OFF (T) button is pressed, the humidity in the room is displayed. If
the humidity is less than 40%, L
O will be displayed. If it is more than 90%, H
HII will
be displayed.
2. Set the required humidity using buttons (P) and (Q).
Note: Relative humidity can be regulated in steps of 5% from 40% to 85%.
If button (P) is pressed again, the appliance operates continuously and “ C
%”is displayed.
When the required humidity has been selected, room humidity is displayed.
3. When turned on, the appliance operates at maximum power " H
HII". To set mini-
mum power, press button (R).
When the humidity in the room is higher than the humidity set, the appliance goes
off the " " symbol flashes on the display.
Note: If the power is left on, each time the appliance is started up it will retain the
last settings used.
When the water in the tank has been used up, the appliance stops operating and
the " " symbol flashes on the display.
To restart operation, fill the tank with water, wait about 10 minutes, then press the
restart button (S). If the appliance does not come on, repeat the operation.
• The humidifier takes at least three minutes to bring the water to the boil and emit
hot mist into the room.
• When the humidity in the room is lower than the set value, the appliance produces
mist. When it reaches the set level, it goes off.
• The cup for perfumes, aromatic substances and medicaments is located at the
centre of the mist discharge grill. To use, just add the aromatic substances. The
cup can be removed to facilitate washing. Never pour aromatic substances into the
water tank.
IMPORTANT: if you do not intend using the appliance for two or more days run-
ning, make sure the tank is completely empty and dry in order to prevent the for-
mation of algae and bacteria in the stagnant water.
Page: 3
By raising the humidity of dry air in the home, humidifiers help make living condi-
tions more comfortable. To obtain maximum benefit from this appliance and to
avoid using it inappropriately, follow the instructions below carefully.
In common with all electrical appliances, remember that it should be handled with
care while in operation.
Failure to respect basic rules of cleanliness could lead to the formation of microor-
ganisms in water left in the tank. The following cleaning operations should therefore
be performed regularly to maintain your humidifier working correctly and efficiently.
The importance of correct and constant cleaning of the appliance to avoid the forma-
tion of bacteria and algae cannot be emphasised enough.
The humidifier brings water to the boil, sterilises it and produces clean warm mist.
All impurities are collected in the evaporation chamber. Never use metal or sharp
objects to clean the evaporator element. Do not use detergents, diesel, kerosene,
benzene, glass or furniture cleaning fluids or other solvents to clean the humidifier
and its components.
1.Before cleaning, turn the humidifier off by placing the ON/OFF selector/button in
the OFF position and unplugging the appliance from the mains.
2.Remove the tank from the humidifier and empty;
3.Remove the protective cover (B).
4.Hold the base of the appliance with both hands and tilt it over a sink or basin to
empty all residual water from the base. Never place the base of the humidifier in
the sink or basin or directly under a tap.
5.Clean the tank and base carefully with a cloth. If you want to reuse the humidifier
straight away, refill the tank with fresh water and place it back on the base.
To remove scale:
1.Repeat operations 1, 2 and 3 in the paragraph above.
2.Pour one cup of undiluted white vinegar into the evaporation chamber and tank.
Leave to work for about 20 minutes and clean all the internal walls with a soft bru-
sh. If there are still residues, leave the vinegar to act for a further 30 or more mi-
nutes. Use a cloth moistened with undiluted vinegar to eliminate scale from the
base of the humidifier.
3.Before starting to disinfect the tank, remove all traces of vinegar with warm water.
To disinfect the tank:
1.Fill the tank with two teaspoons of bleach and water.
2.Leave the solution to act for about 20 minutes, agitating the tank at intervals.
Make sure all surfaces are wetted by the solution;
3.Empty the tank after about 20 minutes and rinse well with running water to com-
pletely eliminate the smell of bleach;
4.If you want to use the humidifier again immediately, fill the tank and reposition it
on the base.
Page: 4
If you do not intend using your humidifier for some time, proceed as follows:
1.Clean, rinse and dry the humidifier carefully as described above;
NEVER leave water in the humidifier when you put it away for long periods. The water
could irreparably impair operation of the appliance.
2.Repack the appliance in the original pack and put it away in a cool dry place;
3.Clean the humidifier before using it again at the beginning of the next season.

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