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  • Brand: DeLonghi
  • Product: Coffee Grinder
  • Model/name: KG49
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Hungarian

Table of Contents

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Fundamental safety warnings
Danger! This is an electrical appliance and
may therefore cause electric shock.
You should therefore respect the following safety
• You should therefore respect the following
safety warnings:
• Never touch the plug with damp hands.
• Make sure the socket used is freely accessi-
ble at all times, enabling the appliance to be
unplugged when necessary.
• Unplug directly from the plug only. Never pull
the power cable as you could damage it.
• If the appliance is faulty, do not attempt to re-
pair. Turn it off, unplug from the mains
socket and contact the Technical Assistance
• If the plug or power cable is damaged, it
must be replaced by the De Longhi Technical
Assistance service only to avoid all risk.
• Do not place the appliance in water.
Attention: remove the plug before cleaning.
• Do not allow the power supply cable to hang
over the edge of the table or other work sur-
face or come into contact with hot surfaces.
• Do not use the appliance for more than 60
consecutive seconds. Leave the appliance to
cool for 10 minutes before re-use.
Danger! Keep all packaging (plastic bags,
polystyrene foam) away from children.
Danger! The appliance is not intended for
use by persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack
of experience and knowledge, unless they have
been given supervision or instruction concerning
use of the appliance by a person responsible for
their safety. Children should be supervised to en-
sure that they do not play with the appliance.
• Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric
burner, or in a heated oven.
• Check grinding chamber foor presence of fo-
reign obects before using.
• Blades are sharp. Handle them carefully.
• Do not remove the lid until the blade has
stopped completely. After releasing the push
button the blade will come to a stop within 2
to 3 seconds.
• Avoid contacting moving parts.
Use in compliance with
This appliance must only be employed for the use
for which it has been designed.
Any other use must be considered improper.
This appliance is not suitable for commercial use.
The manufacturer is not liable for damage deriv-
ing from improper use of the appliance.
Never chop ice or use the grinder other than as
described in the instructions.
Read these instructions carefully before using the
- Failure to respect these instructions may re-
sult in burns or damage to the appliance.
The manufacturer is not liable for damage
deriving from failure to respect these in-
N.B.: Keep these instructions. If the appli-
ance is passed to other persons, they must also
be provided with these instructions.
Important information for correct disposal of the
product in accordance with EC Directive
At the end of its working life, the product
must not be disposed of as urban waste.
It must be taken to a special local author-
ity differentiated waste collection centre
or to a dealer providing this service. Disposing
of a household appliance separately avoids pos-
sible negative consequences for the environment
and health deriving from inappropriate disposal
and enables the constituent materials to be re-
covered to obtain significant savings in energy
and resources.As a reminder of the need to dis-
pose of household appliances separately, the
product is marked with a crossed- out wheeled
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A. Brush for cleaning
B. Coffee container lid
C. Removable coffee container
D. Cable-winder
E. Cup selection knob (KG49 only)
F. Grind setting indicator lights (KG49 only)
Controls after transport
After removing the packaging, make sure the
product is complete and undamaged and that all
accessories are present.
Do not use the appliance if it is visibly damaged.
Contact the Technical Assistance service.
Connecting the appliance
Important! Check that the mains power
supply voltage corresponds to the value indicated
on the rating plate on the bottom of the appli-
Only connect the appliance to a correctly installed
socket with a minimum capacity of 10A and that
is supplied with an efficient earth connection.
If the power socket does not match the plug on
the appliance, have the socket replaced with a
suitable type by a qualified professional.
• Place the appliance on a flat surface.
• Turn the container lid in an anti-clockwise di-
rection and lift it (fig. 1).
• Pour the desired amount of coffee beans into
the container (fig. 2).
• Tighten the lid by turning it fully home in a
clockwise direction (fig. 3). A safety device
prevents switch-on if the lid is not well in-
Do not attempt operation without the cover
being in place.
• Extract the necessary amount of wire and in-
troduce the plug into the socket (fig. 4).
• In the models provided, turn the selection
knob (E) onto the amount of coffee that cor-
responds to the number of cups for which
the beans must be ground (fig. 5). However,
use this only as a reference, as the amount
will vary according to taste, the type of roast-
ing of the coffee beans, as well as the se-
lected grinding level: in any case, never fill
above the MAX level embossed on the coffee
• Press the lid to activate the coffee grinder
(fig. 6) and hold it down until the desired
level of grinding is obtained.
• In the models with grind setting indicator
lights (F) (coarse, medium, fine), press the
lid and release it when the indicator light rel-
ative to the desired grind setting switches on.
Remember that once the lid is released, even
for an instant, the appliance resets and con-
siders the start of grinding as if containing
whole beans.
• Always keep the lid of the bean container
closed hermetically in order to preserve the
flavour and the aroma of the coffee beans.
• Only grind the amount of coffee necessary at
the time.
• Never overfill the bean container.
As per general indications, consider one ta-
blespoon of beans per cup (e.g. 4 spoons of
coffee beans for 4 cups). Naturally, optimal
amounts, defined on the basis of personal
taste, will be identified with time.
• For the models with grind setting indicator
lights, consider that:
COARSE” grinding is ideal for percolators;
“MEDIUM” grinding is ideal for drip and
moka pots;
“FINE” grinding is ideal for espresso coffee
• A minute must pass before successive use in
order to prevent the appliance overheating.
• Always clean the appliance after use to guar-
antee good quality in terms of coffee fresh-
ness, especially when grinding coffee after
having ground other foodstuffs (e.g. sugar).
Do not grind oil seeds (e.g. peanuts) or hard
products (e.g. rice).
Page: 2
Danger of electric shock! Before per-
forming any cleaning operations, the machine
must be turned off and disconnected from the
mains power supply. Never immerse the coffee
maker in water.
• Remove the plug from the socket.
• Wash the cover using water and neutral de-
• Rinse and dry well.
• The bean container can be extracted to make
cleaning easier. Turn it clockwise to release
and then lift upwards (fig. 7).
• Remove ground coffee residues using the
brush supplied with the appliance (fig. 8). Do
not place the bean container in water; dam-
age will be caused.
• To re-insert the container, turn it anti-clock-
wise until it blocks.
• Clean the exterior of the appliance using a
soft cloth.
• When putting the appliance away, rewind the
power supply cable using the appropriate
cable-winder (D).
Voltage: 220-240 V~ 50/60 Hz max. 10A
Absorbed power: 170W
Weight: 1 Kg
The appliance complies with the follow-
ing EC directives:
• Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.
• Directive EMC 89/336/EEC and subsequent
amendments 92/31/EEC and 93/68/EEC.
Materials and accessories coming into contact
with food conform to EEC directive 1935/2004.

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