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  • Brand: Dell
  • Product: Headphone
  • Model/name: Logitech H800
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovene, Croatian, Ukrainian

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Getting started with
Logitech® Wireless Headset H800
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Logitech® Wireless Headset H800
Getting started with
Logitech® Wireless Headset H800
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Logitech® Wireless Headset H800
Headset elements
1.	 Noise-canceling microphone
2.	 Flexible, rotating microphone boom
3.	 Adjustable headband
4.	 Sculpted ear pads
5.	 Charging port
6.	 Wireless connection status light
7.	 Battery status light
Headset controls
8.	 Volume up
9.	 Volume down
10.	 Microphone mute
11.	 Play/pause or Answer call/end call
12.	 Next track/Fast Forward
13.	 Previous track/Rewind
14.	 Device selection switch
Other elements
15.	 USB wireless Nano receiver
16.	 Nano receiver storage
17.	 USB charging cable
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Getting started with
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Logitech® Wireless Headset H800
2 *
1.	 Power on the wireless headset.
2.	 Slide the Device Selection switch on
the right ear cup to the Bluetooth
(middle) position.
3.	 Activate paring on your Bluetooth device.
(Refer to the documentation that comes
with your device for pairing instructions.)
If your Bluetooth device requests a security
code, PIN, or pass code, enter 0000.
The Bluetooth connection is made.
4.	 To connect additional Bluetooth
devices to the wireless headset,
select your product, and find the FAQ about
connecting multiple Bluetooth devices.
You can pair up to seven Bluetooth devices
with the headset, including smartphones,
tablets, and MP3 players.
*	Connecting to a Bluetooth® device
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Getting started with
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Logitech® Wireless Headset H800
Listen to music or make an Internet call.
If the headset doesn’t work, you may need
to specify the headset as the default audio
output/input device for your operating system.
Also refer to Help with setup for additional
troubleshooting advice.
Windows® XP
1.	 Go to Start/Control Panel/Sounds and
Audio devices/Audio tab.
2.	 In the Sound Playback/Default Device
window, choose the Logitech Wireless
Headset H800.
3.	 Select the Voice tab.
4.	 In the Voice tab, choose the Logitech
Wireless Headset H800.
5.	 Click OK.
6.	 Restart your media application.
Windows® Vista and Windows® 7
1.	 Go to Start/Control Panel/Sounds/
Playback Devices tab.
2.	 Choose Playback Devices.
3.	 Choose the Logitech Wireless Headset H800.
4.	 Click Set Default, and then click OK.
5.	 Select the Recording Tab.
6.	 Choose the Logitech Wireless Headset H800.
7.	 Click Set Default, and then click OK.
8.	 Restart your media application.
Mac® OS
1.	 Open System Preferences.
2.	 Choose the Sound/Output tab.
3.	 Choose the Logitech Wireless Headset H800.
4.	 Select the Input tab.
5.	 Choose the Logitech Wireless Headset H800.
6.	 Close window.
7.	 Restart your media application.
Try the headset
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Getting started with
Answering a call
To answer a call with a smartphone, press the
Play/Pause (phone icon) button on right ear cup.
To end a call, press and hold for three seconds
the Play/Pause button.
Nano receiver and battery information
Wireless connection status light
Solid green Connection made; your headset is ready to use
Flashing green Your headset and Nano receiver are not connected
No light Your headset is powered off
Battery status
Light Battery Level Description
Red and beeping <10% <30 minutes of talk time left
Flashing amber Headset charging
Steady amber 100% Charging complete
Note: To charge the headset, plug the included USB charging cable into your headset and computer. When the headset battery
is very low, a full charge can take up to three hours. But you don’t have to stop using the headset because it charges while
you talk or listen to music.
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Logitech® Wireless Headset H800
Help with setup
Something not sound right? No sound at all? Microphone not working?
•	Try moving the headset closer to the Nano receiver. The wireless connection status light on the
headset turns solid green when the headset is in range (up to 40ft/12 m) with the Nano receiver.
See the wireless performance table below for Nano receiver placement tips.
•	When using with the Nano receiver, the Device Selection switch on the headset should be set
to the last position.
•	Make sure the headset is the active input/output audio device in both your application and
operating system. For more information, see Test the headset.
•	Adjust the volume and microphone settings to an audible level in both your application and
operating system.
•	Quit and restart your media application.
•	If you’re using a USB hub (powered or un-powered), try plugging the Nano receiver directly
into your computer.
•	Try using the headset with another computer.
Headset not charging?
•	Use the provided USB charging cable. Connect the cable to the charging port on the headset,
and connect the other end of the cable to a USB port on your computer.
•	If you are using a USB hub, connect the charging cable directly to a USB port on your computer.
•	If the battery status light on the headset is not amber (solid or flashing), the headset is
not receiving power from your computer’s USB port. Try another USB port on your computer,
and then turn on or wake up your computer to charge the headset.
Music controls not working?
•	Music controls for applications other than iTunes® and Windows Media Player® are not supported.
•	If you use Windows®, you can download an optional software enhancement from to improve music control.
•	Some functions of the headset may not be supported depending on the tablet, smartphone and/
or application.
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Getting started with
Bluetooth not connecting?
•	Set the device selection switch on the headset to the Bluetooth (middle) position.
•	Do not use the Nano receiver for a Bluetooth connection.
•	Try powering off the headset, and then power it back on by sliding the Device Selection switch
to the Bluetooth position.
•	Re-establish pairing between the headset and your Bluetooth device. Initiate pairing
for the headset by pressing and holding for five seconds the Volume + and Next track/
Fast forward buttons on the headset. Next, initiate paring for your Bluetooth device.
(Consult the documentation that comes with your Bluetooth device.)
•	Try using the headset with a different Bluetooth device.
•	If you have paired more than one Bluetooth device to the wireless headset and are having trouble
using any of these devices with the headset, visit, select your product,
and find the FAQ about connecting multiple Bluetooth devices.
Wireless performance
Not recommended Recommended
Back of desktop tower Front of desktop tower
Plugged into monitor or keyboard USB port Directly plugged into the PC
USB hub (powered or non-powered) Directly plugged into the PC
Right next to other receivers (laptop) Away from other receivers (laptop)
Within three feet of wireless router More than three feet away from a wireless router
For additional assistance, please visit
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Logitech® Wireless Headset H800
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