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UserManual Modernist Rangetop DTT48M876*/DTT36M876* Part No. 115114 Rev A
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2 English Table of Contents Before You Begin 4 Important Notes to the Owner 4 Regulatory Notice 5 Important Safety Instructions 6 Product Overview 10 External Features 10 Parts Lists 10 Using the Rangetop 11 About the Burners 11 Special Rangetop Features 11 Igniting a Burner 12 Using the Proper Cookware 13 Using the Grates 14 Using the Wok Ring 14 Using iQ Control 15 Using Hood Control 16 Care and Maintenance 17 Cleaning the Rangetop Surface 17 Cleaning the Stainless-Steel Surfaces 17 Cleaning the Burner-Control Knobs 17 Cleaning the Grates and Burners 18 About the Burner Caps and Heads 18 About the Burner Bases 19 About the Electrodes 19 About the Grates and Wok Ring 19 Reassembling the Burner Heads and Caps 20 Troubleshooting 22 Warranty 23 Open-Source Announcement 25
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3 English To OurValued Customer: Congratulations on yourpurchase of the very latest in Dacor® products! Ourunique combination of features, style, and performance make us a great addition to yourhome. To familiarize yourself with the controls, functions, and full potential of yournew Dacorrange, read this manual thoroughly, starting at the Before You Begin section (pg. 4). Dacorappliances are designed and manufactured with quality and pride, while working within the framework of ourcompanyvalues. Should you everhave an issue with yourrange, first consult the Troubleshooting section (Pgs. 75 – 77), which gives suggestions and remedies that may pre-empt a call forservice. Valuable customerinput helps us continually improve ourproducts and services, so feel free to contact ourCustomerAssurance Team forassistance with all yourproduct-support needs. DacorCustomerAssurance 14425 Clark Avenue City of Industry, CA 91745 Telephone: (800) 793-0093 Fax: (626) 403-3130 Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri, 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time Website: www.dacor.com/customer-care/contact-us Thanks forchoosing Dacorforyourhome. We are a company built by families forfamilies, and we are dedicated to serving yours. We are confident that yournew Dacorrange will delivera top-level performance and enjoyment fordecades to come. Sincerely, The Dacor Customer Assurance Team
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4 English Before You Begin Important Notes to the Owner User • Keep this manual forpersonal and professional reference- Leave this manual with the user. • All heat-generating appliances require you to follow cer- tain precautions. • Ensure the rangetop is properly installed/ grounded by a qualified installer. • Ensure the surrounding wall coverings can withstand the heat from the rangetop. Service Technician • The electrical diagram is attached inside the burnerbox. Overall design/accessories may differ with the model.
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5 English Regulatory Notice Any modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible forcompliance could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. This device complies with Part15 of FCC Rules. Operation is subject to two conditions:1) This device may not cause harmful interference; and 2) this device must accept any interference received, including that which causes undesired operation. Forproducts available in the US/ Canadian markets, only Channels1 –11 are available. FCC STATEMENT This equipment was tested and found compliant within the limits fora Class B digital device, pursuant to Part15 of FCC Rules. These limits are meant to reasonably protect against harmful interference in a res- idential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio-frequency energy, and, if not installed and used as instructed, may disrupt radio communications. However, interference may still occur in a given installation, which can be determined by turning the unit off and on. In case of disruption, the usershould try to correct the interference by one ormore of these measures: • Reorienting orrelocating the receiving antenna • Increasing the separation between the equipment and receiver • Connecting the equipment to an outlet on a different circuit than the radio/TV • Consulting the dealeroran experienced radio/TV technician forhelp. FCC RADIATION-EXPOSURE STATEMENT This equipment complies with FCC radiation-exposure limits set forth foran uncontrolled environment and should be installed/operated with at least 8" (20 cm) between the radiatorand yourbody. This device and its antenna(s) must not be co-located oroperated in conjunction with any otherantenna ortransmitter. 2. IC (Industry Canada) Notice “IC” before the radio certification numbersignifies that Industry Canada technical specifications were met. Operation is subject to two conditions:1) This device may not cause interference; and 2) this device must accept any interference received, including that which causes undesired operation. This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003. Forproducts available in the US/Canadian markets, only Channels1 –11 are available. IC RADIATION-EXPOSURE STATEMENT The range complies with IC RSS-102 radiation-exposure limits set foran uncontrolled environment and should be installed/operated so there is at least 8" (20 cm) between the radiatorand yourbody. This device and its antenna(s) must not be co-located oroperated in conjunction with any otherantenna ortransmitter. General Safety Instructions Testing found the range compliant with limits fora Class B digital device, pursuant to Part18 of FCC rules. These limits are meant to reasonably protect against harmful interference in a home installation. The range generates, uses, and can radiate radio-frequency energy and, if not installed and used as directed, may harmfully impede radio communications; however, interference may still occurin a given installation. In case of disruption, which can be determined by turning the unit off and on, the usershould try to correct the condition via one ormore of these measures: • Reorienting orrelocating the receiving antenna • Increasing the separation between the unit and receiver • Connecting the equipment to an outlet on a different circuit than the radio/TV. 1. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Notice
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6 English Read All Instructions Before Using This Appliance • All electrical and gas equipment with moving parts can be dangerous. Read the Important Safety Informa- tion, and follow the instructions carefully to minimize risk of property damage, personal injury, and death. • Keep this manual in a handy place forpersonal and professional reference. Important Safety Instructions Symbols In This Manual Follow these warning icons and symbols explicitly to prevent property damage and personal injury. Hazards orunsafe practices that may result in severe personal injury ordeath. Hazards orunsafe practices that may result in electric shock, personal injury, orproperty damage. Useful tips and instructions. State of California Proposition 65 Warning (US only) This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancerand birth defects orother reproductive harm. Gas appliances can cause low-level exposure to Proposition 65 listed substances, (includ- ing benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and soot) resulting from the incomplete combustion of LP or natural gas. Commonwealth of Massachusetts This product must be installed by a licensed plumberorgas fitterqualified orlicensed by the State of Massa- chusetts. When using ball-type gas shut-off valves, you must use the T-handle type. Multiple flexible gas lines must not be connected in series. General Safety • To reduce risk of property damage, fire, personal injury, and death: • Do not touch any part of the rangetop during orimmediately aftercooking. • Learn where and how to shut off the rangetop's gas-intake valve. • Do not let children nearthe rangetop orleave them unattended in the kitchen when the rangetop is in use • Remove and dispose of packaging as soon as the rangetop is unpacked. Do not let children playwith the packaging. • Do not keep objects of interest to children on oraround the rangetop. • Do not operate the rangetop if it is damaged, if it malfunctions, orif parts are missing. • Use only dry pot holders. • Do not heat sealed food containers on the rangetop. • When disposing of the rangetop, cut off the powercord. • Unplug the rangetop before service/maintenance.
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7 English Important Safety Instructions General Safety, cont. • Ensure all meat and poultry is cooked thoroughly. Meat should always be cooked to an internal tempera- ture of160 °F (71 °C), and poultry to180 °F (82 °C).Learn where the gas-supplyvalve is and how to open/ close it. • Do not leave/store combustible material and liquids on/nearthe rangetop. • Teach children not to touch orplaywith the controls orany part of the appliance.Do not keep objects of interest to children on/above/around the range. • Aircurtains orrange hoods that blow airdownward shall not be used with a gas range unless the hood and range are designed and tested according to the Standard forDomestic Gas Ranges, ANSI Z21.1 • CSA1.1, and listed by an independent testing laboratory forcombination use. • Do not use the rangetop as a space heater. Fire Safety To reduce risk of property damage, fire, personal injury, and death: • Do not wearloose-fitting orhanging garments while using the rangetop. • To avoid grease buildup, regularly clean the vents. • Do not let pot holders orotherflammable materials touch a heating element. Do not use a towel orother bulky cloth in place of a pot holder. • In case of a grease fire, turn off the burner, and smotherthe fire with a tight-fitting lid, oruse a multi-pur- pose, dry-chemical orfoam extinguisher. (Do not use water.)Do not use a towel orotherbulky cloth as a pot holder. • Remove paper, utensils, food, and otheritems from the rangetop when not in use. Gas Safety To reduce risk of property damage, fire, personal injury, and death: If you smell gas: • Close the valve and do not use the appliance. • Do not light a match, candle, orcigarette. • Do not turn on any gas orelectric appliances. • Do not touch any electrical switches orplug in a powercord. • Do not use any phone in yourbuilding, and evacuate the building. • Immediately call yourgas supplierfrom a neighbor’s phone. Follow the supplier’s directions. • If you cannot reach yourgas supplier, call the fire department. Checking forGas Leaks Leak-testing the appliance must be done as the manufacturerdirects. Do not use a flame to check forgas leaks. With a brush, spread a soap-and-watersolution around the area in question. If there is a gas leak, small bubbles will appearin the solution.
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8 English Important Safety Instructions Electrical and Grounding Safety To reduce risk of fire, electric shock, personal injury, and death: • Plug the appliance in to a grounded, 3-prong outlet. • Do not remove the ground prong. • Do not use an adapteroran extension cord. • Do not use a damaged powerplug/cord, orloose poweroutlet. • Do not modify the powerplug, cord, oroutlet. • Do not put a fuse in a neutral orground circuit. • Use a dedicated120-volt, 60-Hz, 20-amp, AC, fused electrical circuit. A time-delay fuse orcircuit breakeris recommended. Plug only the rangetop into this circuit. • Do not connect the ground wire to plastic plumbing, gas, orhot-waterlines. • The rangetop must be grounded. If it malfunctions, grounding provides a safe path forthe current. The rangetop’s grounding plug must be firmly plugged into an outlet that is properly installed and grounded perlocal regulations. If you are unsure youroutlet is properly grounded, have it checked by a licensed elec- trician. • If codes allow a separate ground wire, a qualified electrician should determine the properpath forthis ground wire. • Electrical service to the rangetop must conform to local codes, in the absence of which, it should meet the latest ANSI/NFPA No. 70 – Latest Revision (forthe U.S.) orthe Canadian Electrical Code CSA C22.1 – Latest Revisions. • The rangetop ownershall ensure that properelectrical service is provided. Installation Safety To reduce risk of fire, electric shock, personal injury, and death: • Only install the rangetop indoors away from weather, water, wind, and strong drafts. • Select a location where a grounded, 3-prong outlet is easily accessible. • If the rangetop is neara window, do not hang long curtains orpaperblinds that may blow over/ onto the rangetop. • Forthe rangetop to ventilate properly, its vents must not be blocked, and that there is enough clearance all around. The vents allow the necessary exhaust forthe appliance to operate properlywith correct combus- tion. • Ensure the wall coverings nearthe appliance can withstand heat up to 200 °F (93 °C). • Avoid cabinet storage above the rangetop. If such storage is unavoidable, leave at least 30 in. (76.2 cm) from cooking surface to cabinet bottom, orinstall a hood that projects at least 5 in. (12.7 cm) beyond the cabinet bottom.
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9 English Rangetop Safety To reduce risk of fire, electric shock, personal injury, and death: • Turn all burners off when not in use. • Do not use aluminium foil to line the grates orany part of the rangetop. • Do not leave burners unattended on medium orhigh heat settings. • Before igniting, ensure all burnercaps are properly in place and all burners are level. • Always use the LITE ( ) position to ignite the burners, then ensure the burners ignite. If ignition fails, turn the knob to OFF, wait until the gas dissipates, then try again. • When setting a burnerto simmer, turn the knob slowly. Ensure the flame stays on. • Place only cookware on the rangetop. • Cook food only underan active ventilation hood. • Turn off burners then immediately remove cookware from the burners. • Before disassembling a burner, ensure all burners are off and the rangetop is completely cool. • Aftercleaning the burnerspreader, ensure it is completely dry before re-assembling. • In assembling a burner, align the spark mark on the dual burnerspreaderwith the electrode. • Do not pourwaterinto the rangetop drip basin. • Use cookware that is designed forrangetop cooking and is large enough to coverthe burnergrates. Adjust burnerflames to remain underthe cookware. • To avoid cookware discoloration, deformity, and/orcarbon monoxide poisoning, do not use cookware that is substantially largerthan the grate. • Turn cookware handles away from surface burners and the rangetop front edge. • Stand back from the range while frying. • Heat frying oils slowly, and watch as they heat. If frying at high heat, closelywatch the cooking process. If combining fats oroils when frying, mix them before heating. • Use a deep-fryerthermometerif possible to monitorthe oil temperature, and use minimal oil. • Do not fry frozen food orpartially thawed food that it clumped with ice. • Before moving fat-/oil-filled cookware, make sure it has completely cooled. • To prevent delayed eruptive boiling, let hot liquids stand at least 20 seconds afterturning off the burnerso the liquid temperature can stabilize. • Centerpots on the grates. Do not put a pot largerthan 9” in diameteron a rearburner. Oversized pots may impede airflow, making the flame sputterand burn inefficiently. • Do not wearloose orhanging clothing when using the rangetop. • Neverleave plastic on the rangetop. Vented hot aircan melt orignite plastic orcause a buildup of danger- ous pressure in closed plastic containers. • Put only cookware on the rangetop. • Thaw and pad food dry before frying. Moisture can cause oil to erupt and overflow. • Always make sure the controls are OFF and the grates are cool before you remove them to prevent any possibility of being burned. • Keep combustible material away from the rangetop. Important Safety Instructions
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10 English Product Overview External Features 1 Spill tray 2 Surface burners 3 Knob (showerlighting) 4 Surface burnerknobs (6pcs) Parts Lists *Both models come with brass and porcelain burner caps to suit customer preference. (The brass will discolor with use; however, the discoloration does not affect performance.) 1 2 3 4 Grate (3) Burner heads (6) and Burner caps* (7) WOK Ring Grate (3) Burner heads (6) and Burner caps* (7) WOK Ring 1 Spill tray 2 Surface burners 3 Knob (showerlighting) 4 Surface burnerknobs (6pcs) 36" Model: DTT36M876* 48" Model: DTT48M876* 36" Model: DTT36M876* 48" Model: DTT48M876* 2 3 4 1
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11 English Using the Rangetop About the Burners Each burnerhas a specific cooking purpose. Burner Position Purpose Food Type Dual burner Center Front (CF)¹, Right Front (RF)² Power heating/Low simmering Boiling food, Tomato sauce Left Front (LF) Quick heating/ Low simmering General-purpose cooking Stack dual burner Left Rear (LR), Right Front (RF)¹, Right Rear (RR)¹, Center Rear (CR)¹, Right Rear (RR)2 General heating/ Low simmering General food, Casseroles Special Rangetop Features Perma-Flame™ This re-ignition feature automatically relights a burner instantly at the same level as when it went out. Cooking proceeds uninterrupted. SimmerSear™ Dacor’s exclusive, precision burner-control system lets you cook at a wide range of heat settings, from simmer to sear. ¹48-in. model; ²36-in. model. B A C D D C B A A, B C, D Dual burner Stack dual burner DTT48M876L* DTT36M876L* The rangetop has fourtypes of burners. (See below forheat output and location.) The rangetop generates a spark to light the burnerwhen you turn the knob to HI. Gaskets underthe burners keep spilled liquids from leaking into internal parts.
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12 English Using the Rangetop Igniting a Burner • Each burnerknob has a corresponding burner, the lo- cation of which appears in a small graphic next to each knob. • If a burnerdoes not ignite, the igniterkeeps sparking, or if the flame is uneven, see Troubleshooting, Pg. 23. 1. Push in and turn the knob counterclockwise to Lite (flame icon). The burner's ignitersparks (click-click-click...) until it lights (about 4 seconds). A normal flame is steady, blue, and burns evenly around the burner, except below a grate support, where flame height is reduced by Dacor’s Smart Flame feature. Foreign matterin the gas line may cause an orange flame that disap- pears with use. Small yellow tips on the flames are typical of LP gas. 2. Put the cookware on the grate, and adjust the flame to the cooking task. Tips • Foods cook as quickly at a gentle boil as at a vigorous boil. Using an unnecessarily high boil wastes energy and cooks moisture, flavor, and nutrients out of food. • Use a low ormedium flame if using cookware that is a poorheat conductor(e.g., glass, ceramic, cast iron). Reduce the flame to cover1/3 of the cookware diameter. This ensures even heating and lowers the chance of burning/scorching the food. Manual Ignition If case of a powerfailure, you can, with caution, ignite the burnermanually. 1. Hold a long gas-grill lighterto the surface burneryou want to light. 2. Turn the burnerknob to Lite (flame icon), and use the grill lighterto ignite the burner. 3. Afterignition, turn the knob to adjust the flame level.
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13 English Using the Rangetop Using the ProperCookware • Rough-bottomed cookware can permanently damage the coated surfaces. • To avoid burns and scalding, always turn pan handles away from the front edge of the rangetop and adja- cent burners. • Lift to reposition cookware. Sliding may damage the grate finish. Always set cookware gently onto the grates and centerthem forgood balance. • To avoid burns orfire, do not let flames extend beyond the base of the cookware. • If using glass cookware, verify that it is designed forrangetop cooking. • Neverleave plastic items on the rangetop. Hot vent aircan melt orignite plastic orburst sealed plastic containers. • Always hold a wok orsmall pot by the handle while cooking. Foroverall safety and best performance, select the correct cooking utensil forthe food being cooked. Improp- erly selected cooking utensils will not cook evenly orefficiently. Use cookware that: • has flat, smooth bottoms with tight-fitting lids to keep heat, aroma, and steam in. • is well-balanced with handles weighing less than the main portion of the cookware.
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14 English Using the Rangetop Using the Grates Gently set the grates on the spill tray. Put the legs of each grate into the corresponding dimples. Take care handling the heavy grates. Be- fore installing the grates, check the words embossed into the underside of each grate to know theirproperorientation and placement. Using the Griddle AMG36/48 Griddle plate sold seperately. • Before using the griddle forthe first time, wash it in hot, soapywater, then rinse, and let it dry fully. • Forbest results, preheat the griddle for10 minutes. • Orient the griddle's grease trap at the rearof the cooktop. 1. With all burners off and the range cool to the touch, place the griddle and grate in the centerof cooktop. – – The specified burners are the same size, which ensures even cooking front and rear. – – Fit the tabs on the bottom of the feet into the inside corners of the grate. Slight rocking is normal. 2. Push-turn the center-front burnerknob to the Ignite (flame) setting. The burnerignites. Referto AMG48/36 manual foruse and care instructions . Avoid using metal utensils on the surface because they can scratch the non-stick coating. Clean the griddle aftereach use.
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15 English Using the Wok Ring Woks are often used forstirfrying, pan frying, deep frying, and poaching. The provided wok grate supports12” to14” woks. 1. With all rangetop surfaces cool, place the wok ring on the grate on the 22K BTU Dual burner. 2. Set a wok properly on the wok ring. 3. Turn on the burner, and adjust the flame to the cooking task. • Do not remove the wok ring until all rangetop-related surfaces have cooled. • When you use the wok, the wok ring becomes very hot. Use oven mitts to handle the wok ring. • Do not use flat-bottomed orundersized cookware with the wok ring. The cookware may tip over. • Do not use an oversized wok. Oversize flames may become a fire hazard. • Do not cook foods if you have no ventilation hood. Using the Rangetop • You may need to adjust heat settings forthe griddle overtime. • The griddle may discoloras it becomes seasoned with use. • If rust appears on the griddle, remove it as soon as possible. • Do not remove the griddle until the range and all accessories are cool. • The griddle may get hot when the range is on. Wearoven mitts to handle the griddle. • Overheating and using metal utensils can damage the griddle coating. • Use the griddle forcooking only. • Do not cook excessively greasy foods. The grease may spill over. • Use both hands to place/remove the heavy griddle.
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16 English Using the Rangetop Using iQ Control • The iQ Control LED indicatorstops blinking but remains on, indicating a successful connection. • If the iQ Control LED does not appear, follow the app’s directions to reconnect with the cooktop. The rangetop has a built-in wi-fi module that you can use to sync the rangetop with the SmartThings app, which lets you monitorthe On/Off status of rangetop elements. The SmartThings app may not work properly undercompromised wi-fi conditions (e.g., blocked by otherelec- tronic appliances orexternal electrical interference) orif the signal is weak (e.g., rangetop is farfrom the wi-fi source). Connecting the Rangetop Before remotely controlling yourrangetop, you must pairit with the SmartThings app. 1. Download and open the SmartThings App on yoursmart device. 2. Follow the app’s on-screen instructions, then press-hold the iQ Control button for3 seconds. The iQ Control button is underthe rangetop front lip on the right-hand side. Monitoring the Cooktop Remotely 1. Ensure the iQ Control LED appears. If it does not appear, press the iQ Control button, afterwhich the cook- top can be monitored remotelywith a connected remote device. 2. Select the cooktop icon on the SmartThings App to open the cooktop monitorapp. iQ Control On/Off If iQ Control is off, mobile devices cannot connect to the cooktop. To turn iQ Control on/off, press iQ Control button underthe chassis. • The indicatorremains as long as iQ Control is active. • The rangetop operates even if the wi-fi connection is lost. • iQ Control will not work properly if the wi-fi Connection is unstable. • See the SmartThings app’s usermanual fordetails, orview the web manual at www.dacor.com. iQ Control indicator iQ Control button
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17 English Using the Rangetop Using Hood Control The rangetop features a Bluetooth device that connects a Dacorhood-control rangetop to certain hood mod- els. In this table, both hood-control rangetops work with any of the hood models on the right. Hood-Control Rangetop Model Hood Model DTT36M876*, DTT48M876* DHD30M967W*, DHD36M987W*, DHD- 48M987W*, DHD36M967I*, DHD48M967I* To connect a hood-control rangetop with a hood: 1. Download and run the SmartThings app on yoursmartphone, then complete the iQ Control procedure to connect to the rangetop. 2. Follow the hood-control model's Bluetooth directions, and activate the Bluetooth connection. 3. Press the Bluetooth icon ( ) on the hood-control panel. The Bluetooth LED blinks. 4. Press the rangetop Bluetooth button. Pairing begins. When complete, the Bluetooth LED glows steadily. 5. Follow the directions in the rangetop usermanual and the app’s guide to control the hood. The Bluetooth button is underthe range- top front lip on the right-hand side. Bluetooth On/Off Press the Bluetooth button. • The hood’s Bluetooth LED remains on as long as Bluetooth is enabled. • There must be a connection foryou to monitor/control the hood with the SmartThings app. • If not connected to the cooktop, you can use a Bluetooth connection to pairthe rangetop with the hood and sync them. (See Pg.16.) • Bluetooth will not work properly if the connection is unstable. • See the SmartThings app manual fordetails.
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18 English Care and Maintenance Cleaning the Rangetop Surface You should clean up spills immediately. 1. Turn off all burners. 2. Let the grates cool, then remove them. 3. Clean the rangetop surface with a soft cloth. If spills run down into burnercomponents, remove the burnercaps and heads, and wipe up the spills. 4. When finished, reassemble the burners, and reposi- tion the grates. Cleaning the Stainless-Steel Surfaces 1. Wipe spills, spots, and grease stains with a soft, wet cloth. 2. Apply an approved stainless-steel cleanserto a cloth orpapertowel. 3. Clean one small area at a time. (Forstainless steel, rub with the grain.) 4. Dry the surface with a soft, dry cloth. 5. Repeat Steps 2 - 4 as needed. • Do not use items (e.g., steel-wool, metal scraper, abrasive substances), which can marthe steel and dam- age components. • Do not remove the rangetop surface to clean it. Gas lines leading to the burnermanifolds can be damaged, possibly causing a fire ormalfunction. • Do not pourwaterinto the rangetop. The watercould enterthe gas/electrical systems, creating an electric shock hazard orhigh levels of carbon monoxide from corroded gas valves/ports. • Do not spray cleanserinto the manifold holes. The ignition system must remain dry. Cleaning the Burner-Control Knobs Turn off all burnerknobs. 1. Remove and clean the knobs in warm, soapywater, then rinse and dry them thoroughly. 2. Clean the stainless-steel surfaces with stainless- steel cleaner. 3. Re-attach the knobs in the OFF position. • Do not clean the control knobs in a dishwasher. • Do not spray cleansers on the control panel. Mois- ture may damage the electric circuitry.
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19 English Care and Maintenance Cleaning the Grates and Burners 1. Remove the grates, then remove the burnercaps and burnerheads. 2. Clean the grates and burnerparts in warm, soapywater. (Do not use steel-wool pads orabrasive cleaners.) 3. Rinse and dry grates and burnerparts fully. 4. Reassemble the burnerheads, engaging the slots in each head with those in each manifold. 5. Lay each cap flat on each heads. 6. Place the grates in theirrespective positions. 7. Light each burnerto verify properfunction. Before removing the burnercaps and heads, note theirsize and location. Replace them in the same location aftercleaning. Wash burnercaps and heads in hot, soapywater, and rinse with clean running water. You may scourwith a plastic scouring pad to remove burned-on food. Use a sewing needle ortwist tie to unclog the small holes in the burnerhead, if required. • The brass burnerparts will discolor. This does not affect performance. • During cleaning, be sure to clean out burnerports. • Swap the original burnercaps forporcelain caps if desired. • To remove burned-on residue, soak brass burnercaps in1 cup of waterand1 tbsp white vinegarorlemon juice. (Do not clean with a metal brush.) Turn off all burners, and wait forthem to cool. About the BurnerCaps and Heads • Burnerparts are not dishwasher-safe. • Do not use steel wool orscouring powders to clean the burners. Brass burnerheads Brass burnerheads
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20 English Care and Maintenance About the BurnerBases The burnerbases are not removable. Ensure no waterenters the bases and brass gas orifices. Clean them with a damp cloth, and dry them fully before using the cooktop.. Do not cook while you clean the cooktop. Ensure the white ceramic electrodes are clean and dry. Clean the metal with a soft cloth. Do not clean the igniters with water. About the Grates and Wok Ring Wash the grates regularly and afterspillovers. Wait until they are cool to the touch, then re- move them from the rangetop, and wash them with hot, soapywater. Rinse with clean water, and dry them fully. Reset the grates as instruct- ed on Pg.14. About the Electrodes Do not try to remove the electrode from the cooktop orburnerbases. The grates and wok ring are not dishwasher-safe.
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21 English Care and Maintenance Reassembling the BurnerHeads and Caps Dual BurnerHead/Caps 1. Orient the burnerhead so the electrode opening aligns with the electrode itself. 2. Install the burnerhead so the electrode passes through its opening in the head. Lay the burnerhead flat on the base. 3. Size the burnercaps to the burners, then re-install them on the heads. Each cap fits a specific burnerhead. Make sure all caps lie flat on the correct head. Round BurnerHead/Caps 1. Put the burnerheads on the burnerbases. The bottom of the head fits inside the top of the base. 2. Turn the head until it drops in place, then wiggle it to ensure it is seated properly. 3. Place the burnercaps on the burnerrings. The ridge on the bottom of each cap fits around the top of the ring. Verify that all burnerparts are properly seated.
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22 English Care and Maintenance Reassembling the BurnerHeads and Caps, cont. 1. Place the burner heads as shown. The locatertab on the head goes in the keyed hole as shown. Afterinstalling the burners, verify theirproperfunction. Wrongly installed parts result in poorignition orun- even flames. Turn off electrical powerand wait forall surfaces to cool before cleaning the rangetop. 2. Put the burner rings on the heads as shown. Match the tabs on the bottom of the ring to the slots on the head. Wiggle each ring to ensure it is properly seated. 3. Put the burner caps on the burner rings. The ridge around the bottom edge of the cap fits around the top of the ring. SimmerSearBurnerAssembly
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23 English Troubleshooting In case of malfunction, before calling forservice, review this section fora possible resolution. Gas Safety Problem Possible cause Action You smell gas. Burnerknob is on; burnernot lit. Turn burnerknob off. Gas leak. • Evactuate building. • Immediately call gas supplierfrom neighbor's phone; follow gas suppli- er's directions. • If you cannot reach gas supplier, call fire department Surface Burner Problem Possible causes Action Some burners not lighting. Cooktop unplugged Ensure cord is plugged into a live, grounded outlet. Blown fuse; tripped circuit breaker Replace fuse or reset the circuit breaker. Gas supply improperly connected or turned on. See rangetop Installation Instructions. Burners not lighting. Control knob improperly set. Push in control knob; turn to Lite position. • Burnercaps not in place • Burnerbase misaligned • Clean the electrodes. • Put cap on burnerhead. • Align burnerbase. A burner clicks during operation. Control knob in Lite position. After burner ignites, turn knob to desired setting; if burner still clicks, contact service technician. Burners not burning evenly. Burners improperly assembled. Review Pgs. 19 – 20. Burners are dirty. • Clean the burnercomponents. • Review Pgs.19 – 22. Oversized/yellow flames. Wrong burner orifice installed. Check burner orifice size; if you have wrong orifice (LP gas instead of natural gas), call service technician. Burner sparks temporarily after burner ignites. Burner has not been used for a time or ambient temperature is very cold This is not a malfunction; set knob to HI for1 min- ute, then adjust flame to desired cooking level Igniter sparks erratically during cooking. Flame is being distorted by draft, ventila- tion-hood fan, or other means. Eliminate drafts or other interference, or lower hood's fan speed to end the sparking.
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24 English Warranty What Is Covered CERTIFICATE OF WARRANTIES: DACOR RANGETOPS WITHIN THE 50 STATES OF THE U.S.A., THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, AND CANADA*: FULL 2-YEAR WARRANTY This warranty applies only to the DacorModernist appliance sold to the original purchaser, from the date of the original retail purchase, orthe closing date fornew construction, whicheverperiod is longer. The warranty is valid on Modernist products purchased new from a DacorAuthorized DealerorotherDacor-authorized sell- er. If, within 2 years of the original purchase date, yourDacorModernist appliance malfunctions due to materi- al ormanufacturing defect, Dacorwill restore the appliance to its properfunction at no cost to you. All cosmet- ic damage (scratches on stainless steel, paint/porcelain blemishes, etc.) to the product orincluded accessories must be reported to Dacorwithin 60 days of the original purchase date to qualify forwarranty coverage. *Warranty is null and void if non-ETL- ornon-CUL-approved appliance is transported from the USA. LIMITATIONS OF COVERAGE Service will be provided by a Dacordesignated service company during regularbusiness hours. Please note service providers are independent entities and are not agents of Dacor. Dealerdisplay and model home display products with a production date greaterthan 5 years, products sold “As Is,” and products installed for non-residential use, which include but are not limited to religious organizations, fire stations, bed & breakfast, and spas carry a1-yearparts warranty only. All delivery, installation, laborcosts, and otherservice fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.Warrantywill be null and void on product that has altered, defaced, ormissing serial numbers and tags. The ownermust provide proof of purchase orclosing statement fornew construction upon request. All Dacorproducts must be accessible forservice. OUTSIDE THE 50 STATES OF THE USA, THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, AND CANADA: LIMITED FIRST YEAR WARRANTY If yourDacorproduct fails to function within one yearof the original date of purchase due to a defect in ma- terial orworkmanship, Dacorwill furnish a new part, F.O.B. factory to replace the defective part. All delivery, installation, laborcosts and otherservice fees are the responsibility of the purchaser. What Is Not Covered • Slight colorvariations because of differences in painted parts, kitchen lighting, appliance location, etc. • Service calls to educate the owneron the cooktop’s properuse and care. • Service fees fortravel to islands and remote areas (including but not limited to: ferries, toll roads, orother travel expenses). • Consequential orincidental damage (including but not limited to: food ormedicine loss, lost work time, or restaurant meals). • Appliance malfunction when used forany otherthan non-commercial, residential operation. • Consumable parts (e.g., filters, light bulbs). • Appliance failure due to improperinstallation.
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25 English Warranty What Is Not Covered, cont. • Replacement of house fuses, fuse boxes orresetting of circuit breakers. • Damage due to accident, fire, flood, poweroutages, orotherso-called “acts of God.” • Damage to surrounding property (countertops, cabinetry, floors, ceilings, etc.). • Breakage, discoloration, ordamage to glass, metal surfaces, plastic components, trim, paint orothercos- metic finish caused by improperusage, care, abuse, orneglect. Expired Warranty Should a service issue occurbeyond the standard warranty period, contact us anyway. Dacorreviews each customerissue to provide the best possible solution based on the circumstances. THE REMEDIES PROVIDED IN THE ABOVE EXPRESS WARRANTIES ARE THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REME- DIES. THEREFORE, NO OTHER EXPRESS WARRANTIES ARE MADE, AND OUTSIDE THE FIFTY STATES OF THE UNITED STATES, THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA AND CANADA, ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE OR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED IN DURATION TO ONE YEAR FROM THE DATE OF ORIGINAL PURCHASE. IN NO EVENT SHALL DACOR BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL EXPENSE OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.IN THE EVENT DACOR PREVAILS IN ANY LAWSUIT, DACOR SHALL BE ENTITLED TO REIMBURSEMENT OF ALL COSTS AND EXPENSES, INCLUDING ATTORNEY’S FEES, FROM THE DACOR CUSTOMER. NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ARE MADE TO ANY BUYER FOR RESALE. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, ordo not allow the exclusion or limitation of inconsequential damages, therefore the above limitations orexclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have otherrights that vary from state to state.
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26 English Open-Source Announcement The software included with this range contains open-source software. You may obtain the complete corre- sponding source code up to 3 years afterthe last shipment of this model by emailing: oss.request@samsung. com. You may also obtain the full corresponding source code in a physical medium (e.g., CD-ROM) at a minimal charge. This URL: http://opensource.samsung.com/opensource/OVEN_HKM_TZ/seq/0 leads to the source-code download page and open-source license information regarding this model.
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Website: www.dacor.com/customer-care/contact-us CustomerAssurance: 833-353-5483 WARRANTY INFORMATION IMPORTANT: Yourwarrantywill not be activated until you activate it online orreturn this form to Dacor. If you have purchased more than one Dacorproduct, please return all forms in one envelope, oractivate the warranty online foreach product. Yourwillingness to take a few seconds to complete the section belowwill be sincerely appreciated. Thank you. 1. Howwere you first exposed to Dacorproducts? (Please check one.)  A. T.V. Cooking Show  F Builder  B. Magazine  G. Architect/Designer  C. Appliance DealerShowroom  H. AnotherDacorOwner  D. Kitchen DealerShowroom  I. Model Home  E. Home Show  J. Other 2. Where did you buyyourDacorappliances?  A. Appliance Dealer  D. Builder  B. Kitchen Dealer  E. Other  C. BuilderSupplier 3. Forwhat purpose was the product purchased?  A. Replacement only  C. New Home  B. Part of a Remodel  D. Other 4. What is yourhousehold income?  A. Under$75,000  D. $150,000 – $200,000  B. $75,000 – $100,000  E. $200,000 – $250,000  C. $100,000 – $150,000  F. Over$250,000 5. What otherbrands of appliances do you have in yourkitchen? A. Cooktop C. Dishwasher B. Oven D. Refrigerator 6. Would you buy orrecommend anotherDacorproduct?  Yes  No Comments OwnerLast Name (please print) First Middle Init. Street City State Zip Purchase Date Email Phone Dealer City State Zip cut here cut here Please visit www.dacor.com to activate yourwarranty online. Thank you very much foryourassistance. The information you have provided will be extremelyvaluable in helping us plan forthe future and in giving you the support you deserve. Please be assured that Dacorwill neversell yourname orany information on this form formailing-list purposes, as we do not considerit a properway of expressing ourgratitude foryourhaving chosen Dacorproducts foryourkitchen!
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