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User manual for the Chicco Next2Me in Dutch. This PDF manual has 60 pages.

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18 Next2meCrib IMPORTANT- RETAIN FOR FUTURE REFERENCE - READ CAREFULLY. WARNING: BEFORE USE, REMOVE AND DISPOSE OF ALL PLASTIC BAGS AND PACKAGING MATERIALS AND KEEP THEM OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. ·  WARNING: This product is intended for use for babies aged between 0 and 6 months, weighing up to a maximum of 9 kg . ·  WARNING: When a child is able to sit, kneel or to pull itself up, the crib shall not be used anymore for this child. ·  WARNING: Do not use the product if any part is broken, torn or missing. ·  WARNING: Be aware of the risk of open fires and other sources of strong heat, such as electric bar fires, gas fires, etc. ·  Before assembly, check that the product and all of its components have not been damaged during transportation. Should any part be damaged do not use and keep out of reach of children. ·  Make sure the users of this product are knowledgeable on its proper operation. ·  WARNING: the product is ready for use only when all locking mechanisms are engaged. Check carefully that these are engaged before use. ·  WARNING: When the child is left unattended in the product, in ‘’crib mode’’, always make surethatthe side rail is raised and the zippers are completely closed. ·  When the product is being used especially in ‘’crib mode’’, the wheels must be always locked. ·  All opening, adjusting, anchoring and positioning operations of the product must be carried out exclusively by an adult. ·  Before use in ‘’Co-sleeping mode’’ (Fixed to the bed)’’ make sure the product is properly anchored and positioned. ·  WARNING: When the product is used in ‘’Co-sleeping mode’’ (Fixed to the bed)’’, before laying the child in it, make sure that the connection belts are hooked and tensioned properly, the product must be secured to the parents’ mattress and no gaps between the products and the adults’ mattress must be present. ·  The product must always be placed on a horizontal surface. Never leave the product on an inclined surface with the child inside of it. ·  Children must not be permitted to play without supervision near the product. · Do not use the product without the frame. ·  Keep the fastening belts away from the reach of children. · Thethicknessofthe mattress must be such that the vertical height (upper surface of the mattress until the upper edge of the product’s sides) is at least 200 mm. Do not use more than one mattress in the crib. ·  If you purchase a mattress separately, make sure it is suitable for the product. ·  The reference mark on the product’s interior indicates the maximum thickness of the mattress that shall be used. · Do not leave any object inside the product that could reduce its depth. ·  Do not position the cot near walls and obstacles to prevent trapping hazards. ·  Do not leave small objects inside the product to prevent chocking hazards. ·  Use only spare parts approved by the manufacturer. Do not apply accessories to the product, which are not supplied by the manufacturer. ·  Do not adjust the product with the child inside. ·  Do not move the product with the child inside. ·  Do not use the product with more than one child at a time. ·  The product must be kept away from electric cables and cords: do not place the product near windows where cords, curtains or similar objects could pose GB
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19 chocking or strangling hazards for the child. To avoid strangling hazards, do not give to your child or place near him, objects equipped with cords. ·  A prolonged exposure to the sun may cause changes of tones to the product’s colour. After a prolonged exposure of the product to high temperatures, wait a few minutes prior to placing your child in it. ·  When not in use, keep the product away from the reach of children. COMPONENTS A. Support leg with wheels B. Support leg with non-slip feet C. Central supporting structure D. Fixing belts E. Fabric lining F. Mattress with removable cover G. Upper tubular structure H. Upper removable tubular structure I. Bag A1) Height adjuster button A2) Removable structure support A3) Height indicator A4) Feet rotation release button A5) Adjustable feet A6) Wheels with brake B1) Non-slip feet B2) Structure fixing for central support C1) Fixing pin C2) Fabric lining fixing button C3) Grey fixing buckles D1) Red anchoring buckles E1) Belt with clip E2) Pocket E3) Zip for fabric removal E4) Zip for co-sleeping opening E5) Mesh window E6) Side support for restraint G1) Leg fixing H1) Removable tubular structure release button L) Maximum limit for mattress height ASSEMBLY OF THE CRIB 1. Hold the support leg making sure that the external tube slides upwards until you hear the locking CLICK in the first position (fig. 1). Repeat the same operation with the other support leg. 2. Fix the central supporting structure to the 2 legs as illustrated in figure 2. The CLICK of the pivot indicates correct fixing of the structure (fig. 4). WARNING: make sure that the grey buckles are on the same side as the adjustable feet (fig. 4). 3. Assemble the upper structure and the fabric to the legs, sliding the tube of the leg inside the side pocket of the fabric (fig. 5). Carry out this operation for both sides. 4. Subsequently fix the upper structure to the legs, inserting the relative plastic support as illustrated in figure 6. Push downwards until you hear the CLICK of correct fixing (fig. 7). Carry out this operation for both sides. 5. Fix the fabric lining to the central structure, hooking the 2 belts with clips positioned at the bottom of the lining (fig. 8). 6. Position the mattress on the bottom of the crib (fig. 9). 7. Lock the 2 wheels of the crib, lowering the levers that activate the brakes (fig. 10). At this point the crib is ready to be used. WARNING: check to make sure that all of the fasteners have been correctly attached and that the zips are closed and locked right to the end of their travel. WARNING: do not use the cot with adjustable feet partially or totally rotated and unlocked (fig. 11). The correct position for use is illustrated in figure 12. In the case of accidental knocks against adjustable feet, return them to the correct position by lifting the crib slightly. HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT OF THE COT The crib can be adjusted to different height positions. In order to adjust the height, pull the adjustment lever upwards and lift the crib to the desired position (fig. 13). Repeat this operation on the opposite side. The base of the crib can be inclined slightly by adjusting the 2 legs to different heights (fig. 14). WARNING: the crib can be inclined with a maximum variance of 2 positions between one leg and the other (for example: the right leg in position 3 and the left leg in position 1, see fig. 15). WARNING:The head of the child should always be positioned on the highest side (fig. 16). CO-SLEEPING MODE (FIXING TO THE BED) The crib can be fixed to the parent’s bed (co-sleeping mode). WARNING – IMPORTANT FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILD: this method is only possible with bed types that comply with all of the conditions described in this paragraph. In particular the side support of the crib should always be put close to the parent’s mattress and the mattress should always be aligned with the height of the side support for restraint of the crib (see fig. 17). Furthermore, the crib should be firmly fixed to the structure of the parents bed or to the mattress support (net or slats). WARNING: Check to make sure that the crib in the co-sleeping mode does not interfere with the parent’s bed. WARNING: During use, make sure that the parents bed sheets, blankets etc. do not enter and cover the interior of the crib. 8. Open the side of the crib with the window using the side zips and open them completely (fig. 18). 9. Then press the removable tubular structure release button and remove partially on one side and then on the other (fig. 19). Once this operation has been performed on both sides, remove the tube and fix it to the legs of the structure using the relative supports (fig. 20). WARNING: use the crib with the tube lowered, only in the co-sleeping mode. 10. Move the crib close to the parent’s bed and check the height of the crib compared with the mattress of the bed. WARNING: the height of the parent’s mattress should always be more than that of the side support for containment of the crib (fig. 21). WARNING: in the co-sleeping mode the 2 legs of the crib should always be adjusted to the same height. 11. In order to fix the crib to the parents bed (co-sleeping mode) use the pair of straps provided. The straps can be found in the lower pocket of the fabric lining (fig. 22). 12. Fix the grey buckles underneath the fabric lining on both sides. Make sure that the red buckles are positioned above the strap belt as illustrated in figure 23. 13. Subsequently fix the belt around the structure of the parent’s bed, from the bottom towards the top (fig. 24) and fix
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20 the red buckle to form a loop (fig. 25). Repeat this operation on the other side. For easier installation, during fixing of the buckles, we suggest that the crib is kept at a short distance from the parent’s bed. 14. At this point, move the crib to the side of the parent’s bed and tighten the loop by pulling the belts firmly (fig. 26). Carry out this operation on one side and then on the other side, adjusting the belts until the crib is firmly in contact with the parents mattress. WARNING: before every use always check to make sure that there is no space between the parent’s mattress and the side of the crib. If there is, pull the belts firmly to tighten until there’s no space and the permitted condition of use has been restored. 15. Store any excess of belts inside the pocket positioned on the bottom of the fabric lining. 16. Lock the wheels of the crib as described in point 7. If, during the fixing operations of the crib to the parent’s bed, it is not possible to slide the feet of the crib under the parent’s bed, it is still possible to fix the crib following the operations described in the previous points by rotating the adjustable feet during alignment of the crib to the bed. In order to rotate the feet pull the rotation release button using one hand and turn the feet of the crib inward (fig. 27). WARNING: Use of the product is only permitted with beds and/ or mattresses with straight sides. Use of the product with round beds and/or mattresses or water beds is not permitted. WARNING: When the product is used in the “Co-Sleeping Mode” (fixing to the bed, it should always be fitted to the long side of access to the bed. DO NOT fix the product to the head or bottom of the bed. MAINTENANCE ADVICE The crib and the mattress have a resistant fabric cover, which is completely removable and washable. The removal/application activities should be carried out by adults only. On a regular basis check the condition of the product and the presence of any possible damage. In the case of damage do not use it and keep it out of the reach of children. Forwashingofthefabrics, carefully complywiththe instructions indicated on the label. For cleaning do not use solvents, abrasive products or aggressive products. Hand wash in cold water Do not bleach Do not tumble dry Do not iron Do not dry clean After each wash check the resistance of the fabric and of the stitching. WARNING: During the removal and/or application of the lining, handle the fabric carefully in order to avoid accidental damage or tears. WARNING: the removal and/or application operations may take a few minutes and should be carried out by an adult. MAKING THE BED It is possible to unfasten the crib from the parents’ bed in order to make the bed easily. Just unfasten the grey buckles located below the fabric finish. To re-secure the crib to the parents’ bed, pull once again the belts to make sure the crib is properly and firmly secured to the parents’ bed. Pay attention to follow all the steps previously mentioned in paragraph ‘’co-sleeping mode (Fixing to the bed)’’. REMOVABLE LINING 17. Remove the mattress and release the buttons on the lower part of the fabric structure (fig. 28). 18. Press the buttons located on the legs’ fastening point (fig. 29) and pull the upper tubular structure upward, removing the fabric lining from the legs (fig. 30). Perform these operations on both sides. Open the lateral zips on the window opening and press the release buttons of the upper removable tubular structure as explained in paragraph ‘‘co-sleeping mode (Fixing to the bed)’’. Then pull out the removable upper tubular structure (fig. 31), paying attention not to damage the internal part of the lining. 19. Open the zip located on the upper edge of the crib and remove the fabric lining completely (fig. 32). 20. Remove the rigid support of the rail (fig. 33). DISASSEMBLING THE CRIB The crib can be fully disassembled in order to store it in the bag supplied with the product. To disassemble the crib, repeat the operations described in points 17-18 of paragraph ‘’Removable lining’’. Then unfasten the central support structure by pressing the fastening pins on both crib’s legs (fig. 34).
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