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  • Brand: Brother
  • Product: Label Printer
  • Model/name: QL-700
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English

Table of Contents

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User's Guide
Be sure to read and understand this guide before using the machine. We
recommend that you keep this guide nearby for future reference. US ENG
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Thank you for purchasing the Brother QL-700.
We strongly recommend that you read this guide carefully before using the Brother
QL-700, and then keep it nearby for future reference.
We provide service & support for users who register their products on our website.
We recommend that you take this opportunity to register with us by visiting us at:
Online User Registration
Online Support Page
NOTE: It is also possible to access the above sites from the online user registration page
displayed at the end of the software installation. We look forward to your
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Maintenance of the machine can be performed as required. However, some
environments require that maintenance be performed more frequently (e.g. in dusty
„Print head maintenance
The DK Roll (thermal recording paper type) used with the machine is
designed to clean the print head automatically. When the DK Roll
passes the print head during printing and label feeding, the print head
is cleaned.
„Roller maintenance
To clean the roller, please use the optional cleaning sheet.
When performing maintenance on the roller, be sure to only use Brother cleaning
If you use non-Brother cleaning sheets, the surface of the roller may become
scratched, or a malfunction may result.
1 Press and hold the ON/OFF button ( ) to turn the QL-700 off.
2 Hold the Brother QL-700 by the front of
the machine, and firmly lift the DK Roll
compartment cover to open it.
3 Remove the DK Roll.
1 Maintenance
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„Label outlet maintenance
If a label causes the machine to jam
due to glue attached to the label outlet,
remove the power cord and clean the
label outlet with a cloth dipped into
ethanol or isopropyl alcohol.
4 Remove the backing paper and feed the edge of the
cleaning sheet into the printing unit until it reaches the area shown
by an arrow in the diagram below.
• Insert the sheet without removing the part of the sheet.
• Check that the printing surface of the cleaning sheet is facing upwards.
5 Close the DK Roll compartment cover and press the ON/OFF
button ( ) to turn the Brother QL-700 on.
6 Press the Feed button for more
than one second.
The roller spins by 4" (10 cm).
The adhesive face of the cleaning sheet
removes the stain or dust on the roller.
• If you do not press the Feed button for
more than one second, the roller spins
only 1/3" (8 mm).
• Dispose of the cleaning sheet after
Feed button
Label outlet
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If the problems below occur while using this machine, the following may help you to solve
„Potential types of problems
Problem Solution
The QL printer does not print, or
a printing error is received.
• Is the cable loose?
Check that the cable is connected securely.
• Is the DK Roll installed correctly?
If not, remove the DK Roll and reinstall it.
• Is there enough roll remaining?
Check that there is enough roll remaining.
• Is the DK Roll compartment cover open?
Check that the DK Roll compartment cover is closed.
• Has a print error or transmission error occurred?
Turn off the Brother QL printer and then turn it on again. If there
is still a problem, contact your Brother dealer.
• If the printer is connected via a USB hub, try connecting it
directly to the PC. If not, try connecting it to another USB port.
The power button is not lit.
• Is the power cord inserted correctly?
Check that the power cord is inserted. If it is inserted correctly,
try plugging it into another electrical outlet.
The printed label contains
streaks or poor quality
characters, or the label is not fed
• Is the print head or roller dirty?
While the print head generally remains clean under normal use,
lint or dirt from the roller may become stuck on the printer head.
If this occurs, clean the roller.
See Î "Roller maintenance" in page 2.
A data transmission error
appears on the PC.
• Is the correct port chosen?
Check that the correct port is chosen from the "Print to the
following port" list in the Printer Properties dialog box.
• Is the QL printer in cooling mode (the STATUS lamp is flashing
in orange)?
Wait until the STATUS lamp stops flashing and then try printing
Labels are jammed in the cutter. • Contact Brother Customer Service at 1-877-BROTHER.
The label is not ejected properly
after printing.
• Check that the ejection path of the label is not blocked.
• Check that the DK Roll is set properly by removing the DK Roll
and reinstalling it.
• Ensure that the DK Roll cover is closed properly.
The print quality is poor
• Is there dirt or lint on the roller preventing it from rolling freely?
Clean the roller using the cleaning sheet (separately available).
For details, please see Î "Roller maintenance" in page 2
After replacing the Roll while the
Add-In feature was activated, the
layout style was not updated.
• Close P-touch Editor to exit the Add-In, and then reactivate the
The P-touch Add-In icon is not
displayed in Microsoft® Word.
• Is Microsoft®
Word started up from Microsoft®
• Is Microsoft®
Word chosen as the default editor for Microsoft®
Due to program limitations, the Microsoft® Word Add-In does
not work with the above settings. Quit Microsoft®
, and
restart Microsoft®
2 Troubleshooting
Page: 6
Cutter error
• If a cutter error occurs, keep the DK roll compartment cover
closed and press the ON/OFF button. The cutter moves back to
the normal position and turns the machine OFF automatically.
After the machine is OFF, inspect the label outlet and remove
the paper jam.
The printed bar code cannot be
• Set the label vertical to the print head as shown below.
• Some types of scanner are not able to read the bar code. Try
using another scanner.
• We recommend printing the Bar code with Print Quality options
set to "Give priority to print quality".
To change the Print Quality options, open the printer properties
by going to [Control Panel]-[Printers and Other Hardware]-
[Printer and Faxes], right-clicking the printer whose settings are
to be changed, then selecting [Properties]. Then, in the [General]
tab, click [Printing Preferences...].
Windows Vista®
To change the Print Quality options, open the printer properties
by going to [Control Panel]-[Hardware and Sound]-[Printers],
right-clicking the printer whose settings are to be changed, then
selecting [Properties]. Then, in the [General] tab, click [Printing
Windows® 7:
To change the Print Quality options, open the printer properties
by going to - [Devices and Printers], right-clicking the printer
whose settings are to be changed, and selecting [Printer
properties]. Then, in the [General] tab, click [Preferences...].
Mac OS X 10.4.11 - 10.7:
To change the Print Quality options, open the print dialog box and
choose "Basic" from the print options pop-up menu.
After exiting P-touch Editor Lite,
how do I restart the program
while the machine is still on?
There are three ways to restart. Perform any of the following.
• Turn off the P-touch labeler and then turn it back on.
• Disconnect and then reconnect the USB cable while the labeler
is on.
• Launch P-touch Editor Lite from My Computer.
I want to reset the printer/delete
the data transferred from the
Press and hold the CUT button while holding down the ON/OFF
button when the machine is turned off. When the Editor Lite lamp
starts flashing and the STATUS lamp lights orange, press the
CUT button six times while continuing to hold down the ON/OFF
button. The machine will then reset. All data transferred from the
PC will be deleted and the machine will be reset to factory
Problem Solution
Print head
Label exit slot
print direction
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„Product specifications
„Operating environment
Items Specifications
Display Editor Lite lamp (green), STATUS lamp (green, orange, red)
Direct thermal printing via thermal head
Speed of
Max. 5.9" (150 mm)/sec, Max. 93 labels/min. (Standard Address
Labels) (When connected to the PC and using P-touch Editor)
Print head 300 dpi/720 dot
Max. printing
2.3" (59 mm)
Max. printing
39.37" (1 m)
Min. printing
0.5" (12.7 mm)
Cutter Durable automatic cutter
Button ON/OFF button ( ), Editor Lite button, FEED button, CUT button
Interface USB
Power supply 120V AC 60Hz 1.7A
Size (W x D x H) 5.0" (128 mm) x 8.7" (221 mm) x 6.0" (153 mm)
Weight Approx. 2.5 lb (1.1 kg) (Without DK Rolls)
Item Specifications
Windows® Microsoft® Windows® XP/Windows Vista®/Windows® 7
Macintosh Mac OS X 10.4.11 - 10.7 (Only with P-touch Editor 5.x)
Hard Disk
Disk space 70 MB or more disk space
Macintosh Disk space 100 MB or more disk space
XP: 128 MB or more
Windows Vista®: 512 MB or more
Windows® 7: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit) or more
Mac OS X 10.4.11: 256 MB or more
Mac OS X 10.5.x: 512 MB or more
Mac OS X 10.6: 1 GB or more
Mac OS X 10.7: 2 GB or more
Others CD-ROM drive
Operating temperature 50°F to 95°F (10°C to 35°C)
Operating humidity 20% to 80% (without condensation)
3 Main Specifications

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