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  • Brand: Bretford
  • Product: Table
  • Model/name: CDQ3060-CY
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English

Table of Contents

Page: 0
Parts List
Qty. Part No. Description
1** SA4236 24 x 36 Wood Top - CDQ2436
SA4241 30 x 36 Wood Top - CDQ3036
SA4237 24 x 42 Wood Top - CDQ2442
SA4242 30 x 42 Wood Top - CDQ3042
SA4238 24 x 60 Wood Top - CDQ2460
SA4243 30 x 60 Wood Top - CDQ3060
SA4239 24 x 72 Wood Top - CDQ2472
SA4244 30 x 72 Wood Top - CDQ3072
SA4240 24 x 84 Wood Top - CDQ2484
SA4245 30 x 84 Wood Top - CDQ3084
4 010-3511 Corner Tie
4 017-0686 Bottom Leg
Models with All Glides
2 017-0687 R/Front or L/Rear Leg
2 017-0688 L/Front or R/Rear Leg
Models with 2 Glides & 2 Casters
1 017-0687 R/Front or L/Rear Leg (Glide)
1 017-0688 L/Front or R/Rear Leg (Glide)
1 017-0883 R/Front or L/Rear Leg (Caster)
1 017-0884 L/Front or R/Rear Leg (Caster)
**Skirts and upper leg frame assemblies are attached to
the wood top prior to shipment.
Hardware List
Qty. Part No. Description
4 030-0852 5/16-18 x 1-1/4" Hex Flange Cap Screws
8 030-0396 3/8-16 x 1/2" Set Screws
4* 015-0084 3/8-16" Glides
*For Models with glides and casters
(2) 015-0084 & (2) 015-0089
Tools Required
Philips Screwdriver
Allen Wrench
Adjustable Wrench
Lay wood top on a carpeted surface as shown. Insert the
legs into each corner with holes facing inward as shown.
4 Leg Classroom Desk with Glides/Casters
Assembly Instructions
CDQ2436 CDQ3036 CDQ2442 CDQ3042 CDQ2460
CDQ3060 CDQ2472 CDQ3072 CDQ2484 CDQ3084
All Leg Holes
Face Inward
Page: 1
Secure legs in place with corner ties
and cap screws as shown.
Corner tie
Cap Screw
Part # 031-5989
Rev. 05.30.06 CZ
Bretford Bretford Ltd.
11000 Seymour Avenue 2 Etongate
Franklin Park, IL 60131 110 Windsor Road
TEL: 847.678.2545 Slough, Berkshire SL1 2JA England
800.521.9614 TEL: 01753 216531
FAX: 847.678.0852 FAX: 01753 539478
Screw glides and/or casters into bottom legs as
shown. Glides/casters should be fully installed
into legs so that the entire stem is inside of leg.
Position holes in legs so that they face each other. Insert
bottom legs into top legs. Set desired height and insert
set screws into legs and tighten with Allen wrench. Stand
the unit upright.
Set Screw
OR Caster 015-0089
(Depending on your model)
Bottom Leg

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