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  • Brand: Braun
  • Product: Camcorder
  • Model/name: VidiProof
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English

Table of Contents

Page: 0
- Don’t open the battery door under water.
- Close the battery door properly for best water sealing.
- Rinse by clean water after use and keep it dry for storage.
After used this camcorder under water, the voice recording quality will
be affected as there still has water inside the mic and speaker
The sound will be resumed to normal once water dry out.
1. Key features of your camcorder
Full HD digital video camcorder – 1920x1080 up to 30fps
HDTV HDMI high definition interface output
2.0” fine grade LTPS color LCD display
Slot for Micro SD Memory card, support up to 16GB SD card capacity
Driver free for Windows 7 / Vista / XP and MAC 10.4.9 or above
2. Functional parts
Item Part Function
USB interface For transferring images and video files to computer via USB cable.
Card slot Inserting micro SD card for digital files storage.
HDMI socket Use supplied HDMI cable for HDTV connection.
2 LCD screen LCD shows images, video clips, camera Settings and Menu.
3 Menu Button Press to Set PICTURE / VIDEO recording options.
4 Mode Button Press this button to select mode: PICTURE taking or VIDEO recording.
5 OK button
Press this button to take still PICTURE;
to Start or Stop recording VIDEO clip,
To confirm changes (OK) in menu mode.
Zoom button Zoom IN or OUT during recording mode.
Volume setup
Setting the volume in video playback mode.
Up / Down
In MENU mode, push the key up/down for UP / DOWN selection
7 Playback button
In photo mode ,press this button to enter the Playback PICTURE mode,
In video mode ,press this button to enter the Playback VIDEO mode.
8 Power Button
1. Pressing and hold the power button to turn on& off the unit.
2. Pressing this button to select icons display.
9 Battery door 2x AA alkaline batteries provided.
10 Lens Optical lens for Video & Picture taking.
11 Speaker Speaker for video playback
12 Microphone For voice input.
13 Strap Hook For fixing hand strap.
3. Explanation of the status icons
Item Function Description
1 Recording mode
Photograph mode.
Video mode.
2 Selected resolution
Photo-3M, 5M, 8M
Video-Full HD ,1080P30, 720P30, WVGAP60
3 Self timer On / Off
4 Battery indicator
Battery is full
Empty battery
5 Zoom indicator Shows zoom range
6 White balance White balance selection.
7 SD card indication
The SD card is inserted and will be used as storage for
8 Counter indicator
Shows available time for recording VIDEO
Shows active recording VIDEO time
Shows picture available in PHOTO mode
4. Details for camera setting
PHOTO setting
In photo mode, pressing the MENU button and select PHOTO, then pressing the OK button to
enter photo setup mode.
Super Fine/ Fine(Default)
PHOTO quality setting
3M pixel resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels
5M pixel resolution 2592 x 1944 pixels
8M pixel resolution 3200 x 2400 pixels
On Self-timer selected, 10 sec delay
Off Turn off the self-timer, disable
VIDEO setting
In video mode, pressing the MENU button and select VIDEO, then pressing the OK button to
enter video setup mode.
Super Fine(Default)/ Fine /
VIDEO quality setting
Full HD 1920×1080 up to 30fps
1080P30 1440x1080, up to 30fps
720P30 1280x720, up to 30fps
WVGAP60 848x480, up to 60fps
WVGAP30 848x480, up to 30fps
VGA 640x480, up to 30fps
QVGA 320x240, up to 30fps
In photo/video mode, pressing the MENU button and select SETUP by pressing the down button,
then pressing the OK button to enter camera basic setup options.
TV type
NTSC American and Japanese TV format
PAL European TV format
Auto power off
Off Auto Power-Off off
1 min Auto power off in 1 min if no operation
3 min Auto power off in 3 min if no operation
5 min Auto power off in 5 min if no operation
Time setup
Year / Month / Day / Hour /
Setting the time on the image or video clips.
Quick view 3s / 1s / 0.5s / Off Select picture review time after photo taking.
Volume 00 ~ 64 Setting the volume
Default Setting Yes / No Refresh the default settings
Format Yes / No Format the SD card
English / Deutsch / French /
Italian / Spanish / Nederlands
/ Portuguese / CHS / CHT /
Select display language
Beep Sound Off / High / Low Setting the beep sound volume.
S.image On / Off Setting the opening screen on or off.
S.sound On / Off Setting the opening sound on or off.
File number Reset / Sequential
Slide Show
10s / 5s / 3s / Off Setting the image slide time.
50Hz / Set for European electricity frequency
60Hz Set for American electricity frequency
FW Version See the firmware version
In photo/video mode, pressing the MENU button and select EFFECT by pressing the down button,
then pressing OK to enter effect options.
Sport/Night landscape
Choose an existing Picture control
ISO Auto / 200 / 400 Sensitivity select
Metering Center / Average / Spot Metering setting
White Balance
Auto Automatic white balance
Sunny White balance selected for Sunny sky
Cloudy White balance selected for cloudy sky
White balance selected for fluorescent indoor
White balance selected for tungsten indoor
Negative / Normal/ B/W /
Effects setting.
Sharpness Standard / Hard / Soft Sharpness setting
EV Setting
0, +/-0.3 , +/-0.7, +/-1.0,
+/-1.3, +/-1.7, +/-2.0
Level of exposure
Note: The camera will remain in the last setting when it is turned OFF and ON again
5. Using the camera
5.1 Battery installation
1. Release and open the battery door.
2. Install supplied 2x AA alkaline batteries into the battery compartment.
Align battery terminals with metal connectors inside compartment.
3. Close the battery door.
5.2 Inserting a memory card ( not included )
You must insert Micro SD Card (not supplied) to record and store your VIDEO and PICTURES.
Follow the instruction for inserting a Micro SD Memory card:
1. Turn OFF the camera.
2. Insert the Micro SD card into the Micro SD card slot, gently press it down until card is latched.
Page: 1
Note: Do not force the card into the slot; forcing may damage camera and the Micro SD memory
card. Align Micro SD card position (as marked) and try again.
Note: The Micro SD memory card must be formatted before taking photographs.
See the following instruction.
5.3 Formatting the SD memory card
If your SD card is new, or it was used with other cameras or devices, you need to FORMAT the card,
see simple steps below. If card was previously used, save all needed images & video first.
1. In photo/video mode, press the MENU button and select SETUP, then press OK to enter
camera basic setup options.
2. Select FORMAT by pressing the UP ( ) button and press the OK button.
Select YES by pressing the UP ( ) button.
3. Press the OK button to confirm formatting the Micro SD card.
Note: During formatting of the Micro SD card, all data, pictures & video (if present) will be erased;
make sure you save your valuable records before formatting the memory.
Remember, all your records will be erased during formatting!
5.4 Setting the resolution
VIDEO recording mode
1. Press the MENU button in video mode,Select VIDEO and press the OK button to enter
options selection.
2. Select RESOLUTION by pressing the UP ( ) button, then press the OK button to enter
resolution selection.
3. Select desired resolution by pressing the UP ( ) / DOWN( ) buttons;
Full HD (1920×1080), 1080P30(1440x1080), 720P30 (1280 x 720), WVGAP60 (848 x 480)
WVGAP30 (848 x 480), VGA (640 x 480), QVGA(320 x 240)
then press the OK button to confirm setting.
PICTURE taking mode
1. Press the MENU button in photo mode, Select PHOTO and press the OK button to enter
option selection.
2. Select the SIZE by pressing the UP ( ) button, press the OK button to enter resolution
3. Select desired resolution by pressing the UP ( ) / DOWN( ) buttons;
3M (2048 x 1536), 5M (2592 x 1944), 8M (3200 x 2400)
then press the OK button to confirm setting.
5.5 Taking video or pictures
1. Turn on your camera.
2. Press the MODE button to select PICTURES ( ) or VIDEO recording mode( )
3. Use the LCD screen as a viewfinder composing the scene.
4. Press the OK button for taking a PICTURE, or press this button to start / stop VIDEO recording.
Note: 1. Keep camera and the object steady when making records to avoid blurry images.
2. Max video file size is 4GB.The unit will stop recording automatically.
5.6 Zoom IN and OUT
Your camera can zoom in up to 4 X
Pressing the UP ( ) / DOWN ( ) buttons for selecting desired scene / view.
Note the zoom bar in screen showing the zooming range.
Resolution Digital zoom
QVGA 30fps 4X
VGA 30fps 4X
WVGA 30fps 4X
WVGA 60fps 4X
720P 30fps 4X
1080P 30fps 2X
Full HD 30fps Without Digital Zoom
5.7 Playback PICTURES and VIDEO clips
1. In PHOTO / VIDEO mode, Press the PLAYBACK button ( ) to enter PICTURES / VIDEO
Playback mode.
2. Pressing the UP ( ) / DOWN ( ) button to select desired PICTURE / VIDEO.
3. Pressing the OK button to confirm selected VIDEO or see full size PICTURE.
4. When viewing video clips, Press the OK button to start playing the video and press again to
5. When playing the video, press the UP ( ) / DOWN ( ) buttons for fast forward or
rewind the VIDEO.
5.8 Delete photographs and video clips
1. In PHOTO / VIDEO mode, Press the PLAYBACK button ( ) to enter PICTURES / VIDEO
Playback mode.
Select the photo or video to delete.
2. Press the MENU button to enter the delete mode.
3. Pressing the UP ( ) / DOWN ( ) buttons for select delete current image(YES) or delete
all images and press the OK button to confirm.
4. Pressing the MODE button to exit.
6. Connecting the HD DV camcorder
6.1 Connect to TV
When you wish to view on High Definition (HD) TV, please use supplied HDMI cable and connect
as shown below:
Set your HDTV to corresponding HDMI INPUT (review TV Manual if needed) and use camera
buttons in the same way as you use camera during PLAYBACK mode.
Enjoy watching pictures and HD VIDEO on large HDTV screen!
6.2 Connect to Personal computer
You may also connect your HD camcorder to PC for viewing PICTURES and VIDEOS on the
computer monitor as well as expanding your system to enjoy a wide range of functions. You may
edit your videos or images and send them to friends over the Internet or even post your own
VIDEOS on YouTube! Millions of people may view them!
Upload to YouTube
Please install MEDIAIMPRESSION. This software enables upload to YouTube. This will take you
directly to YouTube website for easy upload of videos.
Installing DirectX and ArcSoft MediaImpression
1. Please insert provided CD into computer’s CD ROM and follow screen prompts to install
DirectX and MediaImpression in your computer
2. Use USB cable to connect HD camcorder to computer
3. Open My Computer> Removable Disk and select image or video file
4. Click to open and watch High definition video played back.
You may also install QuickTime (not bundled on supplied CD) or other suitable programs for best
video playback.
HD Video data is very complex; use Win XP, Vista, MAC 10.4.9 and newest computers – older and
slower computers may not play your HD Video clips so well.
7. Specification
Image Sensor 5.0 Mega pixel CMOS sensor
Full HD (1920×1080) up to 30fps
1080P30 (1440x1080), up to 30fps
720P30 (1280x720), up to 30fps
WVGAP60 (848x480), up to 60fps
WVGAP30 (848x480), up to 30fps
VGA (640x480), up to 30fps
QVGA (320x240), up to 30fps
8.0 Mega pixel (3200x2400)
5.0 Mega pixel (2592x1944)
3.0 Mega pixel (2048x1536)
Lens F/2.8 f=8.5mm
LCD display 2.0” fine grade LTPS color LCD display
White balance Auto / Sunny / Cloudy / Fluorescent / Incandescent
VIDEO format MOV
External memory card
Support up to 16GB SD memory card ( card is required to store video &
pictures, class 4 or above SD card is recommended )
Self timer 10 second options
PC interface USB 2.0 port
Power source 2x AA alkaline batteries
High Definition VIDEO: HDMI
Standard TV (NTSC or PAL) output: HDMI
8. PC system min requirement
Operating System
Windows 7 / Vista / XP
Mac 10.4.9 or above
Pentium III / 1GHz (minimum)
Pentium 4 / 3.0GHz or above processor (recommended)
RAM At least 256MB (minimum) 1GB (recommended)
Interface USB available port
Display Card nVidia Geforce 7600 or ATI X 1600 or above
9. Troubleshooting
Problem Cause Solution
Cannot turn ON the
1. Low battery power.
2. Battery not inserted
1. Replace with new 2x AA alkaline
2. Check that battery correctly
aligned when installed
cannot be saved when you
are taking them.
1.Micro SD card has not
been installed
2. The Micro SD card has
not been formatted
3. Memory is full. Display
shows ‘MEMORY FULL’.
1. Install Micro SD card
2. Format the Micro SD card at
SETUP mode of the camera.
Please refer to section 5.3.
3. Download the pictures and videos
from the camera to the computer
to create storage space.
Computer does not
recognize your camcorder
when connected. (You
cannot find removable disk)
Connection failure. Make sure all cable connections are
secured. Restart the computer if
The battery life is very short. Incorrect or old, used up,
Replace with new 2x AA alkaline
Blurry images 1. The HD camera is not
held steady during
2. The lens of HD DV
camera is dirty.
1. Hold the HD DV camera steady
when taking pictures, wait to hear
the beep sound
2. Clean the lens with soft dry cloth.
For EU only

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