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  • Brand: Braun
  • Product: Epilator
  • Model/name: Silk-épil 3
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Silk Soft Perfection Solo MN -Titel-5318 KURTZ DESIGN 03.09.07
Type 5318
Silk épil
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Our products are engineered to meet the
highest standards of quality, functionality
and design. We hope you thoroughly
enjoy using the Braun Silk·épil Soft
Please read the use instructions carefully
and thoroughly before using the
Braun Silk·épil SoftPerfection has been
designed to make the removal of un-
wanted hair as efficient, gentle and easy
as possible. Its proven epilation system
removes hair at the root, leaving your skin
smooth for weeks. With the innovative
tips and the unique arrangement
of tweezers it provides an extra close
epilation for perfectly smooth skin, allow-
ing to remove hairs as short as 0.5 mm
as well as flat lying hairs. As the hair that
re-grows is fine and soft, there will be no
more stubble.
The massaging rollers clip makes the
epilation ultra gentle. Its pulsating
movement stimulates and relaxes the skin
to offset the pulling sensation.
The narrow epilation head is per-
fectly suited to follow the contours of
delicate body parts such as under the
arms and the bikini lines. A reduced num-
ber of tweezers and the narrow design,
specifically adapted to these body areas,
improve the handling and ensure a partic-
ularly gentle epilation in these areas.
• For hygienic reasons, do not share this
appliance with other persons.
• Keep the appliance dry.
• This appliance is not intended for use
by children or persons with reduced
physical or mental capabilities, unless
they are given supervision by a person
responsible for their safety. In general,
we recommend that you keep the
appliance out of reach of children.
• When switched on, the appliance must
never come in contact with the hair on
your head, eyelashes, ribbons, etc. to
prevent any danger of injury as well as
to prevent blockage or damage to the
• Before use, check whether your voltage
corresponds to the voltage printed
on the transformer. Always use the
country-specific 12 V transformer plug
supplied with the product.
General information on epilation
Silk·épil is designed to epilate hair on legs,
but use tests monitored by dermatologists
have revealed that you can also epilate the
underarm and the bikini line.
All methods of hair removal at the root can
lead to in-growing hair and irritation (e.g.
itching, discomfort and reddening of the
skin) depending on the condition of the
skin and hair.
This is a normal reaction and should
quickly disappear, but may be stronger
when you are removing hair at the root for
the first few times or if you have sensitive
If, after 36 hours, the skin still shows
irritation, we recommend that you contact
your physician.
In general, the skin reaction and the sen-
sation of pain tend to diminish consider-
ably with the repeated use of Silk·épil.
In some cases inflammation of the skin
could occur when bacteria penetrate the
skin (e.g. when sliding the appliance over
the skin). Thorough cleaning of the epila-
tion head before each use will minimise
the risk of infection.
If you have any doubts about using this
appliance, please consult your physician.
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In the following cases, this appliance
should only be used after prior consulta-
tion with a physician:
– eczema, wounds, inflamed skin
reactions such as folliculitis (purulent
hair follicles) and varicose veins
– around moles
– reduced immunity of the skin, e.g.
diabetes mellitus, during pregnancy,
Raynaud’s disease
– haemophilia or immune deficiency.
Some useful tips
Epilation is easier and more comfortable
when the hair is at the optimum length of
2–5 mm (0.08–0.2 in). If hairs are longer,
we recommend that you either shave first
and epilate the shorter re-growing hairs
after 1 or 2 weeks.
When epilating for the first time, it is
advisable to epilate in the evening, so that
any possible reddening can disappear
overnight. To relax the skin we recom-
mend applying a moisture cream after
Fine hair which re-grows might not grow
up to the skin surface. The regular use
of massage sponges (e.g. after showering)
or exfoliation peelings helps to prevent
in-growing hair as the gentle scrubbing
action removes the upper skin layer and
fine hair can get through to the skin
Description (see page 4)
Massaging rollers clip
Epilation head
Release buttons
Socket for cord connector
Cord connector
12 V transformer plug
Narrow epilation head
How to epilate
• Your skin must be dry and free from
grease or cream.
• Keep in mind that epilation is more
comfortable when the hair is at the
optimum length of 2–5 mm (see section
«Some useful tips»).
• Before starting, thoroughly clean the
epilation heads ( and ).
• For leg epilation, choose epilation head
, put it on and make sure that the
massaging rollers clip is in place.
• For underarm and bikini line epilation,
we recommend that you use the narrow
epilation head .
• To change epilation heads, press the
release buttons on the left and the
right and pull off the epilation head.
• Plug the cord connector into the
socket and plug the transformer plug
into an electrical outlet.
1 To turn on the appliance, slide switch
to setting «2»
(«2» = normal speed,
«1» = reduced speed).
2 Rub your skin to lift short hairs.
For optimum performance hold the
appliance at a right angle (90°) against
your skin. Guide it in a slow, continuous
movement without pressure against
the hair growth, in the direction of the
switch. The SoftLift®
tips will make sure
that even flat lying hair is lifted and
removed thoroughly at the root.
As hair can grow in different directions,
it may also be helpful to guide the
appliance in different directions to
achieve optimum results.
The massaging rollers should always
be kept in contact with the skin in order
to stimulate and relax the skin for a
gentler epilation.
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3 Leg epilation
Epilate your legs from the lower leg in
an upward direction. When epilating
behind the knee, keep the leg stretched
out straight.
4 Underarm and bikini line epilation
(narrow epilation head without
For this specific application, the narrow
epilation head has been developed.
Thanks to its specific design adapted
to the contours of these areas, it pro-
vides a gentle and thorough epilation.
Please be aware that especially at the
beginning these areas are particularly
sensitive to pain. With repeated usage
the pain sensation will diminish. For
more comfort, ensure that the hair is at
the optimum length of 2–5 mm.
Before epilating, thoroughly clean the
respective area to remove residue (like
deodorant). Then carefully dab dry with
a towel. When epilating the underarm,
keep your arm raised up so that the skin
is stretched and guide the appliance in
different directions.
As skin may be more sensitive directly
after epilation, avoid using irritating
substances such as deodorants with
Cleaning the epilation heads
5 After epilating, unplug the appliance
and clean the epilation head:
Remove the clip and clean it with the
6 To clean the tweezer element, use the
cleaning brush dipped into alcohol.
Turn the product around and clean the
tweezers with the brush while turning
the barrel manually.
7 Remove the epilation head by pressing
the release buttons on the left and
right and pull it off.
Give the top of the housing a quick
clean with the brush. Place the epilation
head and clip back on the
Subject to change without notice.
This product conforms to the
European Directives EMC
2004/108/EC and Low Voltage
Please do not dispose of the
product in the household waste at
the end of its useful life. Disposal
can take place at a Braun Service
Centre or at appropriate collection
points provided in your country.
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