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  • Brand: Braun
  • Product: Hairdryer
  • Model/name: Satin Hair 3 HD 310
  • Filetype: PDF
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Satin Hair 3
Satin·Hair 3
HD 330
HD 310
Type 3540
Stapled booklet, 148 x 210 mm, 46 pages (incl. 6 pages cover), 1/1c = black
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Satin Hair 3
a b
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• Kurzes bis mittellanges Haar:
Sie erhalten Volumen und Stand am Haar-
ansatz, indem Sie den Diffusor in kleinen krei-
senden Bewegungen über den Kopf führen.
Gehen Sie dabei abschnittsweise vor.
• Langes Haar:
Trocknen Sie zunächst die Haarspitzen, indem
Sie sie partieweise auf die Fingerplatte legen.
Führen Sie dann jede einzelne Partie mit dem
Diffusor an den Kopf heran und verweilen Sie
dort. Um Stand am Haaransatz zu erzeugen,
bewegen Sie die Diffusor-Finger leicht kreisend
über die Kopfhaut.
Änderungen vorbehalten.
Dieses Gerät darf am Ende seiner Lebens-
dauer nicht mit dem Hausmüll entsorgt
werden. Die Entsorgung kann über den
Braun Kundendienst oder lokal verfügbare
Rückgabe- und Sammelsysteme erfolgen.
Our products are engineered to meet the highest
standards of quality, functionality and design.
We hope you thoroughly enjoy your new Braun
Carefully read the use instructions before use.
• Plug your hairdryer into an
alternating current (Ù) outlet only
and be sure that your household
voltage corresponds to the voltage
marked on the hairdryer.
• This appliance can be used by
children aged from 8 years and
above and persons with reduced
physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lack of experience
and knowledge if they have been
given supervision or instruction
concerning the safe use of the
appliance and understand the
hazards involved. Children shall not
play with the appliance. Cleaning
and user maintenance shall not be
made by children unless they are
older than 8 years and supervised.
• This appliance must never be
used near water (e.g. a filled
wash basin, bathtub or shower). Do
not allow the appliance to become
• When using the hairdryer in a
bathroom, always unplug it after
use. Even a switched-off hairdryer
presents a hazard if not unplugged.
• For additional protection, it is
advisable to install a residual current
device (RCD) with a rated residual
operating current not exceeding
30 mA in the electrical circuit of your
bathroom. Ask your installer for
• Care should be taken not to block
the inlet and outlet grill when the
hairdryer is switched on. If either grill
becomes blocked, the hairdryer will
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automatically cut out. After cooling
for a few minutes, it will switch back
on automatically.
• Do not wrap the mains cord around
the appliance. Regularly check the
mains cord for wear or damage.
If the cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by an authorized Braun
Service Centre in order to avoid a
1 Switch
2 Cold shot button
3 Protection filter
4 Concentrator nozzle
5 Diffusor attachment
(only with model HD 330)
Switch settings 1
O = off
I = gentle drying
II-III = fast drying
Cold shot 2
To fix a style with cold air, press the cold shot button.
Protection filter 3
Regularly wipe the filter clean. For a thorough
cleaning, remove the filter and clean it under
running water.
Concentrator nozzle 4
For precise styling use the concentrator nozzle.
Diffusor attachment 5
Attaching the diffusor (a)
• Align the notches on the rim of the diffusor
attachment with the slots in the hair dryer.
• Push the attachment onto the hairdryer, then
turn clockwise until the bayonet lock clicks
into place.
• To remove the diffusor, turn in the opposite
direction and pull.
Volume styling
• Short to mid-length hair:
To add volume and root lift, gently guide the
diffusor fingers with a small circular motion
over your scalp. Continue section by section.
• Long hair:
First dry hair ends by placing them onto the
finger plate. Then, with the diffusor, carefully lift
the hair to your head and hold. Finish off the
roots with a gentle circular movement of the
diffusor fingers on the scalp to add some lift.
Subject to change without notice.
Please do not dispose of the product in the
household waste at the end of its useful life.
Disposal can take place at a Braun Service
Centre or at appropriate collection points
provided in your country.
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