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  • Brand: Braun
  • Product: Blender
  • Model/name: MX 2050 Multiquick 5
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovene, Croatian

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Type 4184
MX 2050
Multiquick 5
MX 2050
MX 2050 black
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Stapled booklet, 148x210mm, 62 pages (incl. 6 pages cover), 1/1c = black
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Our products are engineered to meet the
highest standards of quality, functionality and
design. We hope you thoroughly enjoy the
new Braun appliance.
• Read all use instructions thoroughly before
using this product.
• This appliance is designed for normal house-
hold use only.
• This appliance is not intended for use by
children or persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities, unless they are
given supervision by a person responsible for
their safety. In general, we recommend that you
keep the appliance out of reach of children.
Children should be supervised to ensure that
they do not play with the appliance.
• Your voltage must correspond to the voltage
printed on the type plate located on the bottom
of the power base. Connect to AC (~) only.
When connecting to an outlet, the motor must
always be turned off (switch (h) at «O»).
• Blades are very sharp, handle carefully.
• This appliance will not work without the jug in
place on the power base.
• Before switching on, make sure the jug is
properly assembled and in place on the power
base with the lid on.
• Do not use without any load in the jug
(e.g. solid or liquid ingredients).
• Allow hot liquids to cool down to a luke-warm
temperature before pouring into the jug.
• Braun electric appliances meet applicable
safety standards. Repairs or the replacement
of the mains cord must only be done by
authorised service personnel. Faulty, unquali-
fied repair work may cause considerable
hazards to the user.
Voltage/frequency: see type plate
Jug capacity: 1.75 litres
a Measuring cap f Retainer ring
b Easy-grip lid g Power base
c Jug h Switch
d Rubber gasket i Cord storage
e Blade
Prior to use
• Clean all parts before using the jug blender for
the first time (see paragraph «Cleaning»).
• Uncoil amount of cord needed from cord
storage at the bottom of the power base and
connect to an outlet.
1 Jug assembly
• Carefully place the blade into the retainer ring.
• Position the rubber gasket onto the rim of the
• Screw the jug securely into the retainer ring.
2 Attaching the jug
• Make sure that the switch is in the «O» position.
• Place the jug on the power base and push it
down until it is securely locked into place.
3 How to use
• Put the food to be processed into the jug.
• Place the lid firmly on the jug. Insert the
measuring cap into the lid opening and turn it
clockwise to lock.
• Turn the power base on:
Speed Applications
1-3 light applications with liquid
3-5 for thicker consistency – mixing both
liquids and solid ingredients
 pulse: instant power bursts
(The switch does not catch at this
setting. Hold the switch in pulse
position or turn it to pulse position
• After use, always turn the switch to the «O»
position and unplug the power base.
• To remove the jug, lift it straight up; there is no
need to twist it.
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Practical hints
• For best puréeing results when puréeing with
solid ingredients, feed small portions into
the jug gradually rather than adding a large
quantity at one time.
• When mixing solid ingredients, cut up into
small pieces (2–3 cm).
• Always start by mixing solid ingredients with a
small amount of liquid. Then gradually add
more liquid through the opening in the lid.
• Always operate the unit with your hand
positioned on the top.
• When preparing mayonnaise, oil may be added
through the drip holes in the lid without
removing the measuring cap.
• We recommend that you use the pulse mode
when mixing solid or highly viscous ingre-
dients to avoid the blade becoming stagnant.
• Accessories (available at Braun Service
Centres; however, not in every country):
MX 2000 Jug (2 l).
Power base
Do not immerse the power base in water.
Wipe clean with a damp cloth only.
Easy cleaning/rinsing of assembled jug
After emptying the jug, fill it with water. Place
it on the power base and turn the switch to
the «» setting several times.
Empty the jug and rinse clean.
Thoroughly cleaning the disassembled jug
Make sure the jug is empty before you
unscrew the fastener ring. Exercise caution
when handling the blade. All detachable parts
are dishwasher-safe.
Subject to change without notice.
Please do not dispose of the product in
the household waste at the end of its
useful life. Disposal can take place at a
Braun Service Centre or at appropriate
collection points provided in your country.
Applications Speed Maximum quantity Time
Blending all liquids, drinks, 1-3 1.75 litres 40-60 seconds
warm soups 1.50 litres
Puréeing vegetables, fruit, 5 1.3 kg 1.5-2 minutes
sauces, baby food
Mixing pancake batter 5 1.3 kg 1 minute
yogurt based drinks 4-5 650 g 1.5-2 minutes
and desserts
Emulsifying mayonnaise 5 2 eggs 1-2 minutes
300-400 g
Crushing ice  / 5 110 g
(With motor switched- (7 cubes)
off, place the ice cubes
in the jar, replace lid and
switch on the motor.)
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