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  • Brand: Braun
  • Product: Hand Blender
  • Model/name: Multiquick M 1050
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Czech, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak, Greek, Hungarian, Slovene, Croatian, Ukrainian, Finnish

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Type 4644
M 1000
M 1030
M 1050
M 1070
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Stapled booklet, 120 x 200 mm, 80 pages (incl. 8 pages cover), 1/1c = black
Page: 1
Braun Infolines
DE/AT 00 800 27 28 64 63
CH 08 44 - 88 40 10
UK 0800 783 7010
IE 1 800 509 448
FR 0 800 944 802
BE 0 800 14 592
ES 901 11 61 84
PT 808 20 00 33
IT (02) 6 67 86 23
NL 0 800-445 53 88
DK 70 15 00 13
NO 22 63 00 93
SE 020 - 21 33 21
FI 020 377 877
PL 801 127 286
801 1 BRAUN
CZ 221 804 335
SK 02/5710 1135
HU (06-1) 451-1256
HR 091 66 01 777
SI 080 2822
TR 0 800 261 63 65
RO 021-224.00.47
RU 8 800 200 20 20
UA 0 800 505 000
HK 852-25249377
(Audio Supplies Company Ltd.)
Deutsch 6, 68
English 8, 68
Français 10, 68
Español 13, 69
Português 16, 69
Italiano 19, 69
Nederlands 21, 70
Dansk 24, 70
Norsk 26, 70
Svenska 29, 71
Suomi 31, 71
Polski 34, 71
âesk˘ 36, 72
Slovensk˘ 39, 72
Magyar 42, 73
Hrvatski 45, 73
Slovenski 47, 74
Türkçe 49
Română (RO/MD) 52, 74
∂ÏÏËÓÈο 54, 75
êÛÒÒÍËÈ 57, 75
ìÍ‡ªÌҸ͇ 60, 76
67, 64
Braun GmbH
Frankfurter Straße 145
61476 Kronberg / Germany
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Der Stützdeckel dient auch zum luftdich-
ten Verschließen des Arbeitsbehälters.
Trockenfrüchte in Vanille-Honig
(geeignet als Füllung für Bratäpfel oder
(Verwenden Sie das Zerkleinerer-Zubehör
(11), Geschwindigkeit «turbo»)
Füllen Sie 300 g cremigen Honig, 150 g
Trockenpflaumen und 150 g Trockenfei-
gen in den Arbeitsbehälter und mixen Sie
alles 10 Sekunden lang. Fügen Sie dann
100 ml Wasser (mit Vanille-Aroma) hinzu
und mixen Sie noch 3 Sekunden weiter.
Reinigung des Gerätes (D)
Vor jeder Reinigung des Gerätes den
Netzstecker ziehen.
Das Motorteil (4) und den Deckel (11c)
des Zerkleinerers nur mit einem feuchten
Tuch abwischen. Diese Teile dürfen
weder ins Wasser getaucht noch unter
fließendes Wasser gehalten werden.
Knethaken, Rührbesen, Mix-/Mess-
becher, Arbeitsbehälter des Zerkleinerers,
Stützdeckel und Messer sind spülma-
Den Pürierstab (9) nur unter fließendem
Wasser reinigen. Er darf nicht ins Wasser
getaucht werden.
Hinweis: Bei der Verarbeitung von
farbstoffreichen Gütern (z.B. Karotten),
können sich verwendete Kunststoffteile
verfärben. Diese Teile vor dem Spülen mit
Speiseöl abwischen.
(beim Braun Kundendienst erhältlich,
jedoch nicht in allen Ländern)
HC: Hochgeschwindigkeits-Zerkleinerer,
ideal für Kräuter, Zwiebeln, Knoblauch,
Chili, Nüsse etc.
Änderungen vorbehalten.
Das Gerät darf am Ende seiner
Lebensdauer nicht mit dem
Hausmüll entsorgt werden. Die
Entsorgung kann über den Braun
Kundendienst oder lokal verfügbare
Rückgabe- und Sammelstellen erfolgen.
Our products are engineered to meet the
highest standards of quality, functionality
and design. We hope you thoroughly
enjoy your new Braun appliance.
Please read the use instructions
carefully before using this appliance.
• Always unplug the appliance when it is
left unattended and before assembling,
disassembling, cleaning and storage.
• This appliance is not intended for use
by children or persons with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
unless they are given supervision by a
person responsible for their safety. In
general, we recommend that you keep
the appliance out of reach of children.
Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.
• Before operating, check whether your
voltage corresponds to the voltage
indicated on the motor part.
• Keep hands, hair, clothing, as well
as spatulas and other utensils away
from whisks and dough hooks during
operation to prevent personal injury.
Do not contact moving parts during
• Especially when operating the
handblender attachment in hot liquids,
do not immerse the blender shaft into
– or remove it from the liquid while the
appliance is switched on.
• Only with the models
M 1030/1050/1070:
The blades are very sharp!
To avoid injuries, please handle blades
with utmost care.
• This appliance is constructed to
process normal household quantities.
• Neither the beaker (10) nor the chopper
bowl (11c) is microwave-proof.
• Braun electric appliances meet
applicable safety standards. Repairs
or the replacement of the mains cord
must only be done by authorized
service personnel. Faulty, unqualified
repair work may cause considerable
hazards to the user.
1 Ejection key
2 On/off switch (I = on, 0 = off)
3 Speed selector (speeds 1–15, turbo)
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Page: 8
4 Motor part
5 Openings for whisks / dough hooks
6 Opening for handblender / chopper /
food preparation attachment
7 Dough hooks
8 Whisks
Model M 1030/1050/1070 only:
9 Handblender attachment
10 Beaker
Model M 1050 only:
11 Chopper attachment
11a Chopper lid (with gear box)
11b Blade
11c Chopper bowl
11d Anti-slip base
Model M 1070 only:
12 Food preparation (FP) attachment
(please see separate use
Maximum operating time:
with the dough hooks 5 minutes
with the whisks 15 minutes
Using the handmixer (A)
The dough hooks are perfectly suited
for kneading yeast dough, pasta dough,
pastries, as well as for mixing heavy
minced meat doughs. Use the whisks
for mixing cake mixtures, sponges and
mashed potatoes, as well as for whipping
cream (minimum 100 ml cream), egg
whites (minimum 1 egg white), and
creamy ingredients.
• Insert the dough hooks (7) or whisks (8)
as illustrated.
• Put the ingredients into a bowl.
• Depending on the application, select
speeds (1 … turbo). To avoid splashing,
always start with a low speed setting,
and then slowly increase the speed
while operating.
• Press the on/off switch to turn the
appliance on and off.
• After use, unplug the appliance and
eject the dough hooks or whisks by
pressing the ejection key (1).
– To obtain optimum results when
making cake mixtures, etc. all
ingredients should have the same
temperature. Butter, eggs, etc. should
be removed from the refrigerator some
time before they are being used.
– Whipped cream has more volume, if
the cream is well chilled before being
– Mashed potatoes will become more
creamy, if all ingredients are being used
as hot as possible (e.g. potatoes
immediately after boiling).
Using the handblender
attachment (B)
The handblender attachment blends and
mixes fast and easily. Use it to make
sauces, soups, mayonnaise, dietary and
baby food.
• To insert the handblender attachment
(9) into the motor part, slide up the
cover of the opening (6). Insert the
handblender attachment (9) into the
opening so that the marking on the
handblender attachment aligns with the
marking on the motor part. Then turn
the handblender 90° clockwise, until it
• Insert the handblender attachment
vertically into the vessel, before
switching on the appliance. The
handblender may not be immersed
more than 2/3 of the shaft.
• Press and hold the on/off switch as
long as you operate your handblender
• Should you want to blend directly in the
saucepan while cooking, take the pan
from the stove first and allow cooling
down to protect your handblender
attachment from overheating. Never
use the handblender attachment in very
hot or boiling ingredients.
• To turn off the appliance, release the
on/off switch, before taking the shaft
out of the vessel, then unplug.
• To remove the handblender attach-
ment, turn it 90° anti-clockwise and
pull it off.
Important: The beaker (10) may be used
only with the handblender attachment for
processing smaller quantities. It should
not be used with a whisk.
Using the chopper
attachment (C)
The chopper attachment is perfectly
suited for chopping meat, cheese,
92290708_M1000.indd 9
92290708_M1000.indd 9 31.05.12 13:50
31.05.12 13:50
Page: 9
onions, herbs, garlic, carrots, walnuts,
hazelnuts, almonds etc.
• Before chopping: Pre-cut meat,
cheese, onions, garlic, carrots (see
table on page 5), remove stalks from
herbs, un-shell nuts and remove bones,
tendons and gristle from meat.
• Place the chopper bowl (11c) on the
anti-slip base (11d).
• Caution: Carefully remove the plastic
cover from the blade (11b). The blade
is very sharp! Always hold it by the
upper plastic part.
• Place the blade insert on the centre pin
of the chopper bowl and press it down
until it locks.
• Fill the food into the chopper bowl.
• Put the chopper lid (11a) on the
chopper bowl and make sure it is
properly fitted.
• To attach the motor part, slide up the
cover of the opening (6) and insert the
pin of the chopper lid into it, so that the
marking on the chopper lid aligns with
the marking on the motor part. Then
turn the motor part 90° clockwise, until
it locks.
• Keep the on/off switch pressed down
as long as you operate your chopper
attachment and always hold the motor
part with your hand. For chopping hard
goods (e.g. hard cheese), use the turbo
speed setting.
• When chopping cooked food, allow it
to cool down for a few minutes before
putting it into the chopper bowl.
• Turn the appliance off by releasing the
switch and unplug it, before you start
• To remove the motor part, hold the
chopper attachment with one hand,
turn the motor part 90° anti-clockwise
and lift it off.
• Remove the blade insert, before you
remove the processed food from the
chopper bowl.
Important: Do not chop extremely hard
food, such as ice cubes, nutmeg, coffee
beans or grains.
The anti-slip base also serves as air-tight
lid for the chopper bowl.
Recipe example:
Dried Fruit in Vanilla-Honey
(as a pancake stuffing or spread)
(Use the chopper attachment (11),
speed: turbo)
Fill 300 g creamy honey, 150 g prunes
and 150 g dried figs into the chopper
bowl and chop 10 seconds, then add
100 ml water and 3 drops vanilla aroma
and resume chopping for 3 seconds.
Cleaning the appliance (D)
Always unplug the appliance before
The motor part and the chopper lid
should be cleaned with a damp cloth
only. Do not immerse these parts in water
or hold them under running water.
N.B.: When processing foods with colour
(e.g. carrots), the plastic parts of the
appliance can become discoloured.
Wipe these parts with vegetable oil,
before placing them in the dishwasher.
The dough hooks, whisks, the beaker,
the chopper bowl, anti-slip base and the
blade can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
The handblender attachment can only be
cleaned under running water. Do not
immerse it in water.
(available at Braun Service Centres;
however not in every country)
HC: High-speed chopper, ideal for herbs,
onions, garlic, chilis, nuts etc.
Subject to change without notice.
Please do not dispose of the
product in the household waste at
the end of its useful life. Disposal
can take place at a Braun Service
Centre or at appropriate collection points
provided in your country.
Nos produits sont conçus et fabriqués
pour satisfaire aux plus hautes exigences
de qualité, de fonctionnalité et de design.
Nous espèrons que votre nouveau prépa-
rateur culinaire Braun vous apportera
entière satisfaction.
Lisez le mode d’emploi attentivement
et en entier avant d’utiliser cet appareil.
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92290708_M1000.indd 10 31.05.12 13:50
31.05.12 13:50

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