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  • Brand: Braun
  • Product: Hand Blender
  • Model/name: HM 3100 WH
  • Filetype: PDF
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Type 4644
HM 3100
HM 3105
HM 3135
HM 3100
MultiMix 3
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Print Spec J 92194885 –
Stapled booklet, 120 x 200 mm, 84 pages (incl. 8 pages cover), 1/1c = black
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*certain models only
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Our products are engineered to meet the
highest standards of quality, functionality
and design. We hope you thoroughly
enjoy your new Braun appliance.
Please read the use instructions
carefully before using this appliance.
• The blades are very
sharp! To avoid injuries,
please handle blades with
utmost care.
• This appliance is designed
for household use only and
for processing normal
household quantities.
• The supply cord cannot be
replaced. If the cord is dam-
aged the appliance should
be scrapped.
• Always unplug or switch off
the appliance when it is left
unattended and before
assembling, disassembling,
cleaning and storing.
• Children shall not play with
the appliance. Cleaning and
user maintenance shall not
be made by children without
• This appliance can be used
by persons with reduced
physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lack of experi-
ence and knowledge if they
have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use
of the appliance in a safe way
and if they understand the
hazards involved.
• This appliance shall not be
used by children.
• Keep the appliance and its
cord out of reach of children.
• Be careful if hot liquid is
poured into the food proces-
sor or blender as it can be
ejected out of the appliance
due to a sudden steaming.
• Do not use any part in the
• Keep hands, hair, clothing,
as well as spatulas and other
utensils away from whisks
and dough hooks during
operation to prevent personal
injury. Do not contact moving
parts during operation.
1 Ejection button
2 On/off switch (I = on, 0 = off)
3 Speed selector
4 Motor part
5 Outlets for whisks / dough hooks
6 Outlet for handblender / chopper
6a Pusher
7 Dough hooks
8 Whisks
9 Handblender attachment
(if supplied)
10 Beaker
11 Chopper attachment (if supplied)
11a Chopper lid (with gear box)
11b Blade
11c Chopper bowl
11d Anti-slip ring
Maximum operating time:
with the dough hooks 5 minutes
with the whisks 15 minutes
Please clean all parts before using
for the first time – see paragraph
Using the handmixer (A)
The dough hooks are perfectly suited
for kneading yeast dough, pasta dough,
pastries, as well as for mixing heavy
minced meat doughs. Use the whisks
for mixing cake mixtures, sponges and
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Page: 9
mashed potatoes, as well as for whipping
cream (minimum 100 ml cream), egg
whites and creamy ingredients.
• Position the pusher (6a) as illustrated
and insert the dough hooks (7) or
whisks (8).
• Put the ingredients into a bowl.
• Depending on the application, select
speeds (1 … turbo) by turning the
speed selector (3). To avoid splashing,
always start with a low speed setting,
and then slowly increase the speed
while operating.
• Press the on/off switch (2) to turn the
appliance on and off.
• After use, unplug the appliance and
eject the dough hooks or whisks by
pressing the ejection button (1).
For best results:
– To obtain optimum results when
making cake mixtures, etc. all ingre-
dients should have the same tem-
perature. Butter, eggs, etc. should be
removed from the refrigerator some
time before they are being used.
– Whipped cream has more volume, if
the cream is well chilled before being
– Mashed potatoes will become more
creamy, if all ingredients are being
used as hot as possible (e.g. potatoes
immediately after boiling).
Using the handblender
attachment (B)
The handblender attachment blends and
mixes fast and easily. Use it to make
sauces, soups, mayonnaise, dietary and
baby food.
• Position the pusher (6a) as illustrated
and insert the handblender attachment.
Insert the handblender attachment (9)
into the opening so that the marking on
the handblender attachment aligns with
the marking on the motor part. Then
turn the handblender 90° clockwise,
until it locks.
• Insert the handblender attachment
vertically into the vessel, before switch-
ing on the appliance. The handblender
may not be immersed more than 2/3
of the shaft.
• To avoid splashing, always start with a
low speed setting, and then slowly
increase the speed while operating.
• Press and hold the on/off switch as
long as you operate your handblender
• When blending directly in the saucepan
while cooking, remove the pan from the
stove first to protect your handblender
from overheating.
• To turn off the appliance, release the
on/off switch, before taking the shaft
out of the vessel, then unplug.
• To remove the handblender attach-
ment, turn it 90° anti-clockwise and
pull it off.
Important: The beaker (10) may be used
only with the handblender attachment for
processing smaller quantities. It should
not be used with a whisk.
Using the chopper
attachment (C)
The chopper attachment is perfectly
suited for chopping meat, cheese,
onions, herbs, garlic, carrots, walnuts,
hazelnuts, almonds etc.
• Before chopping: Pre-cut meat,
cheese, onions, garlic, carrots (see
table on page 5), remove stalks from
herbs, un-shell nuts and remove bones,
tendons and gristle from meat.
• Always make sure that the anti-slip ring
(11d) is attached to the bowl.
• Caution: Carefully remove the plastic
cover from the blade (11b). The blade
is very sharp! Always hold it by the
upper plastic part.
• Place the blade on the centre pin of the
chopper bowl and press it down until it
• Fill the food into the chopper bowl.
• Put the chopper lid (11a) on the chop-
per bowl and make sure it is properly
• Position the pusher (6a) as illustrated
and insert the pin of the chopper lid
into it, so that the marking on the
chopper lid aligns with the marking on
the motor part. Then turn the motor
part 90° clockwise, until it locks.
• Always start with a low speed setting,
and then slowly increase the speed
while operating.
• Keep the on/off switch pressed down
as long as you operate your chopper
attachment and always hold the motor
part with your hand. For chopping hard
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Page: 10
goods (e.g. hard cheese), use the turbo
speed setting.
• When chopping cooked food, allow it
to cool down for a few minutes before
putting it into the chopper bowl.
• Turn the appliance off by releasing the
switch and unplug it, before you start
• To remove the motor part, hold the
chopper attachment with one hand,
turn the motor part 90° anti-clockwise
and lift it off.
• Remove the blade insert, before you
remove the processed food from the
chopper bowl.
Important: Do not chop extremely hard
food, such as ice cubes, nutmeg, coffee
beans or grains.
Recipe example:
Vanilla-Honey-Prunes (as a pancake
stuffing or spread):
• Fill the chopper bowl (11) with 300 g
prunes and 300 g creamy honey.
• Chop 10 seconds at maximum speed.
• Add 100 ml water (vanilla-flavoured).
• Resume chopping for another
3 seconds.
Cleaning the appliance (D)
Always unplug the appliance before
• The motor part (4) should be cleaned
with a damp cloth only. Do not immerse
it in water or hold it under running water.
• The handblender attachment (9) and
the chopper lid (11a) can only be
cleaned under running water. Do not
immerse them in water.
• All other parts can be cleaned in the
When processing foods with colour (e.g.
carrots), the plastic parts of the appliance
can become discoloured. Wipe these
parts with vegetable oil before cleaning.
Subject to change without notice.
Please do not dispose of the
product in the household waste at
the end of its useful life. Disposal
can take place at a Braun Service
Centre or at appropriate collection points
provided in your country.
For UK Only
Guarantee Information
All Braun Household products carry a
minimum guarantee period of two years.
The rights and benefits under this
guarantee are additional to your statutory
rights which are not affected.
Please keep your receipt as this will
form the basis of your guarantee.
In the unlikely event of a breakdown you
have access to professional help from our
team simply by calling:
02392 392333
For service in the Republic of Ireland
please call:
Braun Household undertakes within the
specified period to repair or replace any
part of the appliance, free of charge (with
the exception of any glass or porcelain-
ware incorporated in the product) found
to be defective provided that;
• We are promptly informed of the defect.
• The product is used and maintained in
accordance with the User Instructions.
• The appliance has not been altered in
any way or subjected to misuse or repair
by a person other than an authorised
service agent for Braun Household.
• No rights are given under this
guarantee to a person acquiring the
appliance second hand or for
commercial or communal use.
• Any repaired or replaced appliance will
be guaranteed on these terms for the
unexpired portion of the guarantee.
• The need for repair has not been caused
by insufficient aftercare or cleaning: or
damage caused by the chemical or
electrochemical effects of water.
Under no circumstances shall the
application of this guarantee give rise to
the complete replacement of the appliance
or entitle the consumer to damages.
Braun Household, New Lane, Havant,
Hampshire PO9 2NH
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