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  • Brand: Braun
  • Product: Hairdryer
  • Model/name: HD 710 Satin Hair 7
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovene, Croatian, Ukrainian

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Hair Dryer
HD 730
HD 710
Type 3549
Satin•Hair 7
Satin Hair 7
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Braun Infolines
DE/AT 00 800 27 28 64 63
CH 08 44 - 88 40 10
UK 0800 783 7010
IE 1 800 509 448
FR 0 800 944 802
BE 0 800 14 592
ES 901 11 61 84
PT 808 20 00 33
IT (02) 6 67 86 23
NL 0 800-445 53 88
DK 70 15 00 13
NO 22 63 00 93
SE 020 - 21 33 21
FI 020 377 877
PL 801 127 286
801 1 BRAUN
CZ 221 804 335
SK 02/5710 1135
HU (06-1) 451-1256
HR 091 66 01 777
SI 080 2822
TR 0 800 261 63 65
RO 021-224.00.47
RU 8 800 200 20 20
UA 0 800 505 000
HK 852-25249377
(Audio Supplies Company Ltd.)
Braun GmbH
Frankfurter Straße 145
61476 Kronberg/Germany
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Carefully read the use instructions before use.
• Plug your hairdryer into an alternating current
(~) outlet only and be sure that your house-
hold voltage corresponds to the voltage
marked on the hairdryer.
• This appliance must never be used near
water (e.g. a filled wash basin, bathtub
or shower). Do not allow the appliance to
become wet.
• When using the hairdryer in a bathroom, always
unplug it after use. Even a switched-off hair-
dryer presents a hazard if not unplugged.
• For additional protection, it is advisable to
install a residual current device (RCD) with a
rated residual operating current not exceeding
30 mA in the electrical circuit of your bath-
room. Ask your installer for advice.
• Care should be taken not to block the inlet
and outlet grill when the hairdryer is switched
• If either grill becomes blocked, the hairdryer
will automatically cut out. After cooling for a
few minutes, it will switch back on auto-
• Do not wrap the mains cord around the appli-
• Regularly check the mains cord for wear or
damage, particularly where it enters the
product and the plug. If you have any doubt
about its condition take the appliance to your
nearest Braun Service Centre for checking/
repair. The mains cord of the appliance may
only be replaced by an authorised Braun
Service Centre. Unqualified repair work can
lead to extreme hazards for the user.
• This appliance can be used by children aged
from 8 years and above and persons with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capa-
bilities or lack of experience and knowledge
if they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning the safe use of the
appliance and understand the hazards
involved. Children shall not play with the
appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance
shall not be made by children unless they are
older than 8 years and supervised.
1 Switch
2 «satin protect™» button
3 Cold shot button
4 Protection filter
5 Ion switch with light
6 Concentrator nozzle
7 Diffusor attachment (only with HD 730 model)
Switch (1)
Two airflow and three temperature settings allow you to
personalize your hairdryer for a fast and efficient, but also
gentle drying.
Airflow Temperature
II high high III
I low medium II
O off low I
«satin protect™» Drying
By sliding up the «satin protect» button (2), you can reduce
the temperature setting, thus increasing the variety of
settings. «satin protect» makes drying even gentler by
avoiding high temperatures. This protects the hair texture.
IONTEC is a technology which is specifically developed to
protect the health of your hair. It restores the moisture
balance of your hair that usually gets lost during styling with
excessive heat.
The IONTEC technology produces a rich stream of satin ions
that envelop every single hair. The ions calm hair, reducing
frizz and static to reveal your hair’s natural beauty and shine.
• Push the ion switch (5). When hairdryer is in operation, the
ion light shines to show that ions are generated.
• To obtain optimal results with the IONTEC technology, use
the hairdryer without attachments.
• The effect of ions is less apparent when used in high
humidity environment.
Optimal styling with the IONTEC technology
Even if you normally use the hairdryer with attachment, finish
your styling without attachment to ensure maximum flow of
ions and a smoother, shinier, healthier looking result.
Cold shot (3)
To fix a style with cold air, press the cold shot button.
Protection filter (4)
Regularly wipe the filter clean. For a thorough cleaning,
remove the filter and clean it under running water.
Concentrator nozzle (6)
For precise styling use the concentrator nozzle.
Volume diffusor (7)
(only with HD 730 model)
Attaching the diffusor (b)
• Align the notches on the rim of the diffusor attachment
with the slots in the hair dryer.
• Push the attachment onto the hairdryer, then turn clock-
wise until the bayonet lock clicks into place.
• To remove the diffusor, turn in the opposite direction and
Volume styling
... Short to mid-length hair:
To add volume and root lift, gently guide the diffusor fingers
with a small circular motion over your scalp. Continue
section by section.
... Long hair:
First dry hair ends by placing them onto the finger plate.
Then, with the diffusor, carefully lift the hair to your head and
hold. Finish off the roots with a gentle circular movement of
the diffusor fingers on the scalp to add some lift.
Subject to change without notice.
Please do not dispose of the product in the household
waste at the end of its useful life. Disposal can take
place at a Braun Service Centre or at appropriate
collection points provided in your country.
We grant a 2 year guarantee on the product commencing on
the date of purchase. Within the guarantee period we will
eliminate any defects in the appliance resulting from faults in
materials or workmanship, free of charge either by repairing
or replacing the complete appliance at our discretion.
This guarantee extends to every country where this
appliance is supplied by Braun or its appointed distributor.
This guarantee does not cover: damage due to improper
use, normal wear or use as well as defects that have a
negligible effect on the value or operation of the appliance.
The guarantee becomes void if repairs are undertaken by
unauthorised persons and if original Braun parts are not
To obtain service within the guarantee period, hand in or
send the complete appliance with your sales receipt to
an authorised Braun Customer Service Centre (address
information available online at
For UK only:
This guarantee in no way affects your rights under statutory
Avant la première utilisation de cet appareil, prenez le temps
de lire le mode d’emploi complètement et attentivement.
• Branchez votre appareil uniquement sur
courant alternatif (~) et assurez vous que la
tension correspond bien à celle indiquée sur
votre appareil.
• Cet appareil ne doit jamais être utilisé
sous la douche ou à proximité de l’eau
(ex. au dessus d’un évier ou d’une baignoire
remplie d’eau). Ne jamais laisser l’appareil se
• Débranchez systématiquement après utilisa-
tion. Même s’il est arrêté, l’appareil présente
toujours un risque quand il est à proximité
• Pour une protection supplémentaire, il est con-
seillé de faire installer un disjoncteur différentiel
n’excédant pas 30 mA de courant de fuite
maximum admis dans le circuit d’alimentation
de sa salle de bains. Demander conseil à son
• Prendre soin de ne pas obstruer les grilles
d’arrivée et de sortie d’air lorsque le sèche-
cheveux fonctionne. Si l’une de celles-ci est
obstruée, le sèche-cheveux s’arrête automa-
tiquement. Après un refroidissement de
quelques minutes, il se remettra en marche
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96148751_HD730_710.indd 3 14.02.13 11:28
14.02.13 11:28

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