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  • Brand: Braun
  • Product: Generator
  • Model/name: CareStyle 5 IS 5044
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovene, Croatian, Ukrainian

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Print Spec J 92194885 – Stapled booklet, 148 x 210 mm, 96 pages (incl. 8 pages cover), 1/1c = black
CareStyle 5
CareStyle 5
CareStyle 5
IS 5042
IS 5043
IS 5044
Ironing system
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CareStyle 5
CareStyle 5
*certain models only
SteamStation Carestyle 5 IS5044 - Explo Easy - KURTZ DESIGN 20.08.14
Precision Shot
Steam Button
8 9
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Before using the appliance, read the use
instruction completely. Keep the use
instruction during the entire life of the
‹ Make sure your voltage corresponds
to the voltage printed on the iron.
‹ This appliance can be used by children
aged from 8 years and above and
persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or lack
of experience and knowledge if they
have been given supervision or
instruction concerning use of the
appliance in a safe way and
understand the hazards involved.
Children shall not play with the
appliance. Cleaning and user
maintenance shall not be made by
children unless they are older than 8
years and supervised.
‹ During operation and cool-down the
appliance and its mains cord shall be
kept out of reach of children under 8
‹ Caution: Hot surfaces! Electric
ironing stations combine high
temperatures and hot steam that could
lead to burns.
‹ Always unplug the station before filling
with water.
‹ Do not open the boiler during ironing.
‹ The cords should never come in
contact with hot objects, the soleplate
or water.
‹ Never immerse the iron and station in
water or other liquids.
‹ The appliance must be used and
rested on a stable surface.
‹ During ironing pauses, place the iron
upright on its heel rest or on the iron
rest. Ensure that the heel rest is placed
on a stable surface.
‹ The appliance must not be left
unattended while it is connected to the
mains supply.
‹ The appliance must not to be used if it
has dropped, if there are visible signs
of damage or if it is leaking. Regularly
check the cords for damages.
‹ Braun electric appliances meet
applicable safety standards. Repairs
or the replacement of the main cord
must only be done by authorized
service personnel. Faulty, unqualified
repair work may cause considerable
hazards to the user.
Steam Station
1 	 Display
2 	 On/Off button
3 	 Eco button
4 	 Clean system button
5 	 Iron rest
6 	 Water tank
7 	 Power cord
8 	 Threaded cap
9 	 Cleaning cap
10 	 Lock system (certain models only)
11 	 Steam button
12 	 Temperature control light
13 	 Precision shot button (certain models only)
14	 Double cord
15	 Heel rest
(A) Filling the water tank
•	 Make sure that the appliance is switched off and
the system is unplugged.
•	 Open the cap of the water tank (6).
•	 Fill the water tank with tap water, taking care not
to exceed the “max“ level but at least up to the
mark “min” otherwise the appliance is not ready
to start ironing. If you have extremely hard water,
we recommend that you use a mixture of 50 %
tap water and 50 % distilled water.
•	 Never use distilled water exclusively. Do not add
any additives (e.g. starch). Do not use
condensation water from a tumble dryer.
•	 Close the cap of the water tank.
•	 Place the appliance on a stable, level surface
(like a table or the floor).
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Low Water
•	 When the water level is low, the icon is
permanently on.
•	 The icons / turn off
•	 If you want to continue steam ironing, refill the
tank of the steam station (A).
(B) Start ironing
•	 Place the iron on the iron rest (5) or on its heel
rest (15), plug in the appliance and press the on/
off switch on the station (2).
•	 After switch ON, the related icon in the display (1)
is permanently on.
•	 At the same time the icon in the display (1)
will start to blink until steam is ready. This steam
setting is suitable for garments like cotton and
linen. Note: during the blinking in the display, the
steam function is deactivated.
•	 Once the conditions have been reached, the icon
will stay permanently on.
•	 The iron will start to heat up: During this, the
temperature control light on the iron (12) is
•	 Thanks to the ultimate iCare technology, the
system has one temperature setting which is
perfectly suitable for all garments.
•	 Once the temperature setting is reached, the
temperature control light is permanently on.
•	 For steam ironing press the steam button (11)
below the iron handle. Steam will come out from
all the holes in the soleplate.
•	 For dry ironing just stop pressing the steam
button (11) or precision shot button(13). Take
care that after 10 minutes of dry ironing, the
appliance will turn into the stand-by mode.
•	 The unique round shape of the 3D eloxal
soleplate ensures best gliding results on difficult
parts (e. g. buttons, pockets and tough wrinkles).
•	 Double trigger: Press twice the steam button
(11). There will be a steam emission for a few
seconds. To stop this function, press the button
(11) again.
•	 Vertical steam: The iron can be used as well for
steaming hanging clothes (B).
When starting the ironing session or when you have
not used the steam function for some time, the
steam still present in the supply hose will condense
into water. This may cause some spluttering in the
appliance and a few drops of water may come out
from the soleplate.
ECO Function
•	 For ironing with lower steam press the ECO
button (3) and the icon turns permanently
•	 Lower steam is suggested for most delicate
garments like silk, wool and synthetics.
•	 From 2nd switch on, the appliance works based
on the latest set function. To return to the normal
steam function press the ECO button again.
(C) Precision shot
•	 Press the precision shot button (13) completely
down to activate it.
•	 Steam is coming out of the tip area of the iron
•	 To stop this function just release the button (13).
•	 If you don‘t press it down completely, some
steam may also come out from the rear steam
holes in the soleplate.
(D) Stand-by
The system (steam iron and steam station) will turn
into the stand by mode to have a power
consumption reduction. When the system is going
into the stand-by mode, the icon is blinking.
It is activated:
•	 after 10 minutes without pressing the steam
button (11).
•	 after 10 minutes if the icon is activated, water
tank is not refilled and if there is no steam
To turn the system ON again, the ON/OFF button
(2) has to be pressed. Before start ironing again
wait until the temperature control light (12) has
turned continuously on.
After ironing
•	 Press the On/Off button to turn off the appliance
•	 Unplug and let the appliance cool down before
•	 Empty the water tank.
•	 For models with lock system, lock the iron.
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(E) Lock system
The lock system can be used for a safe and easy
storage of the steam station and the iron.
Do not lift or carry the appliance on the handle of
the locked iron.
•	 Place the soleplate into the recess on the iron
•	 Press down the iron until you hear a “click” and
the iron will be locked automatically.
•	 To unlock the iron slide the locking system
forward. The iron will be released
(F) Decalcifying / Clean system
To maintain optimum performance, the system
needs to be decalcified after every 15 liters of water
consumption (about 10 complete refills). The icon
(4) is blinking.
•	 First unplug the appliance. Wait until the
appliance has cooled down completely.
•	 Empty the water tank.
•	 Take the iron aside (if applicable unlock the iron).
•	 Unscrew the threaded cap (8) positioned on the
•	 steam station side and unscrew the cleaning cap
•	 Fill in 500 ml tap water.
•	 Screw the cleaning cap to close the steam
•	 Shake the steam station to rinse, then empty the
•	 Repeat procedure one more time.
•	 After having finished this cleaning procedure,
switch on the steam station (2) and press the
clean system button (4) for 2 seconds to reset.
In case the appliance is switched off without
cleaning, just after the next plug-in the icon (4)
starts blinking again.
(G) Cleaning and maintenance
•	 Before cleaning, always make sure that the
appliance is unplugged and has cooled down.
•	 Wipe the soleplate clean with a cloth.
•	 Never use scouring pads, vinegar or other
•	 To clean the soft material on the handle use a
damp cloth.
For UK Only
Guarantee Information
All Braun Household products carry a minimum
guarantee period of two year. The rights and
benefits under this guarantee are additional to your
statutory rights which are not affected.
Please keep your receipt as this will form the basis
of your guarantee.
In the unlikely event of a breakdown you have
access to professional help from our team simply by
02392 392333
For service in the Republic of Ireland please call:
Braun Household undertakes within the specified
period to repair or replace any part of the appliance,
free of charge (with the exception of any glass or
porcelain-ware incorporated in the product) found
to be defective provided that;
•	 We are promptly informed of the defect.
•	 The product is used and maintained in
accordance with the User Instructions.
•	 The appliance has not been altered in any way or
subjected to misuse or repair by a person other
than an authorised service agent for Braun
•	 No rights are given under this guarantee to a
person acquiring the appliance second hand or
for commercial or communal use.
•	 Any repaired or replaced appliance will be
guaranteed on these terms for the unexpired
portion of the guarantee.
•	 The need for repair has not been caused by
insufficient aftercare or cleaning: or damage
caused by the chemical or electrochemical
effects of water.
Under no circumstances shall the application of this
guarantee give rise to the complete replacement of
the appliance or entitle the consumer to damages.
Braun Household, New Lane, Havant, Hampshire
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Trouble shooting guide
The appliance does not switch on. The appliance is not plugged into a
mains socket.
Make sure the appliance is correctly
connected and press the on/off button.
Steam comes out under the steam
The “max” pressure safety system has
Turn the appliance off immediately and
contact an authorised Braun Customer
There are some water drops from the
holes in the bottom of the sole plate.
Water has condensed inside the tubes
because steam is being used for the
first time, or has not been used for
some time.
Press the steam button several times
away from the ironing board. This will
eliminate cold water from the steam
Brown coloured fluid leaks from the sole
Chemical water softeners or additives
have been poured into the water tank or
steam generator.
Never pour products into the water tank.
Clean the sole plate with a damp cloth.
The first time the appliance is
turned on, you notice smoke
Some parts have been treated with
sealer/lubricant which evaporates the
first time the iron heats up.
This is normal and will stop when you
have used the iron a few times.
The appliance emits an intermittent
noise associated with vibrations.
Water is being pumped into the steam
This is completely normal
The appliance emits a continuous
noise associated with vibrations.
Unplug the system from the mains and
contact an authorised Braun Customer
The steam generator cap is difficult to
Limescale has made the steam
generator cap difficult to open
Turn the cap forcefully. To avoid the
problem, rinse the steam generator
After topping up with water, the light
does not reset.
The water float doesn’t work
Empty the water tank, rinse out it and
All LEDs are blinking System error Unplug the system, plug it again and
press ON/off button. If this problem is
still present, Turn the appliance off
immediately and contact an authorised
Braun Customer Services.
The icons and are blinking Accidentally the reset button was
pressed instead of ON/OFF button.
Unplug and plug again
Subject to change without notice. Please do
not dispose the product in the household
waste at the end of its useful life. Disposal
can take place at a Braun Service Centre or
at appropriate collection points provided in your
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