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  • Brand: Braun
  • Product: Clock
  • Model/name: ABW 32 Type 3835
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

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Bitte führen Sie das Gerät am Ende seiner
Lebensdauer den zur Verfügung stehenden
Rückgabe- und Sammelsystemen zu.
2 Jahre Garantie für Material- und Herstellungsfehler
(ausgenommen Batterie). Die Garantie kann in allen
Ländern in Anspruch genommen werden, in denen
die Uhr von Braun oder ihren autorisierten Händlern
verkauft wird.
Nur für Deutschland
Haben Sie Fragen zu Ihrer Braun-Uhr?
Dann können Sie sich an die Braun Infoline wenden:
00 800 27 28 64 63.
This product has been made to the highest standards
of quality, functionality and design. We hope that it
will give you many years of satisfaction.
The Braun time control classic is set and controlled
automatically by the long wave radio signal of the
German time transmitter DCF 77 (Central European
Time). The transmitter is situated at Mainflingen,
24 km south of Frankfurt/Main.
It uses as time source the caesium atomic clock of
the Federal Physical Technical Institute in Brunswick.
The radio signal can be received within a minimum
radius of 1000 km of the transmitter depending on the
position of the clock and the local conditions.
Interference can occur as with any radio receiver,
f. ex. caused by external factors such as TV sets,
computers or radios, or by metal paneling in or on
buildings (see separate paragraph «Interference»).
This appliance operates with one AA 1.5 V battery.
For best performance, use an alkaline manganese
battery (type LR 6, MN 1500, AM 3, AA, e.g. Duracell).
Do not use rechargeable batteries, since their voltage
level is too low. Make sure the battery poles are
properly inserted.
Used batteries should not be disposed of with
the household waste. Please dispose of them
at special collection points or return them to
your retailer.
After inserting the battery, the hands are moving with
increased speed towards the reference position at
12 o'clock.
The display (1) shows a flashing «12», then «00» and
finally, seconds are displayed. If valid time signal is
received (after 2–10 minutes), the minute and hour
hands move to the actual time position.
A time check is carried out every 12 hours (2:00 h and
14:00 h): The time is compared with the radio signal
and will be corrected, if necessary.
If signal reception at this point in time, should not be
possible the clock continues to run on its quartz
Should the reception be disturbed, the display (1)
shows «--». In this case, move the clock to another
position where reception is better.
If the clock is not being set automatically (no recep-
tion), it can be set manually.
Should contact to the radio signal be restored, the
time will automatically be adjusted according to the
signal received.
Setting the time manually
In the case of no reception during 10 minutes or if you
wish to set the time before reception, press the time
button (2).
– Press the time button repeatedly to move the
minute hand by minute steps.
– Keep the time button pressed down longer than 3
seconds to move the hands with increased speed.
With the next valid reception of the time signal, the
time will be adjusted automatically.
The clock may also be operated as a regular quartz
clock. If you press the time button (2) while inserting
the battery, the clock will work in its quartz mode and
not receive any radio signal. The display shows «--».
Use the time button to set the time. In order re-
activate the radio control feature, press the «reset»
button (3).
Time button functions
When briefly pressing the time button (2), you can
toggle the display modes between seconds, date and
time zone (only in the radio control mode).
In the quartz mode, you can use the time button to set
the time.
Reset function
If the clock runs on quartz mode, press the «reset»
button (3) to switch back to the radio control mode.
Battery check system
If the battery is running low, the display (1) shows a
flashing «bc». Insert a new battery.
Changing the time zone
After a valid reception of the time signal, the time can
no longer be set manually. In this case, the time
button (2) can be used for changing the time zone.
Briefly press the time button until the display shows
«+1» (time zone for Germany: GMT + 1 hour).
Keep the time button pressed down longer than 3
seconds to activate the time zone mode. Each time
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