Suntec user manuals


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Suntec Advance MM
Suntec Dynamic 2.0
Suntec Dynamic 6.0
Suntec Dynamic 7.0
Suntec Dynamic 8.0
Suntec Dynamic 9.0
Suntec Pro 18.000
Suntec Transform 10500
Suntec Transform 12000
Suntec Transform 14000
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Suntec Heat Wave Style 2000
Suntec Heat Wave Style 1500
Suntec Heat Wave Style 1000
Suntec Heat Wave 2000
Suntec Heat Wave 1500
Suntec Heat Wave 1000
Suntec Heat Safe compact 900
Suntec Heat Tower PTC 2000 OSC
Suntec Heat Safe compact 600
Suntec Heat Safe compact 1500
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Suntec Night Sun
Suntec Air Booster 2000 OSC

Household fans

Suntec CoolBreeze 7400 TV
Suntec CoolBreeze 4000 SVM
Suntec CoolBreeze 3500 BV
Suntec CoolBreeze Sensation Desk+
Suntec CoolBreeze 9000 TO Slim+
Suntec CoolBreeze 9000 TO Sensation+
Suntec CoolBreeze 5000 SVM
Suntec CoolBreeze 5000 BV
Suntec CoolBreeze 4000 TV
Suntec CoolBreeze 4000 SV-RC
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Suntec DryFix EQ10
Suntec DryFix 4000
Suntec DryFix 3500
Suntec DryFix 3000
Suntec DryFix 20 Pure
Suntec DryFix 20 Lumio
Suntec DryFix 20 Design
Suntec DryFix 10 Pure
Suntec Monsun Travel
Suntec Klimatronic Monsun 100

Not categorized

Suntec Klimatronic Advance 7.0 Eco R290