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  • Brand: Bosch
  • Product: Coffee maker
  • Model/name: Styline TKA8653
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, , Russian

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TKA863. | TKA865.   07/2011
Congratulations on purchasing this
Bosch appliance.
You have acquired a high-quality
product that will bring you a lot of
Please read the operating instructions
carefully and keep them for future
This instruction manual describes two
–	TKA863.
Model with glass carafe
–	TKA865.
Model with thermos carafe
Safety instructions
This appliance is designed for domestic use
or for use in non-commercial, household-
like environments, such as staff kitchens in
shops, offices, agricultural and other small
businesses or for use by guests at bed-and-
breakfast establishments, small hotels and
similar residential facilities.
!  	Risk of electric shock
Connect and operate the appliance only in
accordance with the specifications on the
rating label.
Do not use if either the power cord or the
appliance is damaged.
Keep children away from the appliance.
Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.
This appliance is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
or lack of experience and knowledge,
unless they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning use of the appliance
by a person responsible for their safety.
Unplug after every use or if defective.
Repairs to the appliance, such as replacing
a damaged power cord, may only be carried
out by our customer service in order to
avoid risks.
The power cord should not
–	touch hot parts;
–	be pulled over sharp edges;
–	be used as a carrying handle.
Never place the appliance or the carafe
on or near hot surfaces such as stovetops.
Use the carafe only with this appliance and
only for making coffee.
Never cover the hotplate.
During operation, only touch the machine
parts using the handles provided.
Never leave the coffee machine
unattended while it is in use!
Parts and operating
	 1	Water tank with fill level indicator
	 2	Water tank cover (removable)
	 3	Filter housing (swivelling)
	 4	Filter holder (dishwasher-safe)
	 5	Drip stop
	 6	TKA863.	 Glass carafe with lid
TKA865.	 Thermos carafe with lid
	 7	Button O ON/OFF
	 8	K Low water indicator
	 9	start button
10	Descale button with indicator calc
11	Cable storage compartment
12	Clock
13	Programming button h
14	Programming button min
15	prog button
16	Display (automatic switch-off)
auto off
17	Measuring spoon
TKA863. only
18	 Hotplate
TKA865. only
19 Release switch (on carafe handle)
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Page: 11
Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH
8 en
Note: You may notice a „new machine“
smell; this is normal. If this is the case, fill
with a vinegar solution (1 cup of vinegar
for 5 cups of water) and run the cleaning
program. Next, rinse the machine twice with
6 cups of water.
●	Clean the carafe thoroughly.
Brewing coffee
●	Remove the water tank 1, fill it with water
and replace it.
●	Flip out the filter housing 3.
●	Insert a 1x4 paper filter in the filter holder
4 and add the desired amount of coffee.
●	Flip back the filter housing 3 until it
●	Place the carafe 6 with the lid closed
under the filter housing 3.
●	Press button 9 start to begin the brewing
●	At the same time, the auto off function is
activated; the display lights up.
TKA863. only
The machine has an automatic auto off
(power save) function, which switches the
machine to energy-saving mode after about
two hours.
TKA865. only
The machine has an automatic auto off
(power save) function, which switches the
appliance to energy-saving mode after
Tip: If you rinse out the thermos carafe
with hot water before use, the coffee will
stay warm even longer.
Important: When the brewing process
is complete, wait a moment until all the
coffee has run through the filter and into
the carafe.
Let the machine cool down for five
minutes before brewing a fresh pot.
General information
–	Fill water tank 1 with clean, cold water
only. Never add milk or beverages such
as tea or coffee since this will damage
the appliance.
–	Never fill water tank 1 above the marking
“8 À” (TKA865.) or “10 À” (TKA863.).
–	Use coffee with a medium grind (approx.
6 g per cup = level measuring spoon 17).
–	Do not brew less than the minimum
amount of three cups since the coffee
will not have the desired strength and
temperature (1 cup = approx. 125 ml).
–	Never remove the carafe 6 while the
machine is brewing coffee since this may
cause the filter holder 4 to overflow.
–	Make sure that carafe’s lid is closed
when you place the carafe 6 on the
coffee machine.
–	Do not use other carafes since the
special drip protector will block the coffee
from flowing into the receptacle.
–	Some water accumulation on the filter
holder 4 is normal; it does not indicate
that the coffee machine is defective.
Before using 	
for the first time
●	Remove any stickers or film.
●	Pull enough of the power cable out of the
storage compartment 11 and plug in.
●	Press button 7 O ON/OFF; the display
●	Set the current time by pressing button 	
13 h for the hour and button 14 min for
the minute.
Note: You can change the time. Press
buttons 13 h and 14 min simultaneously
and set the correct time.
●	To clean, fill water tank with 6 cups of
water and replace it. Press the start
button 9; cleaning program starts.
●	Repeat the cleaning process.
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Page: 12
TKA863. | TKA865.   07/2011
Low water indicator K
This coffee machine senses if the water
volume in the water tank is low (less than
approx. 4 cups).
If the water level is low, K lights up and
the machine automatically increases the
brewing time. This ensures that the coffee
retains its ideal flavour.
TKA865. only
Thermos carafe
Important: Never use the carafe for
keeping dairy products or baby food warm,
because bacteria may form. Do not heat
the carafe in the microwave or in a regular
oven. Never use the carafe to store or
transport carbonated beverages.
Carefully rinse the carafe after each use.
To keep the lid from permanently vacuum-
sealing itself shut, it was designed to not
close hermetically. Since the thermos carafe
may leak, you should always store and
transport it in an upright position.
The thermos carafe holds approximately 8
The lid of the thermos carafe can be
opened with the release switch 19.
●	Open lid (Fig. d)
●	Close lid (Fig. e)
●	Remove lid (Fig. f)
Timer function
This coffee machine is equipped with a
It lets you set the time at which the machine
will automatically start the brewing process.
The timer works only if the machine is
turned on or in power-save mode.
●	The clock must be set to the correct
current time.
●	Press and hold down the button 15 prog
while programming the timer (Fig. a).
●	Use button 13 h to set the hour and but-
ton 14 min to set the minute at which you
want the brewing to start. (Figs. b and c).
●	Release button 15 prog to save the
start time. The display 12 shows a little
clock to indicate that the timer function is
●	Fill the machine with water and coffee as
usual and place the carafe 6 under the
filter housing 3.
●	The brewing process will start
automatically at the set time; the little
clock disappears.
Note: To check the programmed time,
press and hold down the button 15 prog.
Turning the timer function on/off
Press button 15 prog. If the little clock
lights up, the timer function is on. If the little
clock turns off, the timer function is off.
Note: If you turn off the coffee machine
with button 7 or the power supply is
interrupted (plug not plugged in, power
failure), the clock and timer settings will be
stored for approximately four days. If the
power interruption lasts longer, you must
reset the clock.
Tip: If you do not use the appliance for a
longer period of time, turn it off with button 7.
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Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH
10 en
Coffee-making tips
Store ground coffee in a cool place; you
can also freeze it.
Once a package of coffee has been
opened, close it tightly to maintain its
How the coffee beans are roasted affects
their taste and aroma.
Darker roast	= more flavour
Lighter roast	= more acidity
Never immerse the device in water or place
it in the dishwasher!
Don’t steam-clean the appliance.
Unplug the appliance before cleaning it.
–	Clean all parts that came into contact
with coffee after each use.
–	Clean the coffee machine’s exterior
with a damp cloth; do not use strong or
abrasive cleaning agents.
–	Clean the water tank 1 under running
water; don’t use a firm brush.
TKA863. only
–	The glass carafe 6 and its lid are
TKA865. only
–	Rinse out the thermos carafe 6 and lid
and wipe its exterior clean with a damp
cloth. Do not submerse the carafe in the
dishwater or place it in the dishwasher.
	 Tip: Stubborn water deposits can be
removed with a solution of baking soda,
dishwasher powder or effervescent
denture cleaning tablets.
–	To prevent bad odors and bacteria from
forming, store the thermos carafe with
the lid open.
This appliance is equipped with an
automatic descaling indicator. If calc
indicator lights up, the machine needs to be
Regular descaling
–	makes your appliance last longer,
–	ensures proper function,
–	prevents excessive steam,
–	speeds up the brewing process,
–	saves energy.
Descale the machine with a commercial
descaling agent.
●	The appliance must be switched on.
●	Make sure that carafe’s lid is closed when
you place the carafe 6 on the coffee
●	Prepare the descaling solution according
to the manufacturer’s instructions and
pour it into the water tank 1.
Warning: Do not fill with more than 6
●	Press and hold down the button descale
10 calc for at least 2 seconds. The
descaling process starts.
●	The program interrupts the process
several times for a few minutes in order
to let the descaling agent penetrate the
deposits. The entire descaling process
takes about 30 minutes. When the
program is running, the display calc will
●	When the descaling process is complete,
the display calc will no longer light up.
Operate the machine twice using clean
water, without coffee. Do not fill the tank
with more than 6 cups of water.
●	Carefully rinse all removable parts and
the carafe.
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Page: 14
TKA863. | TKA865.   07/2011
The machine takes noticeably longer
or switches itself off before the brewing
process is complete.
The machine needs descaling.
●	Descale the machine as per the
instructions. To start the descaling
program, press and hold button 10 calc
for at least two seconds.
Tip: If your water is very hard, descale
the coffee machine more frequently than
requested by the calc indicator.
The drip stop 5 leaks.
It needs to be cleaned.
●	Clean drip stop 5 (in filter holder 4) under
running water while cleaning it several
times with your finger.
Disposal A
This appliance is labelled in accordance
with the European Directive 2002/96/EG
relating to waste electrical and electronic
equipment – WEEE. The directive provides
the framework for the EU-wide take-back
and disposal of end-of-life appliances.
Please ask your specialist retailer about
current disposal facilities.
The guarantee conditions for this appliance
are as defined by our representative in the
country in which it is sold. Details regarding
these conditions can be obtained from
the dealer from whom the appliance was
purchased. The bill of sale or receipt must
be produced when making any claim under
the terms of this guarantee.
Right of modification reserved.
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Hi, I have the bosch TKA8653. The low water light indicator turned off one time when I made 2 cups of coffee only. Since then the light for the indicator will not turn off even when I make more than 3 cups. PLease advise. Celine

Published on 1 year ago by Celine

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