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  • Brand: Bosch
  • Product: Refrigerator
  • Model/name: KGE36AI40
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Czech, Slovak, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, English, German, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, Slovene

Table of Contents

Page: 8
enTable of ContentsenInstallationinstructionsFree-standingappliance
Using the installation
Please fold out the illustrated last page.
These installation instructions refer to
several models.
The diagrams may differ.
Installation location
A dry, well ventilated room is suitable as
an installation location. The installation
location should not be exposed to direct
sunlight and not placed near a heat
source, e.g. a cooker, radiator, etc. If
installation next to a heat source is
unavoidable, use a suitable insulating
plate or observe the following minimum
distances from the heat source:
■ 3 cm to electric or gas cookers.
■ 30 cm to an oil or coal-fired cooker.
The floor of the installation location must
not give way; if required, reinforce floor.
The appliance must be upright.
Distance from wall
Appliances with fitted handles must be
situated at least 50 mm from the wall on
the hinge side so that the door can be
opened by 90°.
Appliances with internal handles can be
placed right up to the side wall.
Page: 9
Changing over
the door hinges
(if required)
We recommend that you have the door
hinges changed over by our customer
service. You can find out the costs for
changing over the door hinges from your
appropriate customer service.
While changing over the door hinges,
ensure that the appliance is not
connected to the power supply. Pull out
the mains plug beforehand. To prevent
damaging the back of the appliance,
place adequate padding underneath.
Carefully place the appliance on its back.
Installation in numerical sequence.
Fig. 1
If the appliance is placed on its back,
ensure that the wall spacer is not fitted.
Changing the door
(if required)
Installation in numerical sequence.
Attached handle
Fig. 2
Internal handle
Fig. 3
Fitting the wall spacer
Fit wall spacers to obtain the indicated
energy absorption of the appliance. A
reduced wall gap will not restrict the
function of the appliance. The energy
absorption may then change slightly.
Fig. 4
Installation in numerical sequence.
Aligning the appliance
Place the appliance in the designated
location and align. The appliance must
be level. If the floor is uneven, use
the front height-adjustable feet. Adjust
the height-adjustable feet with a wrench.

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