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  • Brand: Bosch
  • Product: Bench grinder
  • Model/name: GSM 200 D Professional
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Turkish

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EURO • Printed in Germany • BA 1 609 929 488 • GSM 175/200 D • U 2
2 • 1 609 929 488 • 02.08
a b c
GSM 175 175 x 25 x 32 A 36 2 608 600 109
175 x 25 x 32 A 60 2 608 600 110
a b c
GSM 200, GSM 200 D 200 x 25 x 32 A 36 2 608 600 111
200 x 25 x 32 A 60 2 608 600 112
200 x 25 x 32 C 50 2 608 600 106
20 x 25 x 32 1 607 929 000
1 609 929 488 - Buch Seite 2 Donnerstag, 15. August 2002 9:24 09
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EURO • Printed in Germany • BA 1 609 929 488 • GSM 175/200 D • GB
English - 1
Measured values determined according to
EN 61 029.
Typically the A-weighted sound pressure level of
the product is 72 dB (A).
The noise level when working can exceed
85 dB (A).
Wear hearing protection!
The machine is intended for sharpening of tools
as well as for grinding and deburring metal.
Working safely with this ma-
chine is possible only when the
operating and safety information
are read completely and the in-
structions contained therein are
strictly followed. In addition, the
general safety notes in the en-
closed booklet must be ob-
served. Before using for the first
time, ask for a practical demon-
Wear safety goggles. When neces-
sary, also wear an apron. For long
hair, wear hair protection. Work
only with closely fitting clothes.
■ If the mains cable is damaged or cut through
while working, do not touch the cable but im-
mediately pull the mains plug. Never use the
machine with a damaged cable.
■ The machine may be connected only to properly
earthed mains. The socket and extension cable
must have a functional protective conductor.
■ The machine must be operated only with the
appertaining protective devices.
■ GSM 200 D: Connect the machine only to
sockets with protective contacts. The machine
may be connected to the mains supply only by
a qualified electrician.
■ Use only grinding wheels with an allowable
speed that is at least twice as high as the
no-load speed of the machine.
■ Check the grinding wheels before use. The grind-
ing wheels must be mounted properly and be
able to rotate freely. Carry out a test run without
load for at least 5 minutes. Do not use damaged,
out-of-round or vibrating grinding wheels.
■ Do not work with materials containing asbes-
■ Regularly check the clearances between
tool rest 11 and wheel guard 8 to the grind-
ing wheel and readjust, if required. The
clearances to the grinding wheel must not
exceed 2 mm.
■ For grinding, lower the spark guard 9 as far as
■ Apply the workpiece/tool only to the rotating
grinding wheel.
■ Never apply workpiece/tool sidewards against
the rotating grinding wheel, but grind only from
the front.
■ Never reach into the rotating grinding wheel.
■ Do not brake the grinding wheel by applying
sideward pressure to it.
■ When grinding metal, flying sparks are pro-
duced. Take care that no persons are endan-
gered. Due to danger of fire, no combustible
materials should be located in the vicinity
(spark flight zone).
Tool Specifications
Double Bench Grinder GSM 175 GSM 200 GSM 200 D
Order number 0 601 277 0.. 0 601 277 1.. 0 601 277 2..
Rated power consumption [W] 500 700 550/3-Phase
Output power [W] 360 500 400
No-load speed [rpm] 2 840 2 800 2 840
Grinder spindle thread M 10 M 10 M 10
Grinding Wheels
Ø x width [mm] 175 x 25 200 x 25 200 x 25
Mounting hole Ø [mm] 32 32 32
Abrasive 36/60 36/60 36/60
Weight (without
grinding wheels), approx. [kg] 14.3 16.2 15.6
Protection class / I / I / I
Please observe the order number of your machine. The trade names of the individual machines may vary.
Noise Information
Intended Use
For Your Safety
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9 • 1 609 929 488 • 02.08
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EURO • Printed in Germany • BA 1 609 929 488 • GSM 175/200 D • GB
English - 2
■ Never allow children to use the machine.
■ Bosch is only able to ensure perfect operation
of the machine if the original accessories in-
tended for it are used.
1 Protective cover
2 Clamping nut
3 Clamping flange
4 Mounting flange
5 Grinder spindle with spanner surfaces
6 Protective hood
7 On/Off switch
8 Wheel guard
9 Spark guard
10 Winged nut
11 Tool rest
Not all of the accessories illustrated or described are
included as standard delivery.
Guard plate/Spark shield
Attach wheel guard 8 as shown in Figure A,
spark guard 9 as shown in Figure B.
The distance between the grinding wheel and
guard plate must not exceed 2 mm. It must be
adjusted regularly to this dimension (Fig-
ure D). If the grinding wheel is worn down to the
point where the wheel guard 8 can no longer be
adjusted to this distance, the grinding wheel must
be replaces as soon as the distances reaches
5 mm.
Tool rest
Mount tool rest 11 as shown in Figure C.
The clearance between the grinding wheel
and the tool rest 11 must not be greater then
2 mm (Figure D).
Attach the machine to the work bench.
Electrical connection for grinder
GSM 200 D (3-Phase)
The machine is delivered without an electrical
plug and must be connected to the power
mains only by an electrical specialist.
When connecting, observe that the direction
of rotation of the machine is correct.
Observe correct mains voltage: The voltage of
the power source must agree with the voltage
specified on the nameplate of the machine.
Equipment marked with 230 V can also be con-
nected to 220 V.
Switching on: On/Off switch 7 to position I.
Switching off: On/Off switch 7 to position O.
Test run: Before using for the first time,
run machine for at least 5 min-
utes without load.
Dress a new grinding wheel with
a dressing stone.
■ Pull the plug from the socket.
Loosen the 3 screws of the protective cover 1
and remove the protective cover. Unscrew the
clamping nut 2 while holding the grinder spindle 5
with an open ended spanner on the spanner sur-
faces of the respective side.
Caution: Grinder spindle 5 has left-handed
threads on the left side!
Remove clamping flange 3 and grinding wheel.
The mounting of the new grinding wheel is per-
formed in the reverse order. Press the protective
cover 1 on firmly and tighten the screws.
Testing new grinding wheels
Use only original Bosch grinding wheels!
Damage to the original packaging could indicate
defects. Check before mounting that the grinding
wheel is free of damage.
The maximum allowable RPM of the grinding
wheels used must at least correspond to the
maximum no-load RPM of the machine.
Test run new grinding wheels at least 5 min-
utes and then dress with the dressing stone
Dress used, out of round grinding wheels
with the dressing stone (accessory) before
continuing to use.
Lay the workpiece to be ground on the tool
rest 11 and press lightly against the grinding
wheel. To achieve optimal grinding results, move
the workpiece lightly back and forth. This also
contributes to uniform wear of the grinding wheel.
Machine Elements
Initial Operation
Grinding Wheel Replacement
Operating Instructions
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10 • 1 609 929 488 • 02.08
Page: 9
EURO • Printed in Germany • BA 1 609 929 488 • GSM 175/200 D • GB
English - 3
Cool the workpiece in water from time to time.
For grinding hard metal workpieces, use silicon
carbide C grinding wheels (accessory).
Protect the grinding tool from impact, shock and
Do not work with materials containing asbes-
■ Before any work on the machine itself, pull
the mains plug.
☞ Always keep the machine clean.
If the machine should fail despite the care taken
in manufacturing and testing procedures, repair
should be carried out by an after-sales service
centre for Bosch power tools.
In all correspondence and spare parts orders,
please always include the 10-digit order number
given on the nameplate of the machine.
WARNING! This appliance must be earthed.
Important instructions for connecting a new
3-pin plug.
The wires in the cable are coloured according to
the following code:
Do not connect the blue or brown wire to the
earth terminal of the plug.
Important: If for any reason the moulded plug is
removed from the cable of this machine, it must
be disposed of safely.
Recycle raw materials instead of disposing as
The machine, accessories and packaging should
be sorted for environmental-friendly recycling.
These instructions are printed on recycled paper
manufactured without chlorine.
The plastic components are labelled for catego-
rized recycling.
Great Britain
Robert Bosch Ltd. (B.S.C.)
P.O. Box 98
Broadwater Park
North Orbital Road
GB-Middlesex UB 9 5HJ
✆ Service............................ +44 (0) 18 95 / 83 87 82
✆ Advice line .................... +44 (0) 18 95 / 83 87 91
Fax............................................. +44 (0) 18 95 / 83 87 89
Beaver Distribution Ltd.
Greenhills Road
IRL-Tallaght-Dublin 24
✆ Service................................... +353 (0)1 / 414 9400
Fax.................................................... +353 (0)1 / 459 8030
Robert Bosch Australia L.t.d.
1555 Centre Road
P.O. Box 66 Clayton
AUS-3168 Clayton/Victoria
✆ ............................................... +61 (0)1 / 800 804 777
Fax............................................... +61 (0)1 / 800 819 520
New Zealand
Robert Bosch Limited
14-16 Constellation Drive
Mairangi Bay
New Zealand
✆ ..................................................... +64 (0)9 / 47 86 158
Fax..................................................... +64 (0)9 / 47 82 914
We declare under our sole responsibility that this
product is in conformity with the following stand-
ards or standardization documents: EN 61 029
according to the provisions of the directives
89/336/EEC, 98/37/EC.
Dr. Gerhard Felten Dr. Eckerhard Strötgen
Senior Vice President Engineering Head of Product Certification
Robert Bosch GmbH, Geschäftsbereich Elektrowerkzeuge
Subject to change without notice
Maintenance and Cleaning
Environmental Protection
strain relief
live = brown To be fitted
by a qualified
professional only
neutral = blue
earth = green/yellow
Service and
Customer Assistance
Declaration of Conformity
1 609 929 488 - Buch Seite 3 Donnerstag, 15. August 2002 9:24 09
11 • 1 609 929 488 • 02.08

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