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  • Brand: Bosch
  • Product: Broom
  • Model/name: BBHMOVE2N
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Romanian, Turkish, Hungarian, Ukrainian

Table of Contents

Page: 6
Your vacuum cleaner en
1 Floor tool with electric brush
2 Floor tool function indicator
3 Floor tool unlocking knob
4 Dirt container
5 Dirt filter
6 Textile dust bag
7 Mini brush
8 Suction unit
9 Dirt container unlocking knob
10 Crevice nozzle
11 Handstick vacuum cleaner handle
12 Handstick vacuum cleaner ON / OFF button
13 Handle unlocking knob
14 Handheld vacuum cleaner unlocking knob
15 Handheld vacuum cleaner handle
16 Handheld vacuum cleaner pushbutton
17 Charging indicator
18 Charger
19 Charger floor support
20 Charging cable
3 19
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Page: 7
Please keep this instruction manual in a safe place.
When passing the vacuum cleaner on to a third party,
please also pass on this instruction manual.
Intended use
This vacuum cleaner is intended for domestic use only,
not for commercial use. Only use this vacuum cleaner
in accordance with the instructions in this instruction
manual. The manufacturer will not accept any
responsibility for damage caused by improper use or
incorrect operation. Therefore, please note the
following points.
The vacuum cleaner must only be operated with:
Original filter inserts
Original spare parts and accessories
The vacuum cleaner is not suitable for:
cleaning persons or animals
vacuuming up:
– Microbes
– Hazardous, sharp-edged, hot or burning
– Damp or liquid substances
– Highly flammable or explosive substances and
– Ash, soot from tiled stoves and central heating
Safety information
This vacuum cleaner complies with the generally
accepted standards of technology and relevant safety
The charger must only be connected and operated as
specified on the rating plate.
Never use the vacuum cleaner without filter inserts.
The appliance may be damaged.
When disconnecting the charger from the mains,
pull on the plug, not the power cord.
The appliance may be used by children
over the age of 8 years and by persons
with reduced phy-sical, sensory or
mental capacity or by persons with a
lack of experience or knowledge if they
are supervised or have been instructed
on the safe use of the appliance and the
have under-stood the potential dangers
of using the appli-ance.
Children must never play with the
Cleaning and user maintenance must
never be carried out by children without
Do not charge the appliance in temperatures below
0 °C or above 40 °C.
Do not connect or open a defective charger; replace
it with a new unit.
Do not operate a cordless vacuum cleaner if it is
To avoid dangerous situations, repairs and spare part
replacements, which are not dealt with in this
instruction manual under »Cleaning«, must only be
carried out by an authorised after-sales service.
Protect vacuum cleaner and charger from
atmospheric exposure, moisture and sources of heat.
At the end of its life, the vacuum cleaner should be
disposed of in accordance with appropriate
Disposal information
Please contact an exclusive dealer or your local council
to find out about current disposal routes.
Caution: This appliance contains rechargeable NiMH-
batteries. Before disposing of the appliance, remove
the discharged batteries (see pictures 19) and dispose
of them in an environmentally responsible manner.
Fold out the picture pages.
Before using for the first time
Fitting the charger
The charger can be used either fitted to the wall or
mounted on its floor support.
If fitting the charger to the wall, select a location
close to a socket and mount the charger (without its
floor support) on the wall using the screws provided.
When using the charger mounted on its floor support
fit the charger onto the base.
Plug the charging cable into the connection at the
side of the contact arm.
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Page: 8
Raise the handle and lock into place
To fold the handle back down, press the unlocking
knob and release the handle catch.
Plug the handstick vacuum cleaner into the floor tool
and lock into place.
To release the floor tool, press the unlocking knob
and pull the handstick vacuum cleaner out of the
Insert the handheld vacuum cleaner into the
handstick vacuum cleaner as shown and lock into
!Make sure that the contacts of the handheld
vacuum cleaner and handstick vacuum cleaner are
not dirty. Clean the contacts if necessary.
Insert the handstick vacuum cleaner into the charger
as shown.
!Make sure that the contacts of the handstick
vacuum cleaner and charger are not dirty. Clean the
contacts if necessary.
When the handstick vacuum cleaner is inserted into
the charger, the appliance is automatically switched
off, should it have still been left on by mistake.
!Before using the appliance for the first time, the
vacuum cleaner batteries must be charged for at
least 16 hours.
Plug the charger plug into the socket.
The charging indicator lights up.
The indicator remains lit for as long as the vacuum
cleaner is connected to the mains via the charger.
It does not go out even when the vacuum cleaner
batteries are fully charged.
It is normal for the charger and vacuum cleaner to
become hot and not a cause for concern.
You can charge the vacuum cleaner at any time when
it is not in use. In this way, it is always ready for use.
4 Vacuuming
Using the handstick vacuum cleaner
Remove the appliance from the charger and operate the
on/off switch in the direction of the arrow.
The function indicator on the floor tool lights up,
indicating that the brush roller is turning.
The on/off switch can be moved to the following two
Position 1 = medium power setting
=> The appliance has a longer run time.
Position 2 = high power setting
=> The appliance has more power for a shorter run
During short pauses in vacuuming, the appliance can
be left standing upright anywhere in the room. To do
this, tilt the vacuum cleaner forwards slightly in the
direction of the nozzle.
!Caution: When the appliance is left standing,
it must be switched off, because if the brush is
turning while the appliance is standing still, it
could cause damage to the floor covering.
After vacuuming, switch the appliance off and return
it to the charger.
Floor tools are subject to a certain amount of wear,
depending on the type of hard floors you have
(e.g. rough, rustic tiles). Therefore, you must check
the underside of the floor tool at regular intervals.
Worn undersides of floor tools may have sharp edges
that can damage sensitive hard floors, such as parquet
or linoleum. The manufacturer does not accept any
responsibility for damage caused by worn floor tools.
Using the handheld vacuum cleaner
Unlock the handheld vacuum cleaner by pressing the
unlocking knob and remove it from the handstick
vacuum cleaner.
Crevice nozzle
For vacuuming crevices and corners, etc.
Insert the crevice nozzle into the air intake opening
of the handheld vacuum cleaner, as illustrated.
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Page: 9
To charge the handheld vacuum cleaner, insert it into
the handstick vacuum cleaner and lock into place.
Make sure it is correctly seated.
Cleaning the filters
As far as possible, the dust container should be
emptied every time after vacuuming.
Remove the handheld vacuum cleaner from the
handstick vacuum cleaner (see Figure 11)
Using the release button, unlock the dust container
and withdraw it from the suction unit.
Using the handle, remove the dirt filter and cloth
filter from the dust container and clean them by
tapping out or brushing out the dirt with the brush
Empty the dust container.
If heavily soiled, the filters and dust container can be
washed out.
Then wipe out the dust container with a dry cloth.
Allow the filters to dry completely before refitting.
a)Insert the dirt filter and cloth filter into the dust
b)Fit the dust container onto the suction unit and lock
into place.
Filters can be obtained from our after-sales service as
Cleaning the floor tool
The floor tool should be cleaned at regular intervals.
To clean it, release the floor tool from the handstick
vacuum cleaner. (see Figure 5)
Cut through threads and hairs wound round the
rollers using scissors.
Vacuum threads and hairs with the crevice nozzle.
13 Care
Before cleaning, the handheld vacuum cleaner or hand-
held appliance must be switched off and disconnected
from the charger. They can be cleaned using an ordinary
cleaning agent for plastics.
!Do not use a scourer, glass-cleaning agent or all-
purpose cleaning product. Never immerse the vacuum
cleaner in water
Battery disposal
Before disposing of the appliance, please remove the
battery cartridge and dispose of it separately.
Slide open the battery compartment in the direction
of the arrow.
Cut through the retaining tape and remove the
battery cartridge from the appliance.
Cut through the power cables and to ensure safety,
bind and insulate each of the cable ends with tape.
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Page: 88
"Dieses Gerät ist entsprechend der europäischen
Richtlinie 2002/96/EG über Elektro- und Elektronikalt-
geräte (waste electrical and electronic equipment -
WEEE) gekennzeichnet.
Die Richtlinie gibt den Rahmen für eine EU-weit gültige
Rücknahme und Verwertung der Altgeräte vor."
"This appliance is labelled in accordance with the
European directive 2002/96/EG concerning waste elec-
trical and electronic equipment – WEEE.
The directive provides the framework for the return and
recycling of used appliances as applicable throughout
the EU."
"Cet appareil est marqué selon la directive européenne
2002/96/CE relative aux appareils électriques et élec-
troniques usagés (waste electrical and electronic
equipment – WEEE).
La directive définit le cadre pour une reprise et une
récupération des appareils usagés applicables dans
les pays de la CE."
"Questo apparecchio dispone di contrassegno ai sensi
della direttiva europea 2002/96/CE in materia di appa-
recchi elettrici ed elettronici dismessi (waste electrical
and electronic equipment – WEEE).
Questa direttiva definisce le norme per la raccolta e il
riciclaggio degli apparecchi dismessi valide su tutto il
territorio dell’Unione Europea."
"Dit apparaat is conform de Europese richtlijn
2002/96/EG inzake gebruikte elektro en elektronica-
apparatuur (waste electrical and electronic equipment
WEEE) gekarakteriseerd.
De richtlijn biedt het kader voor de terugname en
verwerking van gebruikte apparaten geldend voor de
hele EU.
"Dette apparat er klassificeret iht. det europæiske
direktiv 2002/96/EF om affald af elektrisk- og elektro-
nisk udstyr (waste electrical and electronic equipment –
Dette direktiv angiver rammerne for indlevering og
recycling af kasserede apparater gældende for hele
"Dette apparatet er merket i henhold til det europeiske
direktivet 2002/96/EG om gamle elektriske og elek-
troniske apparater (waste electrical and electronic
equipment – WEEE).
Direktivet gir rammeforskrifter for hvordan gammelt
utstyr skal samles inn og gjenvinnes."
"Maskinen är märkt i enlighet med EU-direktiv
2002/96/EG om el- eller elektronikavfall (waste
electrical and electronic equipment – WEEE).
Direktivet anger ramarna för inlämning och återvinning
av uttjänta enheter inom EU."
"Tämä laite on merkitty käytöstä poistettuja sähkö- ja
elektroniikkalaitteita koskevan eurooppalaisen
direktiivin 2002/96/EU mukaisesti (waste electrical and
electronic equipment – WEEE).
Tämä direktiivi määrittää puitteet käytettyjen laitteiden
palauttamiselle ja hyödyntämiselle koko EU:n alueella."
"Este aparato tiene la marca de conformidad con la
directiva europea 2002/96/CE sobre residuos de apa-
ratos eléctricos y electrónicos RAEE (waste electrical
and electronic equipment – WEEE).
La directiva establece el marco para la recogida y
reutilización de aparatos usados válido en toda la UE."
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