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  • Brand: Bosch
  • Product: Grass Trimmer
  • Model/name: ART 23 Easytrim Accu
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak, Greek, Hungarian, Croatian, Ukrainian, Finnish, Indonesian

Table of Contents

Page: 11
English - 1
Warning! Read these instructions carefully, be
familiar with the controls and the proper use of
the trimmer. Please keep the instructions safe
for later use.
Explanation of symbols on the trimmer
General hazard safety alert.
Read instruction manual.
Wear eye protection.
Beware of thrown or flying objects to bystanders.
Keep bystanders a safe distance away from the ma-
Remove battery before adjusting or cleaning, and
before leaving the machine unattended for any pe-
Do not work in the rain or leave the trimmer
outdoors whilst it is raining.
■ Never operate the trimmer with damaged guards
or shields or without guards or shields in position.
Do not use the charger if the cord is dam-
■ Before using the machine and after impact, check
for signs of wear or damage and repair if neces-
■ Do not operate the trimmer when barefoot or
wearing open sandals, always wear substantial
footwear and long trousers.
■ Never allow children or people unfamiliar with
these instructions to use the trimmer. Local regu-
lations may restrict the age of the operator. When
not in use store the trimmer out of reach of chil-
■ Never work with this trimmer while people, espe-
cially children or pets are nearby.
■ The operator or user is responsible for accidents
or hazards occurring to other people or their prop-
■ Wait until the blade has completely stopped be-
fore touching it. The blade continues to rotate af-
ter the trimmer is switched off, a rotating blade
can cause injury.
■ Work only in daylight or in good artificial light.
■ Avoid operating the trimmer in wet grass, where
■ Switch off when transporting the trimmer to and
from the area to be worked on.
■ Switch on the trimmer with hands and feet well
away from the rotating line.
■ Do not put hands or feet near the rotating blade.
■ Never fit metal cutting elements to this trimmer.
■ Inspect and maintain the trimmer regularly.
■ Have the trimmer repaired only by an authorized
customer service agent.
■ Always ensure that the ventilation slots are kept
clear of debris.
■ Switch off and remove battery from the trim-
– whenever you leave the unit unattended for any
– before replacing the blade
– before cleaning or working on the trimmer.
■ Store the machine in a secure dry place out of
reach of children. Do not place other objects on
top of the machine.
■ Replace worn or damaged parts for safety.
■ Ensure replacement parts fitted are Bosch ap-
■ Ensure the switch is in the off position before in-
serting battery pack. Inserting the battery pack
into machines that have the switch on invites ac-
■ Recharge only with the charger specified by the
manufacturer. A charger that is suitable for one
type of battery pack may create a risk of fire when
used with another battery pack.
■ Use machines only with specifically designated
battery packs. Use of any other battery packs
may create a risk of injury and fire.
■ When battery pack is not in use, keep it away
from other metal objects like paper clips, coins,
keys, nails, screws, or other small metal objects
that can make a connection from one terminal to
another. Shorting the battery terminals together
may cause burns or a fire.
■ Under abusive conditions, liquid may be ejected
from the battery; avoid contact. If contact acci-
dentally occurs, flush with water. If liquid contacts
eyes, additionally seek medical help. Liquid
ejected from the battery may cause irritation or
Safety Notes
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Page: 12
English - 2
The product is intended for the cutting of grass and
weeds under bushes, as well as on slopes and
edges that can not be reached with the lawn mower.
Intended Use is related to operation within 0 °C and
40 °C ambient temperature.
This manual gives instructions on the correct as-
sembly and safe use of your machine. It is important
that you read these instructions carefully.
Carefully remove the machine from its packaging
and check that you have all the following items:
– Trimmer
– Cutting guard
– Cutting disc
– Blades
– Battery charger
– Operating instructions
When parts are missing or damaged, please contact your
1 On/Off switch
2 Handle
3 Guide handle
4 Shaft, upper
5 Shaft, lower
6 Trimmer head
7 Ventilation slots
8 Cutting guard
9 Battery
10 Battery charger
11 Chraging compartment
12 LED indicator
13 Mains plug**
14 Serial No
**Country specific
Not all of the accessories illustrated or described are
included as standard delivery.
Product Specification
Part number (typ) 3 600 H78 H.. 3 600 H78 J..
No-load speed [rpm] 9 500 9 000
Cutting circle [cm] 23 26
Weight (without optional extras) [kg] 1.9 2.0
Serial Number See serial No 14 (rating plate) on machine.
Battery type NiMH NiMH
Battery order number 2 607 335 699 2 607 335 699
Battery Voltage [V] 14.4 14.4
Battery rating [Ah] 1.5 1.5
Charging time (empty battery) [h] 3 - 5* 3 - 5*
Battery charger AL 1404 AL 1404
Order number 2 607 225 .. 2 607 225 ..
Charging current [A] 0.4 0.4
Allowable charging temperature
range [°C] 0 – 45 0 – 45
*Charging time based on a battery charger input voltage of 230 V.
Intended Use
Delivered Items
Operating Controls
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Page: 13
English - 3
Charging Procedure
The charging procedure starts as soon as the mains
plug is plugged into the socket and the battery 9 is
inserted into the charging compartment 11.
The green LED 12 is not a charge control indica-
tor! When the green LED is lit, it indicates that a
charging current flows.
After the end of the charging process (approx. 3 h–
5 h), pull the mains plug of the battery charger from
the socket and remove the battery.
The battery should not be charged for longer
than 5.5 hours.
A temperature increase of the battery indicates that
it is fully charged.
Charging Advice
With continuous or several repetitive charging cy-
cles without interruption, the charger can warm up.
This is not harmful and does not indicate a technical
defect of the unit.
A battery that is new or has not been used for a
longer period does not develop its full capacity until
after approximately 5 charging/discharging cycles.
Leave such batteries in the charging compartment
until they have clearly warmed up.
A significantly reduced working period after charging
indicates that the batteries are used and must be re-
Do not connect the battery before product
is completely assembled.
Ensure product is assemble in the following or-
Assemble trimmer shaft
Push the upper shaft 4 and lower shaft 5 together
until a click can be heard.
Note: Once the upper and lower shaft is assembled
it can not be disassembled.
Ensure internal cable is not trapped or twisted.
Mounting the Cutting Guard
Place the cutting guard 8 on the trimmer head 6.
➊ Hook the guard onto trimmer head and push until
secure fitting.
➋ Push rear of guard until secure (click).
Fitting Cutting Disc/Fitting Blade
Press cutting disc 15 onto drive adaptor as shown
Fit the blade, place the blade 16 over the pivot 17
and pull outwards until it snaps into place.
Remove stones, loose pieces of wood and
other objects from the cutting area.
The blade continues to rotate for a few seconds
after the trimmer is switched off. Allow the mo-
tor/blade to stop rotating before switching “on”
Do not rapidly switch off and on.
Switching On and Off
Press switch 1 and hold depressed. Release
switch 1 for switching off.
Cutting Grass
Move the trimmer left and right, keeping it well away
from the body.
The trimmer can efficiently cut grass up to a height
of 15 cm. Cut taller grass in stages.
Cutting Around Trees and Bushes
Carefully cut around trees and bushes so that they
do not come into contact with the cutting line.
Plants can die if you damage the bark.
Battery duration
Battery duration is dependent on the wortking condi-
light conditions:
up to 500 metres
medium conditions:
up to 300 metres
tough conditions:
up to 50 metres
For Your Safety
Warning! Switch off, remove battery from ma-
chine before adjusting or cleaning.
The blade continues to rotate for a few sec-
onds after the trimmer is switched off.
Caution – do not touch rotating blade.
Cutting and Edging
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Page: 14
English - 4
Before any work on the machine itself, re-
move battery from machine.
Note: To ensure long and reliable service, carry out
the following maintenance regularly.
Regularly check for obvious defects such as loose
fixings, and worn or damaged components.
Check that covers and guards are undamaged and
correctly fitted. Carry out necessary maintenance or
repairs before using.
If the trimmer should happen to fail despite the care
taken in manufacture and testing, repair should be
carried out by an authorized customer service agent
for Bosch garden products.
For all correspondence and spare parts orders, al-
ways include the 10-digit part number (TYP) from
the nameplate of the machine!
Before any work on the machine itself, re-
move battery from machine.
To remove the worn blade 16 push in direction of the
arrow until it snaps off the pivot 17.
Clean the pivot 17 of any residual plastic/debris with
a sharp knife.
To refit the new blade 16 place the eyelet over the
pivot 17 and pull outwards until it snaps into place.
Note: Only use Bosch replacement blades. They
have been developed specially for improved cutting
performance. The use of other cutter blades will lead
to a deterioration in performance and possible dam-
age to the product.
Stop and remove battery from product. En-
sure battery is removed before storage.
Clean the exterior of the machine thoroughly using a
soft brush and cloth. Do not use water, solvents or
polishes. Remove all grass and debris, especially
from the ventilation slots 7.
Turn the machine on its side and clean the cutting
guard 8 inside. If grass cuttings are compacted, re-
move with a wooden or plastic implement.
Battery should be stored between 0 – 45 °C; incor-
rect storage could result in the battery being dam-
Blade Maintenance
After Trimming/Storage
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Page: 15
English - 5
The following table gives checks and actions that you can perform if your machine does not operate correctly.
If these do not identify/remedy the problem, contact your service agent.
Warning: Switch off and remove battery before investigating fault.
Fault Finding
Symptom Possible Cause Remedy
Can not fit Guard over
cutting disc
Incorrect assembly Remove cutting disc and fit guard, see
also Product assembly
Machine fails to operate Battery discharged Recharge battery, see also Charging
Machine functions
Internal wiring defective
On/Off switch defective
Contact Service Agent
Contact Service Agent
Excessive vibration/
Machine fault
Blade broken
Contact Service Agent
Replace blade
Cutting time low on one
battery charge
Battery not used for long period or ini-
tial usage
Grass too high
Battery worn out
Fully charge battery, see also charging
Cut in stages
Replace the battery
Blade will not move Battery discharged
Machine fault
Recharge battery, see also Charging
Contact Service Agent
Machine is not cutting Blade broken
Battery not fully charged
Grass entangled around cutting disc
Replace blade
Recharge battery, see also Charging
Remove grass
No charging procedure
possible due to defective
The contacts of the battery are con-
The battery is defective, due to a dis-
connection in the battery (individual
Clean the contacts (e. g. by inserting
and removing the battery several
times) or replace the battery, as re-
Replace the battery
The LED indicator 12
does not light up after
plugging the mains plug
into the socket and insert-
ing the battery into the
charging compartment 11
The charger plug is not inserted (prop-
Socket, cable or charger are defective
Insert the plug (fully) into the socket
Check the mains voltage and if neces-
sary, have the battery charger
checked by an authorized customer
service station for Bosch garden tools
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Page: 16
English - 6
Product, accessories and packaging should be
sorted for environmentally-friendly recycling.
Only for EC countries:
Do not dispose of the product into
household waste!
According to the European Directive
2002/96/EC on waste electrical and
electronic equipment and its incorpo-
ration into national law, products that
are no longer suitable for use must be separately
collected and sent for recovery in an environmen-
tally-friendly manner.
Exploded views and information on spare parts
can be found under:
Great Britain
Robert Bosch Ltd. (B.S.C.)
P.O. Box 98
Broadwater Park
North Orbital Road
Middlesex UB 9 5HJ
✆ Service................................ +44 (0) 18 95 / 83 87 82
Fax Service ............................... +44 (0) 18 95 / 83 87 89
✆ Advice line......................... +44 (0) 18 95 / 83 87 91
Fax Advice................................. +44 (0) 18 95 / 83 87 93
Beaver Distribution Ltd.
Greenhills Road
Tallaght-Dublin 24
✆ Service..................................... +353 (0)1 / 45 15 211
Fax ..................................................... +353 (0)1 / 45 17 127
Robert Bosch (SEA.) Pte. Ltd.
No. 8a, Jalan 13/6
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Petaling Jaya 46200
✆ ............................................................. +60 3 79 58 30 00
Fax (EW Dept.) .................................... +60 3 79 58 38 38
Robert Bosch Australia Ltd.
1555 Centre Road
P.O. Box 66 Clayton
3168 Clayton/Victoria
✆ ................................................... +61 (0)1 / 800 804 777
Fax ................................................... +61 (0)1 / 800 819 520
New Zealand
Robert Bosch Limited
14-16 Constellation Drive
Mairangi Bay
New Zealand
✆ ........................................................ +64 (0)9 / 47 86 158
Fax ........................................................ +64 (0)9 / 47 82 914
Measured values determined according to
2000/14/EC (1.60 m height, 1.0 m distance away)
and EN 28 662.
Typically the A-weighted noise level of the product
is: sound pressure level 72 dB (A); sound power
level 88 dB (A).
The typical hand/arm vibration is below 2.5 m/s2.
We declare under our sole responsibility that this
product is in conformity with the following standards
or standardization documents: EN 786, EN 60 335
according to the provisions of the directives
89/336/EEC, 98/37/EC, 2000/14/EC.
2000/14/EC: The guaranteed sound power
level LWA is lower than 94 dB (A). Conformity as-
sessment procedure according to Annex VI.
Notified body: SRL, Sudbury England
Notified body identifications number: 1088
Leinfelden, 01.06.2006.
Dr. Egbert Schneider Dr. Eckerhard Strötgen
Senior Vice President Head of Product
Engineering Certification
Robert Bosch GmbH, Power Tools Division
Subject to change without notice
Declaration of Conformity
F016L70 Seite 6 Montag, 18. Dezember 2006 9:45 09
17 • F016L70 457 • 06.12

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