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  • Brand: Bosch
  • Product: Straight grinder
  • Model/name: 0 607 251 102
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Greek

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Caution! To protect against injury when using pneu-
matic tools, the following general safety measures are
to be observed.
Read and observe these instructions before using the
1. Always keep the work area orderly.
Disorder in the work area can cause accidents.
2. Take ambient conditions into consideration.
Provide for good lighting. Do not work in areas where the
danger of explosion exists.
3. Keep children out of the working area.
Keep other persons away from your working area.
4. Store the machine and tools safely.
The unused machine and tools should be stored in a dry,
closed room that is not accessible for children.
5. Check the air supply.
Check the air supply regularly. All fittings, connecting
lines and hoses must be constructed to withstand the
pressure and provide the required air volume. Protect the
hose from kinks, restrictions, heat and sharp edges.
Have damaged hoses and couplings repaired
immediately and tighten the hose clamps firmly. Damage
to the air supply can cause a pressure hose to whip about
and lead to injury. Stirred up dust or cutting chips can
cause serious eye injuries.
6. Use the correct tool.
Do not use a machine or tool attachment that is too small
for heavy work. Do not use machines for purposes and
jobs for which they were not intended.
7. Wear suitable clothing.
Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery that could become
caught in moving parts of the machine. Wear a hair net
for long hair. For outside work, non-skidding shoes are
8. Wear protective glasses.
For work that produces dust, also wear a dust mask.
9. Secure the Workpiece
Use clamping devices or a vice to hold the workpiece in
place. In this manner, it is held more securely than with
your hand and makes possible the operation of the
machine with both hands.
10. Provide for a secure stance.
Avoid abnormal body positions. Provide for a secure
stance and always keep your balance.
11. Take good care of the machine and tools.
Keep the machine clean and tools sharp for safe and
efficient working. Observe the maintenance and the tool
change instructions. Keep the hand grips dry and free
from oil and grease.
12. Disconnect the air supply.
Disconnect the air supply when the machine is not in use,
before maintenance work and for the changing of the
insertion tools.
13. Never leave the tool key inserted.
Check before switching on the machine that the tool key
or adjustment tools have been removed.
14. Avoid unintentional switching on.
Never carry a machine that is connected to the air supply
with the finger on the switch. Ensure that the machine is
switched off when connecting to the air supply.
15. Stay constantly alert.
Observe the work continuously. Proceed in a sensible
manner. Do not use the machine when your concen-
tration is poor.
16. Check the machine for damage.
Before using the machine, carefully check the protective
devices and the easily damaged parts for flawless
functioning as intended. Check if the function of moving
parts is in order, that they are not jammed or if parts are
damaged. All parts must be properly mounted and all
conditions fulfilled to ensure the flawless operation of the
Damaged protective devices and parts should be
repaired or replaced in a professional manner by an
authorised customer service facility if nothing to the
contrary is noted in the operating instructions. Damaged
switches must be replaced by a customer service facility.
Do not use a machine that cannot be switched on and off
with the switch.
17. Caution!
For your own safety, use only accessories and attach-
ments that are referred to in the operating instructions.
The use of tool inserts or accessories other than those
recommended in the operating instructions or in the
catalogue can result in the danger of personal injury.
18. Have repairs performed only by a specialist.
This pneumatic tool complies with the relevant safety
regulations. Repairs should be performed only by a
specialist, otherwise, accidents to the operator can
Save these safety instruction in an accessible place.
Safety Instructions for Pneumatic Tools
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