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  • Brand: BMW
  • Product: Navigator
  • Model/name: Navigator V
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Slovak, Greek, Slovene

Table of Contents

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Nav V Quick Start Manual
Getting Started
See the Important Safety and Product Information guide in the
product box for product warnings and other important
Contact Information
If you encounter any difficulty while using your BMW® Navigator
V, or if you have any questions, contact your BMW Motorrad
Installing the Battery
1 Locate the screwdriver À that came in the product box.‍
2 Locate the lithium-ion battery in the product box.‍
3 Loosen the screws and remove the battery compartment
4 If necessary, insert a microSD™ card Á into the device.‍
5 Insert the battery with its cable on top.‍
6 Insert the battery connector  into the battery port Ã.‍
7 Insert the battery cover, top side first Ä.‍
8 Close the battery cover Å and tighten the screws.‍
NOTE: Do not over-tighten the screws.‍
Turning On the Device
NOTE: The device turns on automatically if it is in the optional
motorcycle or automotive mount and external power is
connected and turned on.‍
Press the power key.‍
Turning Off the Device
1 Hold the power key until a prompt appears on the screen.‍
The prompt appears after five seconds.‍ If you release the
power key before the prompt appears, the device enters
sleep mode.‍
2 Select Off.‍
Resetting the Device
You can reset your device if it stops functioning.‍
Hold the power key for 10 seconds.‍
Removing the Battery
You can remove the battery if you do not plan on using the
device for an extended period of time.‍
1 Loosen the screws and remove the battery compartment
2 Press and hold the release tab on the battery connectory
while gently pulling the connector away from the device.‍
Installing Your Device in the Motorcycle Mount
Before driving, ensure the top of the latch is flat and even with
the top of the device and the mount.‍
NOTE: The motorcycle mount is not included in all kits.‍
1 Fit the bottom of your device into the cradle.‍
EN-US Getting Started 5
Page: 7
2 Tilt your device back until it snaps into place and the top of
the latch is flat.‍
NOTE: Remove the device from the motorcycle mount before
connecting a battery charger to your motorcycle.‍
Removing Your Device from the Motorcycle Mount
1 Press the release button À on the side of the mount.‍
2 Lift out the device.‍
Entering Sleep Mode
Press the Power key.‍
Exiting Sleep Mode
While the device is in sleep mode, press the Power key.‍
About the Motorcycle Mount
You can access specific device features using the buttons on
the motorcycle mount.‍
À Select to zoom in and out on the map.‍
Select to use functionality marked with a or .‍
Á Select to view the map, compass, trip computer, and media player.‍
Hold to open the brightness settings.‍
 Select to hear the current prompt when you have a Bluetooth®
helmet or headset connected.‍
Hold to open the volume settings.‍
Adjusting the Volume
1 Select Volume.‍
2 Select an option:
• Select or to adjust the volume.‍
• Select to mute the device.‍
• Select for additional options.‍
Finding Locations
Finding BMW Dealers
You can find a BMW dealer closest to your location.‍
Select Where To? > BMW Motorrad.‍
Contact Information
If you encounter any difficulty while using your BMW Navigator
V, or if you have any questions, contact your BMW Motorrad
Finding a Location by Category
1 Select Where To?.‍
2 Select a category, or select Categories.‍
3 If necessary, select a subcategory.‍
4 Select a location.‍
Searching Within a Category
After you have performed a search for a point of interest, certain
categories may display a Quick Search list that shows the last
three destinations you selected.‍
1 Select Where To?.‍
2 Select a category, or select Categories.‍
3 Select a category.‍
4 If applicable, select a destination from the Quick Search list.‍
5 If necessary, select the appropriate destination.‍
Finding a Location Using the Search Bar
You can use the search bar to search for locations by entering a
category, brand name, address, or city name.‍
1 Select Where To?.‍
2 Select Enter Search in the search bar.‍
3 Enter all or part of the search term.‍
Suggested search terms appear below the search bar.‍
4 Select an option:
• To search for a type of business, enter a category name
(for example, "movie theaters").‍
• To search for a business name, enter all or part of the
• To search for an address near you, enter the street
number and street name.‍
• To search for an address in another city, enter the street
number, street name, city, and state.‍
• To search for a city, enter the city and state.‍
• To search for coordinates, enter latitude and longitude
5 Select an option:
• To search using a suggested search term, select the
• To search using the text you entered, select .‍
6 If necessary, select a location.‍
Saving a Home Location
You can set your home location for the location you return to
most often.‍
1 Select Where To? > > Set Home Location.‍
2 Select Enter My Address, Use Current Location, or
Recently Found.‍
The location is saved as "Home" in the Saved menu.‍
Going Home
Select Where To? > Go Home.‍
Editing Your Home Location Information
1 Select Where To? > Saved > Home.‍
2 Select .‍
3 Select > Edit.‍
4 Enter your changes.‍
5 Select Done.‍
6 Finding Locations EN-US
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Using the Navigation Map
1 Select View Map.‍
2 Select anywhere on the map.‍
3 Select an option:
• To zoom in or out, select or .‍
• To switch between North Up and 3-D views, select .‍
• To view specific categories when not navigating a route,
select .‍
• To center the map on your current location, select .‍
About Exit Services
While you navigate a route, you can find gas, food, lodging, and
restrooms near upcoming exits.‍
Services are listed under tabs by category.‍
Garmin Live Services
Before you can use Garmin® Live Services, your device must
be connected to a supported phone running Smartphone Link.‍
Connecting to Smartphone Link provides access to Garmin Live
Services.‍ Garmin Live Services provides free and subscription-
based plans to view live data on your device, such as traffic
conditions and weather.‍
Some services, like weather, are available as separate apps on
your device.‍ Other services, like traffic, enhance the existing
navigation features on your device.‍ Features that require
access to Garmin Live Services display the Smartphone Link
symbol and appear only when the device is connected to
Smartphone Link.‍
Smartphone Link
Smartphone Link is a phone application that allows you to
synchronize location data with your phone and access live
information using your phone data connection.‍ Your device
transfers data from Smartphone Link using Bluetooth wireless
technology.‍ Live information is available through free and
subscription-based plans from Garmin Live Services.‍
Saved locations and recently found locations are synchronized
with your phone each time your device connects to Smartphone
Downloading Smartphone Link
Smartphone Link is available for some smartphones.‍ See the
application store for your phone for compatibility and availability
Download Smartphone Link from the application store on
your supported phone.‍
See your phone owner's manual for information on
downloading and installing applications.‍
Connecting to Smartphone Link
Before you can connect to Smartphone Link, you must
download and install the Smartphone Link app on your phone.‍
See your phone owner's manual for more information.‍
1 Start Smartphone Link on your phone.‍
2 From your device, select Settings > Bluetooth.‍
3 Select the Bluetooth check box.‍
4 Select the Discoverable check box.‍
5 From your phone, select Bluetooth.‍
6 From your phone, enable Bluetooth wireless technology, and
scan for nearby Bluetooth devices.‍
7 From your phone, select your device from the list of nearby
8 Follow the on-screen instructions on your phone and on your
device to confirm the pairing request.‍
appears in the status bar on your device when
Smartphone Link is connected.‍
About Hands-Free Features
NOTE: The device supports most mobile phones and wireless
headsets or helmets, although some devices are not
compatible.‍ Hands-free or music features may not be available
for your phone, headset, or helmet.‍
Using Bluetooth wireless technology, your device can connect
to your mobile phone and wireless headset or helmet to become
a hands-free device.‍ To determine whether your device with
Bluetooth technology is compatible with your device, go to‍bluetooth.‍
Enabling Bluetooth Wireless Technology
1 Select Settings > Bluetooth.‍
2 Select Bluetooth.‍
About Wireless Headsets
NOTE: To listen to high-quality audio wirelessly, you can
connect to a Bluetooth headset that supports the A2DP profile.‍
Using wireless technology, your device can send audio
navigation prompts to a wireless headset.‍
Pairing a Wireless Headset
NOTE: Only one headset can be active at a time.‍
Before you can receive navigation prompts through your
headset, you must pair your device with a compatible mobile
1 Place your headset and your Bluetooth device within 33 ft.‍
(10 m) of each other.‍
2 On your device, enable Bluetooth wireless technology.‍
3 On your headset, enable Bluetooth wireless technology and
make it visible to other Bluetooth devices.‍
4 Select Settings > Bluetooth > Scan for Devices.‍
A list of nearby Bluetooth devices appears.‍
5 Select your headset from the list.‍
6 Select OK.‍
Your device sends navigation prompts to your headset as you
navigate a route.‍
Support and Updates
Garmin Express provides easy access to these services for
your device.‍
• Product registration
• Software and map updates
• Product manuals
• Vehicles, voices, and other extras
Setting Up Garmin Express
1 Plug the small end of the USB cable into the port on the
2 Plug the larger end of the USB cable into an available USB
port on your computer.‍
3 Go to‍express.‍
4 Follow the on-screen instructions.‍
EN-US Garmin Live Services 7
Page: 9
Activating Lifetime Maps
NOTE: Lifetime Maps are not applicable to products that do not
have pre-loaded maps.‍
NOTE: Lifetime Maps entitle you to receive map updates when
and as such updates are made available by Garmin during the
useful life of one compatible Garmin product or as long as
Garmin receives map data from a third party supplier, whichever
is shorter.‍ For the meaning of a product’s “useful life” and for
other important terms and conditions, go to
1 Go to‍express.‍
2 Follow the on-screen instructions.‍
NOTE: If you register the device, you can receive e-mail
notifications when a map update is available.‍
Using Help
Select Apps > Help to view information about using the
Searching Help Topics
Select Apps > Help > .‍
8 Support and Updates EN-US

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