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  • Brand: Bauknecht
  • Product: Washing Machine
  • Model/name: Excellence 4480
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, French, English, German

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The wool/handwash cycle of this machine has been tested and approved by The Woolmark Company for the washing of
Woolmark garments labelled as “machine wash” or “hand wash” provided that the garments are washed according to the
instructions on the garment label and those issued in this programme chart. M0702
❉: optional / Yes : dosing required
1) For improved garment care, spin speed is restricted in these programmes.
5019 401 05569
rature Care
Type of wash/Notes
- Respect the manufacturer’s recommendations on the care label
Detergents and additives Selectable options Dosing
Softener Soil
Mixed Gemengde was cold - 60 °C 6.0
Lightly to normally soiled robust laundry made of cotton, linen, artificial fibres
and their blends.
Effective one-hour programme. Make sure to wash only similar colours together in
one wash load.
— Yes ❉ ❉ — ❉ ❉ ❉ — ❉ ❉ ❉ max.
Cotton Bonte was cold - 95 °C 8.0 Normally to heavily soiled towels, underwear, table and bed linen etc. made of
cotton and linen. ❉ Yes ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ max.
Synthetics Synthetisch cold - 60 °C 3.5 Normally soiled garments made of artificial fibres (like polyester, polyacryle,
viscose etc.) or their blends with cotton. ❉ Yes ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ max.
Delicates Fijne was cold - 40 °C 2.5 Curtains and delicate clothing, dresses, skirts, shirts and blouses. ❉ Yes ❉ ❉ ❉ — ❉ ❉ — ❉ ❉ ❉ 1000 1
Wol cold - 40 °C 2.0
Woollens, labelled with the Woolmark and identified as machine washable, as
well as textiles made of silk, linen, wool and viscose marked as handwashable.
This programme is tested and approved by The Woolmark Company for machine- and
handwashable wool.
Select spin speed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations on the care label.
— Yes ❉ ❉ — — ❉ ❉ — ❉ ❉ ❉ 1000 1
White Wit cold - 60 °C 8.0
Normally to heavily soiled and robust white cotton laundry.
Save energy by selecting a lower wash temperature and adding an oxygen-based
bleach product, in addition to your detergent.
— Yes ❉ ❉ — ❉ ❉ ❉ — ❉ ❉ ❉ max.
Light colours Lichte kleuren cold - 60 °C 5.5
White and pastel shaded garments made of delicate fabrics.
Gentle wash programme to avoid graying or yellowing of your laundry. Use heavy duty
detergent, if necessary also stain removers or bleaches on oxygen basis. Do not use liquid
❉ Yes ❉ ❉ ❉ — ❉ ❉ — ❉ ❉ ❉ 1000 1
cold - 60 °C 5.0
Black and dark garments made of cotton, cotton blends and polyester.
Special programme to reduce colour fading and local discolouration. Prefer to use a
special liquid detergent for dark garments with this programme.
❉ Yes ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ 1000 1
Super Silent Super Silent cold - 60 °C 8.0
Robust laundry made of cotton or linen.
Programme optimized for silent washing and spinning, for example during the night. If you
want to avoid completely noise of spinning at night, set spin speed to “0” and start spin
programme in the morning, or define programme start with “Start delay” accordingly.
— Yes ❉ ❉ — ❉ ❉ ❉ — ❉ ❉ ❉ 1000 1
AquaEco AquaEco cold - 40 °C 3.0
Lightly soiled laundry made of synthetic fibres, or synthetics mixed with cotton
Saving programme with a very low water consumption. Use liquid detergent and the
lowest recommended amount for 3kg laundry. Do not use softener.
— Yes — — — — ❉ ❉ — ❉ ❉ ❉ max.
Speed 15 Snelwas 15 cold - 30 °C 3.0 Briefly worn clothing made of cotton, artificial fibres and blends with cotton.
Refresh programme. Use lowest recommended detergent amount. — Yes ❉ — — — ❉ ❉ — ❉ ❉ ❉ max.
Jeans Jeans cold - 60 °C 6.0 Normally soiled cotton jeanswear and garments made of robust jeanslike
material such as trousers and jackets. ❉ Yes ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ 1000 1
Big Items XXL cold - 60 °C 3.0 Blankets made of synthetic fibres; bedcovers filled with feathers, polyester or
other artificial fibres; sleeping bags, bathmats and similar items. ❉ Yes ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ — ❉ ❉ ❉ 1000 1
Rinse & Spin Spoelen&Centrif. — — 8.0 Rinse and intensive spin programme.
Same as the last rinse and the final spin in the “Cotton” programme. — — ❉ — — ❉ ❉ ❉ — — ❉ ❉ max.
1. Programme selector
2. “Temperature” button
3. “Spin” button with “Rinse hold”
4. “Start delay” button
5. “Soil level” button
6. “Dosing aid” button
7. “Start (Pause)” button
8. “Reset/Drain” button
Programme sequence indication
“Soil level” indications
“Start delay” indication
“Child lock” indication
“Detergent overdosage” indication
“Dosing aid” indication
“Detergent calibration” indication
Failure indications
“Door open” indication
5 6 7
Specials Page 1 Monday, May 23, 2011 4:31 PM
Black process 45,0° 150,0 LPI
Page: 1
5019 401 05569
Add detergent as indicated on the front page and as described in
the chapter “Detergent and Additives” in your Instructions for Use.
Turn the programme selector to the desired programme. The light
of the “Start (Pause)” button blinks. The temperature and
spin speed indicated on the display can be altered by pressing the
“Temperature” button or the “Spin” button .
When the combination of programme and additional option(s) is
not possible, the indication lights switch off automatically.
Unsuitable combinations of options are deselected automatically.
For certain programmes, an option may already be preset. If you
want you can deselect it.
“Soil level” button
• Adapts the programme duration to the soil level of your
laundry. Also influences the detergent quantity
recommendation when using the “Dosing Aid” button.
= lightly soiled - = normally soiled - = heavily soiled
Not all soil levels are selectable for each programme.
“Prewash” button
• Adds an additional prewash cycle to the wash programme
selected; prolongs the programme by about a quarter of an hour.
• Recommended for heavily soiled laundry (e.g. with sand or
granular dirt).
• Do not use liquid detergent for the main wash when activating
the “Prewash” option.
“Intensive rinse” button
• More water is added and rinse cycle is prolonged.
• This option is particularly suitable for areas with very soft water or
for washing baby linen, and helps people with allergies.
“Rinse hold” button
• Press the button if you want to postpone spinning to a later
time or if you want to drain only.
• The laundry will remain in the last rinse water without
progressing to the final spin cycle to avoid creasing and prevent
colours from changing.
• The washing machine stops to rinse hold as soon as the “Rinse
hold” symbol on the display lights up; the “Start
(Pause)” button blinks.
• Do not leave the laundry to soak in the “Rinse hold” for too long.
To terminate the “Rinse hold”:
• If you want to drain only without spinning: press the “Start
(Pause)” button to start the drain process.
• If you want to spin your laundry: press the “Spin” button
to select the desired spin speed and then “Start (Pause)” to
start the spin cycle.
“Tumble fresh”
• Select this option if you cannot unload the laundry soon after
programme end, or if you tend to forget the laundry in your
washing machine. It will help to keep your laundry fresh.
• The washing machine will start to tumble the laundry
periodically about one hour after programme end.
• The light of the “Tumble fresh” button will blink while this
function is active, and the display will show “0:01” with
blinking colon.
• The periodic tumbling will last up to approximately 12 hours
after the end of your wash programme, and you can stop it at
any time by pressing the “Tumble fresh” button. It will last a
while until you can open the door.
• After the “tumble fresh” period has run out, the display
indicates “End”.
Approx. Programme Duration
(hours : minutes)
without “Rapid” with “Rapid”
Mixed 40 6.0 67 0.58 1:00 —
Cotton 95 8.0 82** 2.40 2:20 —
Cotton* 60 8.0 59 0.98 4:00 2:20
Cotton* 60 4.0 42 0.78 3:10
Cotton 40 8.0 78 0.85 3:15 2:05
Cotton* 40 4.0 42 0.63 3:00
Synthetics 60 3.5 48** 0.95 1:55 1:14
Synthetics 40 3.5 45 0.53 1:40 0:59
Delicates 30 2.5 60 0.40 0:45 —
Wool/Handwash 40 2.0 49 0.63 0:40 —
White 40 8.0 77 0.80 2:20 —
Light colours 40 5.5 70 0.50 1:20 —
Dark 40 5.0 45 0.50 1:40 1:15
Super Silent 60 8.0 75 0.95 4:00 —
AquaEco 40 3.0 19 0.45 1:00 —
Speed 15 30 3.0 30 0.20 0:15 —
Jeans 40 6.0 65 0.55 1:30 1:15
Big Items 40 3.0 74 0.75 1:30 —
Consumption values were measured in normalized conditions in compliance with Standard IEC/EN 60 456. Consumption data in the home may vary with respect to the
values in the table in relation to the water supply pressure and temperature, the load and the type of wash. Water and energy consumption refer to the default setting of
the programmes, with temperature and load as indicated in the table; selecting any options or changing the spin speed will also change the consumption data.
The programme duration may differ from the values indicated above as it depends on the operation conditions applicable at that time (see also
“Troubleshooting Guide” in your Instructions for Use).
* Reference programmes for Energy Label.
** To reduce the water temperature, some cold water is added at the end of the main wash cycle before the water is drained.
*** Automatic adaptation of programme duration after detection of wash load.
“Rapid” button
• Enables quicker washing by shortening the programme duration.
• Recommendable for only lightly soiled laundry.
“Spin” button
• Every programme has a predefined spin speed. Press the
button if you want to set a different spin speed.
• If spin speed “0” is selected, the final spinning is cancelled and
the water is drained out only. However, intermediate spin
peaks remain during rinse.
The “Start delay” allows to run the machine at the consumer’s
convenience, for example at night when electricity is cheaper.
• Select programme, temperature, spin speed and options.
• Press the Start delay button to select a delay time up to 23 hours.
• Press the “Start (Pause)” button .
The countdown of the delay time begins. The clock symbol next
to the delay time and the colon between hours and minutes blink.
• The time delay indication disappears when the programme
starts and it is replaced by the remaining programme time.
• If you use the “Dosing Aid” button: select the delay time
BEFORE pressing the “Dosing Aid” button. The countdown
of the selected delay time begins after having pressed the
“Start (Pause)” button for the second time (see
separate Instructions for Use concerning the “Dosing Aid”).
To cancel the “Start delay”
...before you press the “Start (Pause)” button:
• Press the “Reset/Drain” button , or set the start delay
time to “0:00” - the delay time disappears after a few seconds.
...after having started the programme:
- Press the “Start (Pause)” button - the delay time
disappears from the display. Press “Start (Pause)” again to
start the selected programme immediately.
With the “Dosing Aid” button, you can make your washing machine
indicate you the recommended detergent quantity for your wash
load, depending on the soil level selected and the size of the load.
• Helps to save detergent and protect the environment and also
sensitive skin by avoiding detergent overdosing.
• Before you use this function, you must adapt the washing
machine to the dosing amounts which are recommended for
the detergents you use. Also check if your region’s water
hardness corresponds with the water hardness level “soft” of
your washing machine - if not adapt it.
• Select programme, options and start delay BEFORE using the
“Dosing Aid” button.
For any details, refer to the separate “Dosing Aid” Instructions for Use.
Before starting and after end of a programme, the symbol lights to
show that the door can be opened. As long as a wash programme
is running, the door remains locked and must on no account be
forced open. In case you have to open it urgently during a running
programme, refer to “Reset a running programme before the end”.
Open the tap and press the “Start (Pause)” button ; the
blinking “Start (Pause)” button light becomes constant. The
programme sequence indication shows the current programme
phase, running from left to right through wash, rinse, spin, drain. In
some phases, the remaining programme time is newly calculated -
If this is the case, the on the display will fade, and the
remaining time is replaced by an animation.
Activating the child lock prevents children from starting a wash
cycle or changing the settings of a running programme. The child
lock cannot be activated or deactivated when the programme
selector is in the “Off/O” position. To activate the child lock:
• Turn the programme selector to a programme position, or run
a programme as usual.
• Press the 2 buttons marked with the key symbol simultaneously for
a few seconds. The “Child lock” symbol will shortly blink and
then light up to indicate that the child lock is active.
The programme setting cannot be changed anymore. The only
change possible is to switch the washer off by turning the
programme selector to the “Off/O” position. To deactivate the
child lock, proceed in the same way as for activating it.
If one of the failure indications on the display lights up, refer to the
“Troubleshooting Guide” in your “Instructions for Use”.
• The display shows “End”, and the “Door open” indication
lights up.
1. Turn the programme selector to the “Off/O” position.
2. Close the water tap.
3. Open the door and unload the machine.
• Leave the door ajar to allow the drum to dry.
• If you do not turn the programme selector to the “Off/O”
position, all lights of the control panel go out after a few
minutes to save energy - only “End” will remain on the display.
The symbol will light up at the end of the programme if you used
too much detergent. Use less detergent next time. If the symbol
lights up and the display shows “Fod”, too much foam interrupted
the wash process. Refer to the “Troubleshooting Guide” in your
Instructions for Use.
1. Press the “Start (Pause)” button to pause the
programme. The light blinks.
2. Select the new programme, temperature, any options and
another spin speed if you want.
3. Press the “Start (Pause)” button again. The new
programme continues at the same position where the
previous programme was interrupted. Do not add detergent
for this programme.
The “Reset/Drain” button cancels a programme before
the end.
• Press the “Reset/Drain” button for at least 3 seconds.
An animation appears on the display. The water is drained out.
It may last some time until you can open the door.
THE END Page 2 Monday, May 23, 2011 4:31 PM
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