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  • Brand: Bauknecht
  • Product: Stove
  • Model/name: EDPS 6640 IN
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, German, English

Table of Contents

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1. Radiant cooking zone Ø 145 mm
2. Radiant triple cooking zone Ø 210 mm
3. Radiant cooking zone Ø 145 mm
4. Radiant cooking zone Ø 180 mm
5. Display
To avoid permanently damaging the glass ceramic
hob, do not use:
- pots with bottoms that are not perfectly flat.
- metal pots with enamelled bottom.
Any aesthetic defects (scratches, marks etc.) must
be reported at the time of installation.
TYPE: PLEFK 230 V ~ /400 V 3 N ~ 50 Hz 6.4 kW
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Special functions bar
General use
To switch on the hob, press and hold the key for at least two seconds. A dot lights up next to the key.
A beep sounds when the hob switches on. The display shows 0 for each cooking zone. It the hob has already
been on and the cooking zones have not cooled to the appropriate temperature, an Hsymbol is shown on
the display for any cookings zones that are still hot. Select the required cooking zone within 25 seconds, by
pressing the or keys to switch it on.
The cooking zone will stay selected for 6 seconds. After this, you need to select it again by pressing o .
The hob features special functions for each different cooking zone.
If within about 25 seconds none of the cooking zones are used, the hob switches itself off automatically for
safety reasons.
IMPORTANT: for safety reasons, the hob is equipped with an automatic cut-off function after 1 hour at the
maximum power setting or after 6 hours at minimum power or gentle heat setting.
During normal use of the cooking zones, once a zone has been selected the power level can be set from
level 1 to 9 using the or keys. Pressing the key from 0 will set the hob straight to 9.
Pressing the and keys at the same time switches off the cooking zone.
After the cooking zone has been switched off, an H appears on the associated display to indicate that it is
still hot.
This will stay on until the temperature in the cooking zone falls to a safe level.
A On/Off D Special functions bar
B Pause E Timer bar
C Select cooking zone and set level F Child safety device
Multiple zone function
Enables the outer rims of the hotplates as well.
Gentle heat function
Temperature is kept low evenly across the cooking zone. Recommended cooking times are
provided for the following foods (in containers): to leaven dough, to soften butter, to warm baby
milk or baby food, to make yohgurt and to melt chocolate.
Fast boiling function
A more powerful setting to bring water rapidly to the boil.
Time switch
The time switch function can be used as a short-time alarm or to programme a specific cooking
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If the hob is switched off while the hotplates are still warm, the H sign will stay on until the cooking zone has
To use the special functions when the cooking zone is in use, press the relative key on the special functions
bar. To help understand how the appliance works, a deep beep sounds when you try to select an operation
that is not allowed. The special fast boiling and gentle heat functions can be enabled separately for each
cooking zone. The special gentle heat function is indicated with clockwise rotation movement on the display
of the cooking zones it has been enabled for.
The fast boiling function is indicated on the display with three horizontal bars that light up one after the other
from the bottom up.
To change the special function simply select the required cooking zone and press the relative key for the new
special function you want to set.
Using the special functions and advanced use of the hob
1. Hold function
With the hold function you can temporarily hold the cooking processes currently underway to prevent food
from burning or liquids overflowing from pots due to unwanted overboiling. When the hold function
is enabled, all cooking areas switched on are brought to the same keep-warm temperature as the special
keep-warm function.
Enabling and removing the hold function
Press the key to enable the hold function. A dot lights up on the key to indicate it has been switched on.
Two flashing vertical bars appear on the displays of all cooking zones. If the gentle heat function is being used
in one of the cooking zones, the keep-warm temperature will be the same as the gentle heat temperature,
given that the latter is the cooler of the two. To switch off the hold function, press the hold key again.
All levels previous to the hold function being switched on are restored when the hold function is removed.
Any times set using the timer will continue to count down during the entire time the hold function is
enabled. The hold function switches off automatically after 2 hours. DO NOT LEAVE THE HOB
2. Child safety function
The child safety function blocks all use of the hob to prevent children from using it.
Enabling and removing the child safety function
To switch on the child safety function, press the button. All hob commands are disactivated with the
exception of the child safety key and the on/off key.
Control of the hob is blocked at the settings active prior to the child safety function being enabled. Levels or
special functions set for cooking zones prior to activation of the child safety function are "frozen" and are not
If none of the cooking zones are being used, activating the child safety function will switch off the hob.
When it is switched back on again, the child safety function remains. Press and hold the key for three
seconds to disable it. In the event the hob switches off during a power failure, the child safety function will
not be enabled when the hob is switched back on again.
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3. Multiple zone function
This function switches on the outer rim of the hotplates as well (if available) meaning larger pots can be used
with more optimum distribution of the heat provided by the element below the cooking zone.
Enabling and removing the multiple zone function
Press the key to enable this function. It applies to cooking zones only, if available. This function can be
selected at any level and with any of the special functions enabled. Press the and keys at the same
time to remove it.
The fast boiling function sets the cooking zone at a hotter temperature than level 9 for short periods. Water
can be boiled in less time with this function.
Enabling and removing the fast boiling function
The function can be set for all cooking zones switched on by pressing the key. To remove this function,
press the key for the required zone to lower the power level or press the and keys at the
same time.
5. Time switch function
The time switch function can be used as a short-time alarm with no association to any specific cooking area,
or it can be allocated to a selected zone and the relative operation programmed.
Enabling and removing the time-switch function
To use the time-switch function as a short-time alarm, press the key on the special functions bar.
Press the and keys on the timer bar to set the time. You can set times of up to 99 minutes. When the
set time elapses, a long beep sounds. To switch the buzzer off, press .
To use the time-switch function and set the time a cooking zone should switch off at, a power level or the
fast boiling / gentle heat functions must be set for the relative cooking zone.
When you press the time-switch key, the time bar display starts to flash. By pressing the or keys to
select a cooking zone, one of the dots at the four corners of the timer display lights up to indicate the zone
selected. Use the and keys on the timer bar to set the required time. The display will stop flashing
after a few seconds meaning the selected cooking zone has been correctly programmed.
Another cooking zone can now be programmed. The timer can be set separately for each of the cooking
The relative dots light up at the corners of the timer bar display to indicate which cooking zones the timer
has been set for.
The shortest time set is usually shown. When you select a cooking zone, the timer bar display shows the
time set for that zone. To disable the timer for a cooking zone, press the and keys at the same time.

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