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AXIS TW1201 Body Worn Mini Cube Sensor Installation Guide
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Read this first Read through this Installation Guide carefully before installing the product. Keep the Installation Guide for future reference. Liability Every care has been taken in the preparation of this document. Please inform your local Axis office of any inaccuracies or omissions. Axis Communications AB cannot be held responsible for any technical or typographical errors and reserves the right to make changes to the product and manuals without prior notice. Axis Communications AB makes no warranty of any kind with regard to the material contained within this document, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Axis Communications AB shall not be liable nor responsible for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance or use of this material. This product is only to be used for its intended purpose. Intellectual property rights Axis AB has intellectual property rights relating to technology embodied in the product described in this document. In particular, and without limitation, these intellectual property rights may include one or more of the patents listed at and one or more additional patents or pending patent applications in the US and other countries. This product contains licensed third-party software. See the menu item “About” in the product’s user interface for more information. 2
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This product contains source code copyright Apple Computer, Inc., under the terms of Apple Public Source License 2.0 (see The source code is available from Equipment modifications This equipment must be installed and used in strict accordance with the instructions given in the user documentation. This equipment contains no user-serviceable components. Unauthorized equipment changes or modifications will invalidate all applicable regulatory certifications and approvals. Trademark acknowledgements AXIS COMMUNICATIONS, AXIS, ARTPEC and VAPIX are registered trademarks of Axis AB in various jurisdictions. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Apple, Apache, Bonjour, Ethernet, Internet Explorer, Linux, Microsoft, Mozilla, Real, SMPTE, QuickTime, UNIX, Windows, and WWW are registered trademarks of the respective holders. Java and all Java-based trademarks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. The UPnP Word Mark and UPnP Logo are trademarks of Open Connectivity Foundation, Inc. in the United States or other countries. Disposal and recycling When this product has reached the end of its useful life, dispose of it according to local laws and regulations. For information about your nearest designated collection point, contact your local authority responsible for waste 3
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disposal. In accordance with local legislation, penalties may be applicable for incorrect disposal of this waste. Europe This symbol means that the product shall not be disposed of together with household or commercial waste. Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is applicable in the European Union member states. To prevent potential harm to human health and the environment, the product must be disposed of in an approved and environmentally safe recycling process. For information about your nearest designated collection point, contact your local authority responsible for waste disposal. Businesses should contact the product supplier for information about how to dispose of this product correctly. This product complies with the requirements of Directive 2011/65/EU and 2015/863 on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS). China This product complies with the requirements of SJ/T 11364-2014, Marking for the restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products. 4
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有毒有害物质或元素 部 件 名 称 铅 (Pb) 汞 (Hg) 镉 (Cd) 六 价 铬 (Cr- (VI)) 多 溴 联 苯 (PB- B) 多 溴 二 苯 醚 (PB- DE) 电 气 实 装 部 分 X 0 0 0 0 0 0: 表示该有毒有害物质在该部件均质材料中的 含量均在GB/T 26572标准规定的限量要求以下。 X: 表示该有毒有害物质至少在该部件的某一均 质材料中的含量超出GB/T 26572标准规定的限量 要求。 Contact information Axis Communications AB Emdalavägen 14 223 69 Lund Sweden Tel: +46 46 272 18 00 Fax: +46 46 13 61 30 5
Page: 6 Warranty information For information about Axis’ product warranty and thereto related information, go to Support Should you require any technical assistance, please contact your Axis reseller. If your questions cannot be answered immediately, your reseller will forward your queries through the appropriate channels to ensure a rapid response. If you are connected to the Internet, you can: • download user documentation and software updates • find answers to resolved problems in the FAQ database, search by product, category, or phrase • report problems to Axis support staff by logging in to your private support area • chat with Axis support staff • visit Axis Support at Learn more! Visit Axis learning center for useful trainings, webinars, tutorials and guides. 6
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English Safety information Hazard levels DANGER Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury. WARNING Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. CAUTION Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in minor or moderate injury. NO NO NOTICE TICE TICE Indicates a situation which, if not avoided, could result in damage to property. Other message levels Important Indicates significant information which is essential for the product to function correctly. Note Indicates useful information which helps in getting the most out of the product. 13
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Safety instructions NO NO NOTICE TICE TICE • The Axis product shall be used in compliance with local laws and regulations. • Axis recommends using a shielded network cable (STP). • Use only applicable tools when installing the Axis product. Using excessive force with power tools could cause damage to the product. • Do not use chemicals, caustic agents, or aerosol cleaners. • Use a clean cloth dampened with pure water for cleaning. • Use only accessories that comply with the technical specification of your product. These can be provided by Axis or a third party. Axis recommends using Axis power source equipment compatible with your product. • Use only spare parts provided by or recommended by Axis. • Do not attempt to repair the product yourself. Contact Axis support or your Axis reseller for service matters. Transportation NO NO NOTICE TICE TICE • When transporting the Axis product, use the original packaging or equivalent to prevent damage to the product. 14
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