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  • Brand: Asus
  • Product: Headset
  • Model/name: NC1
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Greek, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Slovak, Slovene, Croatian

Table of Contents

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Quick Start Guide

Portable Active Noise-Canceling
Quick Start Guide
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Package contents
	 -	 1 x ASUS NC1 headphone	
	 -	 1 x Dual-pin airline headset adapter	
	 -	 1 x Protective carrying case
Noise-canceling switch
Activity LED
Volume control
Battery compartment
Mute button
Ear cups
Getting to know your headphone
The illustrations are for reference only.  Illustrations 1,2,and 3 refer to the same
headphone control drawn from different angles.
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Quick Start Guide

Wearing your headphone
There are R and L markings on the ear cups.
To wear your headphone
•	 Adjust the headphone straps so it fits snugly on your head.	
•	 Adjust the ear cups so it fits comfortably around your ears.	
•	 Move the volume control to the right /left to increase/decrease	
	 the volume.
Installing the battery
To install the battery
1.	 Push the battery cover to the direction 	
	 of the arrow.	
2.	 Install one AAA battery in the battery 	
3.	 Replace the battery cover.
Remove the battery if you are not going to use your headphone for a long time.
Activating the noise-canceling function
The noise-canceling function removes ambient noise such as
background noise for a clearer sound quality.
To activate the noise-canceling function
Turn the noise-cancelling switch to ON.The activity LED turns red.
Using the dual-pin airline headset adapter
The dual-pin airline headset adapter allows you to use your own
headphone onboard an airline.
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This dual-pin airline headset adapter does not fit all airlines.The audio jacks vary in
different airlines.
To use the dual-pin airline headset adapter
1.	 Insert the audio cable into the dual-pin airline headset adapter.	
2.	 Insert the dual-pin airline headset adapter into the airplane’s 	
	 audio jack.
Storing your Headphone
To store your headphone
1.	 Fold the ear cups inward to the direction of 	
	 the arrow.	
2.	 Put your headphone in the bundled 	
	 protective carrying case.
Power 1 x AAA battery
Driver 40mm (neodymium magnet)
Impedance 32 ohms +/- 4 ohms
Max input power 100mW
Frequency range 16Hz~22 Khz
Active noise cancellation >= 18dB
Battery life 100 hours (at 10 mW)
Dimension (mm) 175mm x135mm x28mm
Weight 135g excluding accessories and
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