AL-KO Easy Crush MH 2800 manual

User manual for the AL-KO Easy Crush MH 2800 in Dutch. This PDF manual has 180 pages.

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Table of contents

Page: 1
D 2 Easy Crush MH 2800 D Betriebsanleitung......................5 EN Instructions for use................. 14 NL Gebruikershandleiding............22 FR Mode d’emploi........................ 31 ES Instrucciones de uso...............40 IT Istruzioni per l'uso...................49 SL Navodila za obratovanje......... 58 HR Upute za uporabu...................66 CS Návod k použití.......................74 SK Návod na použitie...................82 DA Brugsanvisning....................... 90 SV Bruksanvisning....................... 98 NO Bruksanvisning..................... 106 FI Käyttöohje.............................114 PL Instrukcja obsługi..................122 LT Eksploatacijos instrukcija......131 LV Ekspluatācijas instrukcijas....140 RU Руководство по эксплуатации.......................149 UK Інструкції з експлуатації......159 HU Kezelési utasítás.................. 169 © 2013 AL-KO KOBER GROUP Kötz, Germany This documentation or excerpts therefrom may not be reproduced or disclosed to third parties without the express permission of the AL-KO KOBER GROUP.
Page: 2
D 4 Easy Crush MH 2800 0 0 0 I 0 I 0 1 1 2 3 1 2 1 1 2 2 4 3 1 2 3 1 2 4 5 6 8 9 10 7
Page: 3
en Translation of the original instructions for use 14 Easy Crush MH 2800 TRANSLATION OF THE ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Contents About this handbook........................................ 14 Product description.......................................... 14 Product overview..............................................15 Technical data..................................................15 Safety instructions............................................15 Assembly..........................................................17 Startup..............................................................17 Operation..........................................................17 Maintenance and care..................................... 18 Storage.............................................................19 Working behaviour and working technique...... 19 Disposal............................................................20 Troubleshooting................................................20 EU declaration of conformity............................21 Warranty...........................................................21 ABOUT THIS HANDBOOK Read this documentation before starting up the machine. This is a precondition for safe working and flawless operation. Observe the safety warnings in this docu- mentation and on the product. This documentation is a permanent integral part of the product described and must be passed on to the new owner if the product is sold. Explanation of symbols CAUTION! Following these safety warnings care- fully can prevent personal injury and/or material damage. ADVICE Special instructions for greater ease of understanding and improved handling. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This documentation describes a blade shredder. Symbols on the machine Important! Take particular care during handling. Before taking into operation, read the in- structions for use. Important – danger! Keep your hands and feet away from the blade system! Keep your hands away from the blade system. Keep third parties out of the danger area! Keep distance to the danger area. Always disconnect the machine from the mains before maintenance or if the cable is damaged or cut. Wear protective glasses and ear defen- ders. Wear gloves. Safety and protective equipment DANGER! Danger of injury if the safety devices are tampered with! Tampering with safety devices can result in serious injuries! Do not deactivate safety and protective devices. Hopper concept The hopper opening was designed according to the standard to prevent reaching inside. Motor protection switch The motor protection switch disconnects in the case of overload. Hereby, switch (6/3) pops out of the control panel. The switch can be pushed back in again after a cooling-down phase of ap- prox. 5 minutes, and the machine can be switched on. If the switch does not remain by itself in the pressed position, extend the cooling-down phase. If the problem continues to exist, take the machine to a specialist workshop. Restarting protection For your safety, the machine is fitted with a 0- voltage switch, which automatically switches the machine off in the case of a power interruption.
Page: 4
Product description 440565_a 15 Once the voltage supply is re-established, the ma- chine does not automatically restart. Press the On-switch (6/1) for restarting. Protection switch on the upper shredder part The upper shredder part is equipped with a pro- tection switch, which switches off if the locking screw (1/2) is unscrewed. This way, the motor is secured against unintentional starting. The machine can only be switched on again after the upper shredder part (1/11) is assembled and the locking screw (1/2) is tightened. Designated use The blade shredder is exclusively designed for pri- vate domestic, DIY and gardening applications. The blade shredder shall be used for shredding of organic materials, such as plant and vegetable waste in this sector. Materials to be shredded up to a thickness of 40 mm may be feed only. The machine is not allowed to be used in commercial applications. Any use not in accordance with this designated use shall be regarded as misuse. WARNING! Danger of injury if used other than accor- ding to the designated use! This can result in injuries! The machine is not allowed to be used in commercial applications. DANGER! Danger of injury if used other than accor- ding to the designated use! This can result in extremely serious inju- ries! Do not use the machine for preparation of garden soil or crushing of metal pie- ces. PRODUCT OVERVIEW The product overview (1) provides an overview of the appliance. 1-1 Handle 1-2 Locking screw 1-3 On-switch 1-4 Off-switch 1-5 Venting slots 1-6 Transport wheels 1-7 Base 1-8 Socket 1-9 Switch for overload protection 1-10 Hopper 1-11 Upper shredder part with feed chute 1-12 Grass catcher lock 1-13 Grass catcher 1-14 Feet TECHNICAL DATA Type Easy Crush MH 2800 Art. no. 112854 Motor 230 V~ / 50 Hz Idling speed 2850 minˉ¹ Max. power 2800W (S6-40%); 2400W (S1) Shredding system Blades Max. branch diameter 40 mm Max. material throughput 125 kg/h Weight 25 kg Grass catcher 48 l Protection class I Sound power level (2000/14/EC) 104 dB(A) Sound pressure level 93,9 dB(A) Uncertainty K = 2,5 dB(A) SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Operator: Young people under 16 years of age, and persons who are not familiar with the instruc- tions for use, are not allowed to use the ma- chine. Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication are not allowed to use the ma- chine.
Page: 5
en Safety instructions 16 Easy Crush MH 2800 Personal protective equipment: Wear clothing and protective equipment in accordance with the regulations in order to avoid injuries to the eyes, as well as to avoid hearing impairment. The clothing must be appropriate (tightly fit- ting) and must not restrict movements. If you have long hair, it is essential to wear a hair net. The personal protective equipment compri- ses: Ear protection Protective glasses Work gloves Safety shoes Working area: No further persons, children or animals may be in the working area of the shredder. Keep the working area free from material to be shredded and other objects – danger of stumbling. The user of the machine is responsible for ac- cidents involving other persons or their pro- perty. Ensure good lighting of the working area. Operating times: When operating in residential areas, observe country-specific and communally permitted operating times according to the regulations on noise pollution. Work with the machine at daylight or with good lighting only. Operation: Do not reach into hopper or feed chute during operation! The cutting disk after-runs after the machine is switched off! Only start up the machine, after assembly is fully completed. Always perform a visible inspection prior to using the machine. The machine must be in a safe operating condition. Never work alone. Immediately renew damaged or worn parts. Only use the machine if it is in the technical condition stipulated by the manufacturer. Do not undertake shredding work in the rain, snow or stormy weather. Do not use the shredder in wet or damp surroundings. Do not deactivate safety and/or protective de- vices of the machine. Always ensure secure standing of the ma- chine. Never transport the shredder with the motor running. Never transport the shredder with open or un- locked upper shredder part. Switch the motor off, wait for the cutting disk to stop moving, and disconnect the machine from the mains connection prior to moving the machine. When moving the shredder, exclusively carry the shredder on its handle (1/1). Immediately disconnect the plug from the mains if the extension cable has been dama- ged or cut! We recommend the connection via a earth le- akage circuit breaker (ELCB) with a rated le- akage current < 30 mA. The mains voltage at your location must meet the information regarding mains voltage in the Technical Data. Do not use any other sup- ply voltage. Use only extension cables approved for out- door use. with a minimum cross-section of 1.5 mm². Damaged or fragile extension cables may not be used. Check the condition of you extension cable prior for every use. Only use the mains connection for the desi- gnated purpose. Do not pull the mains cable in order to pull the mains plug out of the so- cket. Protect the cable against heat and sharp edges. Always disconnect the shredder from the mains connection when not in use. Route the extension cable such that they do not interfere and cannot be damage during shredding. Immediately switch off the shredder saw and disconnect it from the mains connection if you notice any changes. Always ensure secure standing while working. Do not bent forward to far. Do not feed the shredder from an elevated position.
Page: 6
Assembly 440565_a 17 ASSEMBLY CAUTION! Danger of injury if the machine is incom- plete! Incomplete machines can lead to injuries and damage to the machine! Do not operate the machine unless it has been fully assembled. Scope of supply Carefully remove the shredder from its packaging and check the following parts for completeness: Base with grass catcher Two transport wheels with wheel caps Upper shredder part with cutting and motor unit Hopper Assembly bag with screws and tools, instruc- tions for use with warranty card and service station listing. Mounting the transport wheels 1. Slide the wheel axle (2/1) into the base (2/2). 2. Next, slide a large 10x20x1.5 washer (2/3) and the bushing (2/4) onto axle (2/1). 3. Afterwards, slide the transport wheel (2/5) onto the bushing (2/4). 4. Slide the medium 8x20x1.5 washer (2/6) onto the thread and secure the transport used a M8 nut (2/7). 5. Finally, press the wheel cap (2/8) onto the transport wheel (2/5). 6. Assembly of all opposite transport wheel ta- kes place in the same sequence. Assembling the upper shredder part with cutting and motor unit (3) 1. Lift the upper shredder part onto the base and secure it using M5x30 screws (3/1) and was- hers 5x10x1. Assembling the hopper (3) 1. Place the hopper onto the upper shredder part and secure it using ST 4.2x18 screws (3/2). STARTUP Comply with working time regulations in force in your country. The extension cable must not cross over hop- per or ejector. The shredder can only be started when the grass catcher is locked. Check hopper and upper shredder part for obstructions prior to starting the machine. Do not use the shredder if you are: Tired Unwell Under the influence of alcohol, medici- nes and drugs DANGER! Danger of injury from damaged compo- nents! Damaged components can lead to se- rious and even fatal injuries! Before taking into operation, carry out a visual inspection and check the compo- nents for function. WARNING! Risk of injury due to negligence! Negligence in handling the machine can result in serious injuries! Only use the shredder on firm, level ground and in a stable setup. Do not tilt or incline the machine during operation. OPERATION Operating time The machine design supports the S6 (40 %) ope- rating time. This means that the shredder may be used 60 % in idle and 40 % under load. For a time unit of 10 minutes this means 6 minutes idling and 4 minutes under load. Continuous operation is possible under these conditions. Connecting the mains plug 1. Push down the cable safety (4/1) and insert the extension cable (5/1) into the socket of the shredder. 2. Check secure fit of the extension cable. 3. Next, connect the extension cable to your mains voltage. Switching on the motor 1. Press the On-switch (6/1). Switching off the motor 1. Press the Off-switch (6/2) to switch the motor off.
Page: 7
en Operation 18 Easy Crush MH 2800 CAUTION! Damage to the machine due to improper operation! Incorrect handling can result in machine damage! Only feed materials to be shredded af- ter the machine was switched on. Do not feed materials to be shredded after the machine was switched off. Emptying the grass catcher 1. Switch the shredder off. 2. Pull the lock (7/1) down and the grass catcher (7/2) out of the base. 3. Place the empty grass catcher (8/2) onto the guide rail (8/1) and push it completely into the base. 4. Push lock (8/3) up until it engages. Releasing a cutting disk blockage 1. Switch the shredder off. 2. Disconnect the machine from the mains con- nection. 3. Unscrew locking screw (9/1) and remove up- per shredder part (9/2). 4. Remove blocking materials to be shredded. 5. Check cutting disk and shredder blade (10/3) for damage. 6. Next, attach upper shredder part (9/2) and tighten locking screw (9/1) again. 7. Reconnect the machine to the mains connec- tion. 8. Next, switch the shredder on again. CAUTION! Danger of crushing when opening and closing the upper shredder part! Hand and finger injuries may occur! Watch out for hands and fingers when opening and closing the upper shredder part. Transporting the shredder Transport the shredder with closed and locked up- per shredder part only. 1. Switch the motor off and wait for the cutting disk to stop moving. 2. Next, disconnect the machine from the mains connection. 3. Secure shredder using the handle (1/1) and tilt the machine slightly. 4. Pull the machine behind you when moving to the next location. Pay attention to the ground to prevent the machine from tipping over du- ring the transport. MAINTENANCE AND CARE The shredder complies with all relevant safety standards. Repairs are only allowed to be perfor- med by qualified specialists, and with the exclu- sive use of genuine spare parts. After each use, check the shredder for wear and renew any damaged components. Keep venting slots (1/5) free from residues or accumulations. Do not get the machine wet or expose it to moisture. Only use spare parts specified by the manu- facturer. DANGER! Fatal electric shock hazard! Touching live parts represents an imme- diate danger of fatal injury from electric shock! Wear protective gloves and disconnect the machine from the mains before all maintenance and care jobs. WARNING! Risk of injury due to revolving tools! Revolving tools can cause severe hand and finger injuries! When working on the cutting tool, discon- nect the machine from the mains con- nection, wait for the tool to stop moving, and wear protective gloves. Shredder blade To obtain an optimum shredding result and prevent damage to the machine, the blades must be replaced at regular intervals. Always replace the blades in pairs. Always securely tighten the screws. Do not work with dull blades. Replacing/turning the shredder blades Replacement blades for Easy Crush MH 2800 art. no. 113079 1. Switch off the shredder and disconnect from the mains connection. 2. Unscrew locking screw (9/1) and remove up- per shredder part (9/2).
Page: 8
Maintenance and care 440565_a 19 3. Remove the counter blade with guide plate (10/1) by loosening the three M8 nuts (10/4). 4. Loosen and remove countersunk head screws M8x10 (10/2). 5. Remove and turn blade (10/3). Replace the blades if both sides are dull. 6. Secure blade (10/3) using the countersunk head screws M8x10 (10/2) and turn or replace the second blade. 7. Next, attach the counter blade with guide plate (10/1) again and tighten the M8 nuts (10/4). 8. Finally, attach and screw the upper shredder part tight. Care Remove dirt and material residues after every use. Do not clean the machine with running water or high-pressure. Do not use any cleaning agents or solvents. Use a soft brush or cloth for cleaning. STORAGE Clean the shredder after its use. Store it in a dry, lockable place out of the reach of children. Perform the following tasks when storing during the winder period: 1. Switch off the machine and disconnect from the mains connection. 2. Wait for the cutting disk to stop moving. 3. Unscrew locking screw (9/1) and remove up- per shredder part (9/2). 4. Remove coarse and wet materials to be shredded from the inside of the shredder. 5. Spay oily care spray ( e.g. AL-KO Multispray art no. 112890) onto the shredder blade (10/3). 6. Empty the grass catcher. 7. Finally, attach and screw the upper shredder part (9/2) tight again. 8. Store the shredder vertically. WORKING BEHAVIOUR AND WORKING TECHNIQUE The shredder is only partly suitable for shred- ding soft, very juicy waste (e.g. pome fruits, wet plant waste). These materials should be directly composted, as they quickly compact themselves. The shredder is best suitable for shredding long-stem, hard or already dried stems of flowers, shrubs, bushes and pruning. Shred branches shortly after cutting to achieve optimum results. Soft materials to be shredded should always be processed alternating with branches to prevent clogging of the cutting disk. Principally, only feed materials to be shred- ded after the machine was switched on. Feed materials to be shredded are pulled in. Forcefully push against thicker branches, otherwise the motor will be overloaded. Only feed as much materials to be shredded to ensure that hopper and upper shredder part do not clog. Empty the grass catcher on a regular base, as overfilling can cause materials backing up in the cutting unit. Refer to "Transporting the shredder" for mo- ving the shredder to a new location. WARNING! Risk of injury due to ejected parts! Ejected plant parts can cause severe in- juries! Always wear personal protective equip- ment when working with the shredder. DANGER! Risk of injury and damage to the ma- chine if used other than according to the designated use! Ejected parts can cause most severe in- juries! Do not feed stones, soil, glass, textiles, plastic or metal parts into the machine. DANGER! Danger of fatal injury due to inadvertent movement! Inadvertent movements can lead to ex- tremely serious injuries! Do not reach into the hopper or ejector chute, while the machine is connected to mains.
Page: 9
en Working behaviour and working technique 20 Easy Crush MH 2800 CAUTION! Damage to the machine due to improper operation! Incorrect handling can result in machine damage! Only feed materials to be shredded af- ter the machine was switched on. Do not feed materials to be shredded after the machine was switched off. WARNING! Risk of injury due to revolving tools! Revolving tools can cause severe hand and finger injuries! When working on the cutting tool, discon- nect the machine from the mains con- nection, wait for the tool to stop moving, and wear protective gloves. WARNING! Risk of injury due to long materials to be shredded! Longer materials to be shredded can strike out and cause injuries! Maintain sufficient safety distance. WARNING! Risk of injury due to negligence! Loss of balance due to negligence can cause most severe injuries! Never feed the shredder from an eleva- ted position. DISPOSAL Do not dispose of old equipment,batteries or accumulators as householdwaste! Product, packaging, and accessories were made with recyclable materials, and should be disposed of accordingly. TROUBLESHOOTING Malfunction Possible cause Solution Grass catcher missing or not lo- cked. Push grass catcher in completely and lock it. Mains socket (house installation) defective. Use different mains socket. Motor does not start. Extension cable defective. Check cable and replace it as nee- ded. Grass catcher overflowing (mate- rial backing up in the cutting unit). Empty grass catcher and remove materials to be shredded from the cutting unit as needed, see "Re- leasing a cutting disk blockage". Machine does not pull in materials to be shredded. Shredder blade clogged with wet materials to be shredded. Remove clogging by feeding branch material. Materials to be shredded are not properly cut. Blades dull or damaged. Turn or replace blades, see "Re- placing/turning the shredder bla- des". Motor switches off. Motor protection switch switched off due to cutting disk overload or blockage. The motor can be switched on again after a cool-down phase of approx. 5 minutes. Unusual noises. Rattling on the machine. Screws on the motor, its mount, the carriage or the shredder blade are loose. Re-tighten screws.
Page: 10
EU declaration of conformity 440565_a 21 ADVICE If you encounter any malfunctions that are not listed in this table or which you cannot rectify yourself, please contact our responsible customer service. EU DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY We hereby declare that this product in the version introduced into trade by us, complies with the requirements of the harmonised EU Di- rectives, EU safety standards and the product-specific standards. Product Blade shredders Manufacturer Duly authorised person Type Easy Crush MH 2800 AL-KO Geräte GmbH Ichenhauser Str. 14 D-89359 Kötz Anton Eberle Ichenhauser Str. 14 D-89359 Kötz Serial number G2052056 EU Directives Harmonised standards Sound power level measured / guaranteed 102 / 104 dB(A) 2006/42/EC 2000/14/EC 2004/108/EC 2006/95/EC DIN EN 55014-1:2012-05 DIN EN 55014-2:2009-06 DIN EN 13683:2003 + A2:2011 DIN EN 62233:2009-04 DIN EN 60335-1:2010 DIN EN 61000-3-2:2010 DIN EN 61000-3-11:2010 Fpr EN 50434:2009 Named position Conformity evaluation Société Nationale de Certification et d'Homologation 2a Kalchesbruck L-1852 Luxembourg 2000/14/EC Appendix V Antonio De Filippo Managing Director Kötz, 01.03.2013 WARRANTY If any material or manufacturing defects are found during the statutory customer protection period, we will either repair or replace the equipment, whichever we consider the more appropriate. This statutory period may vary according to the legislation in force in the country where the equipment was purchased. Our warranty is valid only if: The equipment has been used properly The operating instructions have been followed Genuine replacement parts have been used The warranty is no longer valid if: The equipment has been tampered with Technical modifications have been made The equipment was not used for its intended purpose The following are not covered by warranty: Paint damage due to normal wear Wear parts identified by a border [xxx xxx (x)] on the spare parts list Combustion motors (these are covered by a separate warranty from the manufacturer concerned) The warranty period begins on the purchase by the first end user. Decisive is the date on the receipt. To make a claim under warranty, please take this statement of warranty and proof of purchase to the nearest authorised customer service centre. This warranty does not affect the usual statutory rights of the customer relative to the seller.
Page: 11
D MH 2800 Easy Crush 178 Easy Crush MH 2800 MH 2800 EASY CRUSH Art.Nr. 112854 440570(2) 440569(2) 440567 440568(2) 440572 440571 440573 440574 440575 (2) 440576 (2) 440577(2) 440578 440580 440581 440582 440583 440584(2) 440585 440587 440588 440589 440590 440664 440665 440666 440667 (4) 440668 440669 (6) 440670 (4) 440671 440672 440673 440674 440675 440676 440677 (4) 440678 (4) 440679 440681 440690 440689 440692 (2) 440691 440683 440682 440680 440688 440687 440686 (2) 440684 (3) 440685(4) 440694 440742 (4) 440695 (3) 440699 (2) 440699 (2) 440699 (4) 440699 (3) 440699 (6) 440699 (2) 440698 (6) 440697 (2) 440696 (2) 440695 (2) 440702 (2) 440702 (2) 440695
Page: 12
MH 2800 Easy Crush 440565_a 179

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