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  • Brand: AEG
  • Product: Heatgun
  • Model/name: SK 150
  • Filetype: PDF
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Table of Contents

Page: 10
Always follow these instructions when using this product.
Include all documentation when transferring the product to other
Images may slightly deviate from the actual product. Subject to change in the
interest of technical advances. Decorations not included.
Windscreen de-icer with holder, assembly materials
(2 screws and a hook-and-loop fastener strip), instructions
Field of Application and Capability Characteristics
The windscreen de-icer is a perfect addition to your vehicle ventilation system.
The most important capability characteristics are:
▪ Frees up the windscreen from thin ice
▪ Can be used as a fan
▪ Ceramic technology for an optimum heating performance
▪ Suitable for fixed installation with swivel holder
▪ With practical, fold-in handle for manual operation
▪ The a perfect addition to your vehicle ventilation system
Page: 11
Product Overview
Technical Data
Power max. 150 W
Input voltage 12 V DC / 12,5 A
not including cable
approx. 14 x 13 x 8 cm
with holder when handle is folded in
Weight with holder 450 g
1.	Air outlet
2.	Air inlet
3.	Selector switch
Heating - OFF - Fan
4.	Fold-in handle
5.	Removable, swivel holder
6.	12-V connector cable with
vehicle power socket
Page: 12
Fatal or dangerous to children!
Children are unable to assess the risks associated with this product!
Choking and strangulation hazard!
Do not allow children to play with the packaging materials and this product.
▪ Risk of injury, fire and damage by short circuit! Improper handling of
the product may result in severe injuries and damage.
▪ Danger of injury!
A damaged product can lead to injuries.
Do not use a damaged product.
▪ Risk of injury! Do not modify or manipulate the product as this will increase
the risk of injury.
▪ Fire risk! Note that the vehicle power socket heats up when used over a
period of time.
Remove the windscreen de-icer from the mains when not in use.
▪ Fire risk!
Do not leave the windscreen de-icer unattended when switched on.
▪ Fire risk! Never use the windscreen de-icer in the boot of a vehicle or in a
cramped space where there is a limited air supply.
▪ Danger of overheating!
Always keep the air inlet and outlet of the windscreen de-icer clean and
never cover it. Do not place objects over the openings.
▪ Danger of electric shock!
Make sure that no liquid comes into contact with the windscreen de-icer.
Do not use the product in humid or wet conditions.
▪ People with limited physical, sensory or mental abilities or lacking
knowledge may only use this product under supervision or after having
received detailed instructions.
Page: 13
Only install the windscreen de-icer if the vehicle has a 12-V on-board power
supply and the vehicle power socket is equipped with a minimum 15 A fuse.
▪ Mortal danger! Do not mount the windscreen de-icer within the airbag
inflation area or in the head impact zone of people seated in the vehicle.
▪ Mortal danger! Do not mount the windscreen de-icer so that it impedes the
view of the driver in any way.
▪ Mortal danger! Do not mount the windscreen de-icer so that it can become
unattached during strong braking action or when negotiating tight curves.
▪ Danger of overheating! Select the mounting position so that the air inlet and
outlets cannot be blocked.
1.	Select a suitable position in the vehicle to mount the unit and make sure that
it is dry and free from dust and fat.
2.	Remove the protective foil from the hook-and-loop-fasteners and attach the
fasteners to the base of the holder.
3.	Remove the other protective foil from the hook-and-loop-fasteners and
press the windscreen de-icer, together with the holder, onto the intended
mounting position.
4.	Lay the connector cable to the 12-V vehicle socket. Lay it so that it does not
impede access to the pedals or steering wheel. Do not lay the cable over
sharp edges or hot areas.
You can also use the enclosed screws to affix the windscreen de-icer.
Make sure that you do not damage other cables or parts when you screw in
the screws or drill holes for them.
Page: 14
Notes pertaining to use
Please remember that the 12 V vehicle socket only works when the ignition is
switched on.
Remove the vehicle [plug from the 12 V vehicle socket when not in use.
Always pull on the vehicle socket and never on the connection cable.
Only use the windscreen de-icer for short periods when the vehicle motor is
not running. This prevents the battery from running down.
Use as heater or ventilator
1.	Insert the vehicle plug into the 12 V vehicle socket.
2.	Swivel the windscreen de-icer to the desired position.
3.	Switch on the windscreen de-icer:
▪ Heat: Heater
▪ Fan: Fan
Hand-held use
1.	Remove the windscreen de-icer from ist holder.
2.	Fold out the handle.
3.	Plug the unit into the 12 V vehicle socket.
4.	Switch on the windscreen de-icer:
▪ Heat: Heater
▪ Fan: Fan
Page: 15
Remove the windscreen de-icer before cleaning and
allow it to cool completely.
▪ Clean the product with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive or acidic
cleaners or solvents. Do not dip the windscreen de-icer into liquids.
▪ Check the product for damage before every use.
Caution! Do not use a damaged product (e.g., damaged cable,
broken casing). In case of damage, repairs or other problems, please contact
the place you purchased the unit or qualified personnel.
Changing the fuse
1.	Unplug the windscreen de-icer.
2.	Unscrew the end cap (1), together with the contact cap (2).
3.	Remove the old fuse (3). Parts (4) and (5) do not have to be removed.
4.	Replace the parts and the new fuse (15 A) in the order shown and screw
the end cap (1) onto the plug.
1 2 4
3 5
Page: 16
Do not dispose of packaging or the product through your household
waste! The product and packaging are made from recyclable
materials (plastics, metals, paper).
If the product is no longer suitable for use dispose of it in an environmentally
friendly manner in accordance with your local ordinances.
Should you have any questions regarding commissioning or operating in spite
of studying these operating instructions, or if a problem should occur against
all expectations, please get in contact with your specialist supplier.
Page: 51
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SPA SystemPartner GmbH & Co.
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SPA Systems s.r.o.
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AEG is a registered trademark used under license from AB Electrolux (publ)
Stand der Informationen: 03/2013 ▪ EAN-Nr.: 4038373972019

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