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  • Brand: AEG
  • Product: CD-player
  • Model/name: MC 4420 CR
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Slovak, Hungarian

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MC 4420 CR/USB
Gebruiksaanwijzing • Mode d’emploi • Instrucciones de servicio
Manual de instruções • Istruzioni per l’uso • Bruksanvisning
Instruction Manual • Instrukcja obsługi/Gwarancja
Návod k použití • Használati utasítás • Руководство по эксплуатации
Plattenspieler inkl. Card Reader und USB-Anschluss
Platenspeler met kaartlezer en USB-ingang • Platine vinyle avec lecteur de carte et
connexion USB • Reproductor grabador con lector de tarjetas y conexión USB
Gira-Discos com Leitor de Cartões e Ligação USB • Lettore musicale comprensivo di
Lettore Scheda e collegamento USB • Platespiller inkludert. Kortleser og USB tilkobling
Record Player including. Card Reader and USB Connection • Gramofon z czytnikiem
karty i wejściem USB • Gramofon včetně čtečky karet a USB portu • Lemezjátszó kárty-
aolvasóval és USB csatlakozással • Проигрыватель пластинок с устройством для
считывания карт и разъемом USB
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Page: 1
Übersicht der Bedienelemente.........Seite 3
Bedienungsanleitung........................Seite 4
Technische Daten.............................Seite 11
Garantiebedingungen.......................Seite 12
Plassering av kontroller....................Side 3
Bruksanvisning.................................Side 54
Tekniske spesifikasjoner.................. Side 60
Locatie van bedieningselementen....Pagina 3
Gebruiksaanwijzing..........................Pagina 14
Technische specificaties...................Pagina 21
Location of Controls......................... page 3
User 61
Technical Specifications………........ page 67
Table des matières
Situation des 3
Manuel............................................. page 22
Caractéristiques 29
Język polski
Spis treści
Lokalizacja kontrolek........................strona 3
Instrukcja użytkowania.....................strona 69
Specyfi kacje techniczne...…........... strona 76
Warunki gwarancji……………..........strona 76
Ubicación de los controles............... página 3
Manual del usuario...........................página 30
Especificaciones técnicas................ página 37
Umístění ovladačů........................... strana 3
Návod k obsluze.............................. strana 78
Technické specifikace……............... strana 85
Localização dos controlos................página 3
Manual do utilizador......................... página 38
Especificações técnicas...................página 45
A kezelőszervek elhelyezkedése..... oldal 3
Használati útmutató......................... oldal 86
Műszaki adatok…............................ oldal 93
Posizione dei comandi..................... pagina 3
Manuale dell’utente..........................pagina 46
Specifiche tecniche.......................... pagina 53
Расположение элементов..............стр. 3
Руководство пользователя............ стр. 94
Технические характеристики......... стр. 102
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Page: 60
General Safety Guidelines
Before using this device, carefully read this
user manual and keep it together with the
Warranty Certificate, cashier receipt and if pos-
sible, the original package inclusive its interior
packing. If you hand on the device to any third
person, include the user manual as well.
• To avoid the risk of fire or electric shock, you
should not expose the device to rain or hu-
midity. Do not use the device near water (e.g.
bathroom, swimming pool, humid cellars)
• Use the device only for the proposed purpose.
• Plug the device only into a properly installed
socket. Be sure the device voltage corre-
sponds to the grid voltage.
• When using external grid adaptors, pay atten-
tion to the correct polarity and voltage. Insert
batteries correctly.
• Avoid covering the device’s vent openings.
• Never open the device’s case. Improper
repairs can cause severe danger to the user.
If the device or particularly the power cord is
damaged, don’t use the device any further
and have it repaired by a qualified specialist.
Check the power cord regularly for damages.
• To avoid any danger, a damaged power cord
must be replaced only by the producer, its
customer service or a similarly qualified per-
son with an equal cord.
• If the device won’t be used over an extended
period of time, disconnect the power cord and
remove the batteries.
These symbols may be found on the device
and shall indicate the following:
Children and disabled persons
• For the safety of your children, keep any
packing parts (plastic bags, cartilage, Styro-
foam etc.) out of their reach.
Don’t let small children play with foils for
danger of suffocation!
• To save children or frail persons from danger
of electric devices, make sure this device is
used only under supervision. This device is no
toy. Do not let small children play with it.
Symbols in this user manual
Important notes for your safety are marked
distinctively. Pay absolute attention to them to
avoid accidents and damage to the device.
Warns of dangers for your health and indi-
cates potential risks of injury.
Indicates potential dangers for the device or
other objects.
Highlights tips and information for you.
The lightning symbol warns the user
of dangerously high voltages inside
the case.
The exclamation mark symbol
points to important instruction or
maintenance remarks in the accom-
panying guidelines.
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Page: 61
Location of Controls
1 SD/MMC card slot
2 IR Sensor for remote control
3 Control lamp POWER
4 Cover
5 ● REC Key (encoding function)
6 / keys (scan forward / scan backward)
7 / key (Play/Pause/Stop)
8 EJECT key (Tone arm-reverse)
9 POWER/FUNCTION Function selection
switch (OFF/ PHONO / USB/SD / AUX-IN)
10 SOURCE key (USB-SD/MMC switch)
11 FOLDER UP key (up Album)
12 REPEAT/INTRO/RAN key (Repeat/Random
13 PROG key
14 LCD-Display
15 AUX IN jack
16 USB connection
17 AC ~ power connection
18 LINE OUT connections
19 Adjustment screw with rubber cover
20 Tone arm counter-weight
21 Needle pressure adjustment ring
22 ANTI-SKATING control
23 Tone arm lift lever
24 Tone arm support/lock
25 33/45 rpm selector
26 PITCH ADJ. control (rpm fine tuning)
27 Guiding lever
28 Stroboscope lamp
29 Stroboscope mirror
30 Center axle
31 Record plate
32 Adapter for 45 rpm-single records (Puck)
Remote Control
1 INFO key
2 ● REC key (encoding function)
3 key (Play/Pause)
4 (Stop) key
5 SOURCE key
6 Battery compartment
7 FOLDER ▼/▲ key (down Album / up Album)
8 / keys (Scan forward / Scan backward)
9 REPEAT key (Repeat/Random Play)
10 FIND key
11 PROG key
First Use of the Device/Introduc-
• Before the first use of the device, read the
user manual carefully.
• Select a proper place for the device such as
a dry, even and non slip area where you can
easily operate the device.
• Make sure the device is vented sufficiently.
• If still in place, remove the protection foil from
the display.
• Connect the device to your amplifier (AUX IN)
by a Cinch cable (2x RCA).
Power Supply
• Insert the grid plug into a properly installed
three prong socket with 230V, 50Hz.
• Make sure the grid voltage corresponds to the
figures on the rating plate.
Insert the battery
The Lithium cell in the battery compartment
of the remote control has been saved by a foil
for transport. This saves the battery life span.
Before first use, remove this foil to activate
the remote control.
The battery of the remote control is a long life
Lithium cell. If during use, the reach of the
remote control narrows please proceed as fol-
• Open the battery compartment on the bottom
of the remote control.
• Replace the cell by a battery of the same kind
(CR 2025). Pay attention to correct polarity.
• Close the battery compartment.
If the device is not used for an extended period
of time, remove the batteries from the device to
avoid any leaking of battery acid.
Batteries don’t pertain to household waste.
Please take empty batteries to a competent
collection point or back to a dealer.
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Page: 62
• Never expose batteries to high temperatures
or direct sunlight or throw batteries into fire
for danger of explosion!
• Keep batteries away from children. They are
not toys!
• Don’t open batteries forcefully.
• Avoid contact to metal objects (Rings, nails,
screws etc.) for danger of short circuit!
• By a short circuit, batteries can heat up
strongly and eventually catch fire. Burnings
can be the result.
• For your safety, battery poles should be
taped during transport.
• If a battery leaks avoid rubbing the liquid into
eyes or mucous membranes. After touching
the fluid, clean your hands and rinse eyes
with clean water; if discomfort continues see
the doctor.
General Operation
Some keys you can find as well on the device
as on the remote control. Identical keys effect
the same function.
Turning off
The device is out of operation when the mode
selection switch (9) is in OFF position. The
POWER control lamp goes out. Then pull the
mains plug.
Infrared remote control
For wireless control within a distance of 5m. If
the distance decreases you should change the
batteries. For proper operation mind a clear
view between the remote control and the sen-
sor (2) on the device.
USB Connection (16)
This device has been designed according to
the latest standard of technical development
in the field of USB. The vast amount of various
all kinds of USB storage media offered today
don’t allow to provide full compatibility with all
USB storage media. Due to this reason, in rare
cases problems might occur with playback of
USB storage media. This is no malfunction of
the device.
1. Push the mode selection switch (9) in the
USB/SD position. The display will show
“ NO USB”. The device is now in USB
2. Connect a USB storage media.
3. After a few seconds, the display will show the
total number of folders and songs/tracks.
4. Press the key (7/3) to play the music
data. The current song, the symbol ► MP3
or ► WMA will appear on the display respec-
5. For operation please refer to section “De-
scription of keys”.
Before removing the USB storage media, put
the mode selection switch (9) to PHONO.
SD/MMC card slot (1)
1. If you want to playback data from a SD/MMC
card insert it in the provided slot.
2. Press the card into the slot till it snaps in with
a “click”.
3. Put the mode selection switch (9) in the
USB/SD position.
4. Press the SOURCE key (10/5) once. The
symbol “ ” will appear on the display. The
device is now in SD/MMC mode. After a few
seconds, the display will show the total num-
ber of folders and songs/tracks.
5. Press the key (7/3) to playback the
music data. The current song, the symbol
► MP3 or ► WMA will appear on the display
6. For handling please refer to the section “De-
scription of operational keys”.
7. Press onto the SD/MMC card again to
remove it.
AUX-IN Jack (15)
For the connection of analogue player devices.
Through this jack, you can play the input of
other devices like MP3 players, CD players etc.
via the speakers of this device.
1. Connect the external device to the AUX-IN
jack with a 3.5mm Stereo jack plug.
2. Put the mode selection switch (9) in AUX-IN
position. The display will show “AUX”.
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Page: 63
3. Via the speakers, you will hear the playback
of the external device.
4. For further procedures, please refer to the
user manual of the external source.
Adjust the volume of the external device to a
comfortable level.
Record Player Adjustments
Before being able to use the record player, you
might have to adjust some settings.
Horizontal balance and surface pressure
control (22) to “0”.
2. Push the tone arm counter-
weight to the end of the tone
arm. Turn the tone arm
counterweight till the keyway
snaps into the furrow.
3. Turn the tone arm counter-
weight clockwise backwards
till the end of the white mark
is reached (Fig.2).
4. Now turn the surface
pressure adjustment ring
till position “1” is above the
line (Fig.3).
5. Now turn the tone arm
counterweight counter clock-
wise to adjust the weight.
Anti-Skating (22)
The Anti-Skating function counters the pull of
the needle inside.
• Adjust the scale to the same value as the
surface pressure adjustment ring (21).
Record Player operation
1. Set the mode selection switch (9) to PHO-
2. Open the cover (4) by pulling it upwards on
its front.
3. Put a record on the turntable. When using
a 45rpm single put the adapter (puck) (32),
central axle (30).
4. Unlock the lock of the tone arm support (24)
and remove the needle protection.
5. Set the desired revs with the rpm selection
switch (25).
6. Use the tone arm lift lever (23) to lift the tone
arm. Using the guiding lever (27), guide the
tone arm over the outer edge of the record.
The turntable will start revolving automati-
cally. Use the tone arm lift lever again to let
the needle touch down on the record.
7. At the end of the record, the tone arm will
return automatically to its support. Lock the
holder and attach the needle protection.
• With some records, the turntable might
stop before the end of the record because
the switch-off point lies outside of the tone
arms radius. In this case, adjust the desired
switch-off point using the adjustment screw
1. Remove the rubber cover.
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Page: 64
2. Turn the screw clockwise to set the switch-
off point closer to the center.
3. Reattach the rubber cover.
• If the switch-off point is outside of the record
end, adjust the screw counter clockwise. The
switch-off point will be moved toward the
edge of the record.
• To stop playback before the record end press
the EJECT key (8). The tone arm will return
automatically to its support. Lock the holder
and attach the needle protection.
Rpm fine tuning control (26)
This control helps you to fine tune the turntable
+ = faster ,- = slower
Using the stroboscope mirror rows, you can
adjust the proper revolution level according to
the record size in use.
• While the turntable is rotating move the
PITCH ADJ. control so that the illuminated
mirror row optically is brought to a virtual
• The turntable will revolve now in the optimal
speed for this record.
Description of Control Keys
You can suspend and resume playback. The
elapsed playing time flashes on the display.
Pressing the key again resumes playback from
the same point.
SOURCE (10/5)
Press this key to switch between USB and card
modes. The symbol “ ” or “ ” appears on
the display respectively.
/ (6/8)
With running music track:
With you can skip to the next track or the
next but one etc.
• When you press and hold the key a music
search starts (the sound is muted).
• When you press and hold the key in the stop
mode a quick run begins to your desired track.
Pressing the key starts the playback of the
The key can be used for the following:
Press 1x = starts the current song from the
Press 2x = skips to the previous track.
Press 3x = plays the foregoing song etc. Press
and hold to start a music search
(the sound is muted). Press and
hold to start a quick run to your de
sired track begins. Pressing the
key starts the playback of the track.
MP3/WMA is stopped.
Press and hold the / key (7) on the
device to stop playback.
REPEAT/INTRO/RAN (12) (9 on the RC)
Press 1x: The current song will be repeated
continually (the display shows
“ ”).
Press 2x: The complete CD will be repeated
continually (the display shows “
Press 3x: The selected folder on the MP3 CD
will be repeated continually (the dis
play shows “ FOLDER”). Using
keys (11/7 on the remote control),
you can select the individual folders.
Press 4x: Each track on the CD will be played
for 10 seconds.
Press 5x: RANDOM appears on the display,
MP3 and the track number played
first. All tracks will be played in a
random sequence.
Press 6x: The mode will be deactivated and the
CD will be played back in the normal
FIND (10 on the RC)
With a CD in MP3 format
You can search for content (when included in
the MP3 file) as follows:
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Page: 65
Press 1x: The name of the first track with the
initial letter “A” will be shown in the
display. If “NOFILE” appears on the
display there’s no track with initial let-
ter “A”. Using the / keys (6/8)
you can select the first track of the
next initial “A-Z” and “0-9”.
Note :
Only one track of a certain initial can
be displayed. If there are more tracks
with the same initial on the CD in
spite only one track will be shown.
Press 2x: The title of the first folder appears on
the display. Select the desired folder
by the / keys (6/8) and press
the key. Playback will start with
the first track of this folder.
Press 3x: The display changes to the normal
INFO (1 on the RC)
If the ID-3 tag information is saved it appears
on the display as running belt.
FOLDER ▼ (7 on the RC)
Press this key during playback to move one
folder down. Afterwards, playback will start au-
tomatically. If this key is pressed in stop mode
the first track number of the selected folder
appears on the display. Start playback with
the key.
FOLDER UP / ▲ (11) (7 on the RC)
Press this key during playback to move one
folder up. The following steps see above.
Encoding Function
This function enables you to convert data from
a record or a connected analogue source
(AUX-IN) into MP3 format in real time and to
save it on your connected MP3 player or on
an inserted memory card. In addition you have
the opportunity to transfer data from a memory
card to your MP3 player and vice versa.
The device automatically creates a folder on
the target media:
AUDIO = record; FCOPY = data transfer
1. Select the desired source by the mode selec-
tion switch (9) ((USB/SD / AUX-IN or PHO-
NO). Prepare a record or connect your MP3
player or insert your memory card.
2. For data transfer between USB and card:
Using the SOURCE key(10/5) you can select
the media you want to transfer data from.
In stop mode, press the ●REC key (5/2) to
transfer all files.
For records: Start playback as described in
“Record Player Operation” and then press
the ● REC key.
For external sources (AUX-IN): Start play-
back as described in “AUX-IN Jack” and then
press the ● REC key.
3. The device will check now if an MP3 player
or a memory card has been connected. USB
or CARD flashes on the display respectively.
• For data transfer between USB and card,
the device checks the target media first for
sufficient memory.
• If you have connected both MP3 player and
memory card, USB and CARD appear on the
display. You can select the target media by
the / keys (6/8).
• If you press the ● REC key during playback
of a track only this track will be recorded. The
device will stop after finishing the playback of
this MP3 track.
• When recording from a record, the device
will not recognize the end of the track auto-
4. “REC” and the symbol of the target media
will flash on the display.
During data transfer between USB and card,
the copying status is indicated by a percent
display. There is no sound.
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2008-10-10 22:21:09
Page: 66
5. Press the ● REC key to stop or abort the
Files aborted during data transfer between
USB and card will not be saved.
Programmable Playback
Allows programming of an arbitrary track se-
1. Press and hold the / key (7) on the
device or press the key (4) on the RC.
2. Press the PROG key (13/11 on the RC).
“P-01” (memory) flashes on the display and
“PROG” appears. Select the desired track
using the / keys (6/8) and press the
PROG key again. The display will change to
memory P-02.
3. Select the next track using the / keys
and press the PROG key again. Repeat this
procedure till all tracks are chosen.
With the memory capacity reached by the
tracks to be programmed, “FULL” will flash on
the display.
4. Press the key (7/3) to start playback.
The display shows all track numbers in their
sequence; the symbol ► MP3 or ► WMA
and PROG appear on the display. You can
also suspend playback by this key.
5. Pressing and holding the / key (7) or
pressing the key (4) will stop playback but
the program will remain.
6. To resume playback of the program, please
first press the PROG key once and then
press the key.
7. To delete the program, press and hold the
/ key (7) or press the key (4). The
icon PROG will disappear.
The device stops automatically after playback
of all programmed tracks. The programmed
order will remain in the memory till you change
to normal mode or remove the CD or the device
is switched off.
You can combine the programmed tracks with
the REPEAT function. After programming and
starting the device, press the REPEAT/INTRO/
RAN key (12) (9 on the RC) up to 4x to apply
the modes as described in section “REPEAT/
Please remark:
There is an abundance of burning and com-
pression modes as well as differences in quality
of USB storage media and SD/MMC memory
Due to these facts, in rare cases, problems
may occur with playback of USB storage media
and SD/MMC memory cards. This is not a mal-
function of the device.
Cleaning and Maintenance
• Before cleaning, pull the power plug.
• External stains can be removed by a slightly
moist cloth, without additives.
Technical Specifications
Model:....................................MC 4420 CR/USB
Power supply:.................................230 V, 50 Hz
Input:...........................................................14 W
Batteries (Remote Control): ...............................
.........................................1 x 3V, Type CR 2025
Protection Class:..............................................II
Net weight:................................................3,7 kg
Technical modifications reserved!
This device has been tested according to all
applicable, current CE guidelines like electro-
magnetic tolerance and low voltage directive
and has been designed according to the latest
safety technology regulations.
Technical modifications reserved!
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2008-10-10 22:21:11
Page: 67
The Meaning of the symbol “Gar-
bage Can”
Protect our environment. Electronic devices
don’t pertain to general waste.
Use the collection points designated for the
disposal of electric devices and hand over your
electric appliances you won’t use any more
Thus you help to avoid potential effects of
wrong disposal on the environment and human
Therewith you contribute to reuse, recycling
and other forms of utilization of outdated elec-
tric and electronic devices.
Information on where to dispose of these de-
vices can be obtained at your community or at
the municipal administration.
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2008-10-10 22:21:12

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