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  • Brand: AEG
  • Product: Mincer
  • Model/name: FW 5549
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: , , , , , , , , ,

Table of Contents

Page: 28
English 29
General Safety Instructions
Read the operating instructions carefully before putting
the appliance into operation and keep the instructions
including the warranty, the receipt and, if possible, the
box with the internal packing. If you give this device to
other people, please also pass on the operating instruc-
•	 The appliance is designed exclusively for private use
and for the envisaged purpose. This appliance is not
fit for commercial use. Do not use it outdoors. Keep it
away from sources of heat, direct sunlight, humidity
(never dip it into any liquid) and sharp edges. Do not
use the appliance with wet hands. If the appliance is
humid or wet, unplug it immediately.
•	 When cleaning or putting it away, switch off the ap-
pliance and always pull out the plug from the socket
(pull the plug itself, not the lead) if the appliance is
not being used and remove the attached accessories.
•	 Do not operate the machine without supervision.
If you leave the room you should always turn the
device off. Remove the plug from the socket.
•	 The device and the mains lead have to be checked
regularly for signs of damage. If damage is found the
device must not be used.
•	 Do not try to repair the appliance on your own.
Always contact an authorized technician. To avoid
the exposure to danger, always have a faulty cable be
replaced only by the manufacturer, by our customer
service or by a qualified person and with a cable of
the same type.
•	 Use only original spare parts.
•	 Pay careful attention to the following "Special Safety
Children and Frail Individuals
•	 In order to ensure your children‘s safety, please keep
all packaging (plastic bags, boxes, polystyrene etc.)
out of their reach.
Caution! Do not allow small children to play with
the foil as there is a danger of suffocation!
•	 This device is not intended to be used by individuals
(including children) who have restricted physical,
sensory or mental abilities and/or insufficient knowl-
edge and/or experience, unless they are supervised
by an individual who is responsible for their safety or
have received instructions on how to use the device.
•	 Children should be supervised at all times in order to
ensure that they do not play with the device.
Symbols in these Instructions for Use
Important information for your safety is specially
marked. It is essential to comply with these instructions
in order to avoid accidents and prevent damage to the
This warns you of dangers to your health and indicates
possible injury risks.
This refers to possible hazards to the machine or other
 NOTE: This highlights tips and information.
Special safety instructions for this unit
Switch off the appliance and pull the power supply
plug out before you exchange accessories.
Before changing accessories, wait until the knife
has come to standstill.
Danger of injury! Handle the knife with the
necessary care when taking out and cleaning it!
•	 Do not break up hard items such as bones or shells.
•	 Do not manipulate safety switches.
•	 Do not touch moving parts.
•	 Only use the pusher for stuffing.
Do not use the appliance for longer than 10
continuous minutes.
Arrangement of control elements
	 1	Filling tray
	 2	Motor
	 3	Switch //R (On/Off/reverses)
	 4	Screw
	 5	scroll housing
	 6	Pusher
	 7	scroll
	 8	Knife
	 9	Sieve
	 10	Plug
	 11	Sausage attachment
	 12	2-part "Kebbe" attachment
	 13	2-part cookie attachment
	 14	Rail for biscuits
Intended use
This appliance serves
•	 Cut up foodstuff
•	 You can shape noodles or dough with different
It is exclusively intended for this purpose and may be
only used appropriately.
05-FW 5549 AEG.indd 29 11.09.2009 9:14:18 Uhr
Page: 29
It may only be used in the manner described in these
operating instructions.
You may not use the appliance for commercial purposes.
Use for any other purpose is considered improper and
not for the intended purpose and can result in damage
to property and personal injury.
Elektro-technische Vertriebsgesellschaft is not liable for
damages caused by non-intended use.
Please see the overviews on pages 3 and 46.
1.	 Open the fixture for the spiral housing with the screw
(4) on the device.
2.	 Place the spiral housing (5) with the filler neck facing
upwards into the spiral drive and turn the screw
clockwise until it is closed.
3.	 Place the filling tray on to the filler neck in such a
way that the fixture for the tray is above the motor
4.	 Push the spiral (7) into the horizontal section of the
spiral housing until the axle locks in place.
See also the sections on assembling the meat grinder,
the "Kebbe" attachment, the sausage attachment or the
biscuit attachment.
Assembly of the meat grinder
•	 Please also observe our illustrations under "A" (Page
•	 Please follow points 1 to 4 as described under "Pre-
paration ".
5.	 Insert the knife with the sharpened edge outwards
onto the shaft of the scroll.
6.	 Select a sieve (9).
•	 Cut the meat into pieces of about 2.5 cm.
Please take care that the meat does not contain
any bones or sinews.
•	 In order to cut up the meat coarsely, use the
sieve with the slits.
•	 In a second step, select the sieve with the finer
or coarser holes, depending on how finely you
want to grind the food.
•	 Coat the sieves beforehand lightly with vegeta-
ble oil.
•	 The guide mechanisms on the sieve fit into the
recesses of the spiral housing.
7.	 Rotate the catch clockwise.
8.	 Put the pieces of meat on to the filling tray (1) and
into the filler neck.
See below "Electrical connection".
Assembly of the sausage attachment
•	 Please also observe our illustrations under "B" (Page
•	 First proceed as described under "Preparation" and
"Assembly of the Meat Grinder", points 1 to 6.
7.	 Position the sausage attachment on the scroll
8.	 Rotate the catch clockwise.
9.	 Fill the sausage paste on to the filling tray and into
the filler neck.
See below "Electrical connection/Application
Mounting of the "Kebbe" attachment
Tubes of meat or dough paste can be made with the
"Kebbe" attachment.
•	 Please also observe our illustrations under "C" (Page
•	 Please follow points 1 to 4 as described under "Pre-
5.	 Position the 2-piece Kebbe attachment on the shaft
of the scroll.
The guides on attachment are located in the
recesses on the scroll housing.
6.	 Rotate the catch clockwise.
7.	 Place your meat or dough paste on the filling tray
and into the filler neck.
See below "Electrical connection".
Assembly of the cookie attachment
You can shape different forms with this attachment
after preparing a cookie dough. This is particularly
suitable for so-called "Spritzgebäck" (cookies).
•	 Please also observe our illustrations under "D" (Page
•	 Please follow points 1 to 4 as described under "Pre-
5.	 First, insert the disc onto the extension of the scroll
The guides are located in the recesses on the scroll
6.	 Then mount the shaping disc.
7.	 Rotate the catch clockwise.
8.	 Push the rail (14) through the slits of the shaping
05-FW 5549 AEG.indd 30 11.09.2009 9:14:18 Uhr
Page: 30
English 31
See below "Electrical connection/Application
Electrical connection
•	 Ensure that the function switch is set to "" (Off).
•	 Connect the appliance to a correctly installed and
earthed socket 230 V, 50 Hz.
Switch Functions Forward/Return
The appliance is equipped with a forward and return
function. If the scroll should block, you can use the
return function, in order to release it.
•	 Turn the switch (3) to " ". The appliance is in the
"Forward" mode.
•	 Turn the switch (3) to "" and wait until the motor
•	 Turn the switch (3) to "R". The appliance is in the
"Return" mode.
Switching off
Move the safety switch (3) to "" and pull the power
Application instructions
Making sausages
•	 You can use either natural or artificial intestines.
•	 If you have decided for natural intestines, soak them
beforehand for some time in water.
•	 Make a knot at the end of the intestine.
•	 Push the intestine over the sausage attachment.
•	 The sausage mass is pressed through the sausage
attachment and the sausage intestine is filled.
•	 Make sure that the sausage intestine is filled
"loosely", since otherwise the intestine could burst
because the sausage expands when cooking and/or
•	 After the first sausage has achieved the require
length, press the sausage together at the end of the
sausage attachment with your fingers.
•	 Until you have acquired routine, you can switch the
appliance off after each sausage section.
•	 Twist the sausage once or twice around its own axis.
Cookie attachment
•	 Screw the cookie attachment on and adjust the
required cookie shape.
•	 Put the dough on the filling tray and filler.
•	 Hold the dough strands at the outlet with your hand
and cut off the required length.
Cleaning and maintenance
•	 Always pull the power supply plug before cleaning
and wait until the appliance has cooled down.
•	 Do not use a wire brush or other abrasive items.
•	 Never use sharp or scouring cleaning materials.
Never immerse the motor assembly in water for
cleaning. It could result in an electric shock or fire.
Motor assembly
•	 Only wipe the motor assembly with a damp cloth and
dry with a dry cloth after.
Filling tray, scroll, scroll housing and all accessories
•	Do not clean these parts in the dishwasher.
•	The surfaces could become lacklustre.
•	 These parts can be cleaned by hand in the wash
•	 Rinse with clear water and dry the parts.
Noise development
The sound pressure level in the ear of an operator (LpA)
was measured according to DIN EN ISO 3744.
Sound pressure level detected: 85 dB(A) (no limit)
...................................................................................FW 5549
Power supply:.
......................................................220-240V, 50Hz
Power consumption:.................................................. 400W nom.
Block power::...............................................................1000W max.
Protection class:................................................................................II
Net weight: .
...........................................................................3,95 kg
This device has been tested according to all relevant cur-
rent CE guidelines, such as electromagnetic compatibility
and low voltage directives, and has been constructed in
accordance with the latest safety regulations.
Subject to technical changes without prior notice!
05-FW 5549 AEG.indd 31 11.09.2009 9:14:18 Uhr
Page: 31
Meaning of the "Dustbin" Symbol
Protect our environment: do not dispose of electrical
equipment in the domestic waste.
Please return any electrical equipment that you will no
longer use to the collection points provided for their
This helps avoid the potential effects of incorrect dis-
posal on the environment and human health.
This will contribute to the recycling and other forms of
reutilisation of electrical and electronic equipment.
Information concerning where the equipment can be
disposed of can be obtained from your local authority.
05-FW 5549 AEG.indd 32 11.09.2009 9:14:18 Uhr

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